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Skull Luggage Cover

Buying Skull Luggage Cover? Anything You Need To Know

Bags, suitcases, carry-ons, and several other kinds of luggage have plenty in common. Usually, they come with a handle, wheels, and zippers. But not all suitcases are designed equal.

Whether you are thinking to give
sugar skull luggage as a gift over the holiday season or just need to purchase new luggage before traveling then you might search out the differences the hard way.

To figure out which sugar skull luggage to purchase is not easy. With countless sizes, styles, and prices to compare, the task can be overwhelming. To help you arrive at your luggage decision destination, here are what to consider when purchasing sugar skull luggage cover.

1. Luggage Basics

Decide how you will use it:

Is it for driving, flying, cruising, or some other purpose? For traveling in a flight, familiarize yourself with the rules of the airlines for the luggage. If it is for road trips, look for the bags that are flexible enough to maximize your space. For the cruise ships, which stack luggage in the belly of the boat before departure, rigid, flat luggage is optimal.

Consider how you will store it:

After traveling, the luggage gets home, where you will put it? The bags with hard-side are the most unforgiving; you cannot squeeze them into a storage space. Whereas soft-sided structured bags have a bit of forgiveness on the front and back, but the footprint is fixed. If you’ve no space to store a stand-up suitcase, you may have to limit yourself to collapsible bags or unstructured duffels.  

Know which size you require:

The size of the luggage primarily depends on the length of your trip and if you’re flying, airline luggage restrictions. It is also depending on your own habits. Some people use to pack for a few weeks in their carry-on and an under seat personal items.


2. Types of sugar skull luggages

Sugar Skull Luggage

Carry-on Luggage:

This kind of luggage is one that you can take in the flight and stow in the overhead bin. To avoid being forced to check your bag for lateral retrieval on the conveyor belt, try to purchase the bag that comports to the strict rules in the industry. Recently, for the U.S. carries, the rules are set by the big three, i.e., Delta, American, and United. At 22 inches high with 14 inches wide by 9 inches deep. If you’re a frequent traveler on various carriers, you will have to decide whether you want to purchase numerous carry-on bags to comport to the various size restrictions or if you will use one bag that meets the most restrictive rules.

Personal item:

A personal item is a carry-on that you can also store underneath the seat in front of you on a flight. It includes tote bags, briefcase, laptop bags, camera bags, and small backpacks. Often those bags have compartments for your phone, passport, wallet, and pen, as well as also have a padded section for a laptop and a section for clothes and essentials.Whether it fits under the seat may vary even within the same flight. Before purchasing, review the specifications for various airlines. You can also check the guidelines of aircraft for onboard pet carriers.

Large luggage:

Any bag larger than carry-on size must be checked. The most common size is 24 inches to 30 inches in height. You can easily find the bag/suitcase as large as 36 inches, but need to check with your carrier for size limits. Usually, there is a weight limit and some extra fees applied for extra weight per bag.

3. Hard-sided or soft-sided

Skull Luggage

Soft-sided luggage continues to dominate the market, but on the other side hard-sided is also gaining popularity of newer lightweight materials.

Soft-sided luggage

It is made up of materials that yield and move, generally nylon fabric like ballistic or Cordura nylon. Ballistic is the shinier of the two and over time can demolish, but abrasions cannot compromise the strength of the fabric. Whereas, Cordura is abrasion-resistant and softer, preferable for an over-the-shoulder bag. If you like the suitcase made of parachute material or ripstop nylon then always makes sure that it is high-denier fabric. Fabric denier is a measurement of weight, not quality.

  • Pros: Generally, lighter in weight and can compress and flex to comport to tight spaces. Such flexibility enables you to squeeze in an extra outfit. The flexibility of fabric also comes in handy when packing and storing the bag at home.
  • Cons:It is not as protective as hard-sided and vulnerable if not of high-quality.

    Hard-sided luggage:

    Nowadays hard-sided or hard-shell luggage is designed with high-tech plastics like as polycarbonate and ABS, which are both durable and lightweight. ABS is the light in weight but polycarbonate is more durable. The most durable and also heaviest is aluminum.
    • Pros: These types of bagsare best for protecting breakable contents and provide the best security because of integrated locks. They cannot be easily ripped open with a blade. The most composite plastic hard-sides close with a zipper that can be vulnerable.
    • Cons: They can easily get scratch and scuff and are also inflexible, so you cannot squeeze extras, and need a fixed space for the storage.  

      4. Types of the wheel in sugar skull luggage

      Two-wheel luggage:

      Two Wheel Luggage


      Image Source

      Skull luggage with two wheels also known as rollers, they are the same type of wheels found on inline skates which roll forward and backward, not side to side. This suitcase rolls behind you as you pull it from the handle.


      Four-wheel luggage:

      Four Wheel Luggage

      Image Source

      It is also known as spinners because each of wheel swivels 360 degrees like a shopping cart. You can pull them, push them alongside yourself and can turn them in any direction.


      No-wheel luggage:

      No Wheel Luggage

      Image Source

      These bags are easy to carry and can take on bumpy, sandy, rough, or icy surfaces where wheels are hard to manage.

        5. Some tips to keep in mind while purchasing sugar skull luggage

        • Do not pay attention to labels, tags, or promotions that proclaim “official carry-on luggage”. Measure a dimension by yourself for all parts like wheels, outer pouches, and handles.
          • Hold the handle of the bag and check the wrist angle and feel the grip.
          • Check the wheels. The wheels must roll smoothly and stay in a place.
            • Check the interior capacity
              • Check the warranty. Always make sure the warranty for specific requirements.

                As the final piece of advice and if you are looking for a quality piece of luggage then choose a sugar skull luggage cover that fulfills your purpose, cost-effective, and does not create an unwanted hassle.

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