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1 Pair of Skull Earrings:  Unisex Stainless Steel Skeleton Punk Earrings
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Vintage Retro Hollow Skull Earrings - designfullprint
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Gold Rose Skull Earrings
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Skulls Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings
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Halloween Pirate Skull Bat Wings Earrings
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Buying Skull Earrings - All You Need To Know

Beautifying your outfit with cool skull earrings is affordable and chic. Unique skull earrings can help you stand out at your friend’s birthday party, Christmas festival, Day of the Dead or the Halloween.

Choosing the best skull earrings based on style, color and material is essential. This will help you save so much money and time. In our list today, we have mentioned various types of skull earrings based on style, material, and color as suggestions for you. Happy reading!

1. Skull Earrings Based On Style

Skull earrings vary for both men and women based on style. As a general rule, men love bold and heavy earrings whereas women prefer elegant and light-weighted skull earrings.

Men’s skull earrings

Gothic Style Earring
The gothic style skull stud earrings are best for men. Whether you want to gift it to your best friend for Christmas or have it as a surprise gift, stainless steel skull punk gothic stud earrings are the best option. You can use them as a day of the dead jewelry.
Gothic style skull stainless steel stud earrings with biker look usually measures 1.25x0.75 inches. These are nicely crafted and very well decorated. You can exercise, sleep or swim with them.

men stud earring

Sugar Skull Earrings
The beautifully crafted handmade earrings are perfect for normal pierced ears to hook them in. They have a stunning and unique design. They are usually made up of white brass or Nickel.
The hippie style new sugar skull earrings are available in a variety of colors. With cute display and perfect coordinating background, these mini pieces of art stand out on the wearer.

Cool Punk Detailed Stud Earring
As its name suggests the cool punk detailed earrings are unique, beautiful and they stand out. The overall measurement ranges from 7mm * 8mm with a push back and pierced stud. they are perfect for Gothic, punk or other rock styles. The handicraft nature of the earrings results in slight differences in size, weight, and design from piece to piece.

sugar skull earring

Skull earrings for women

Crystal Skull Stud Earrings for Women and Girls
Eye-hearted crystal skull stud earrings are made up of zinc alloy. The size is usually 1.2*0.7 cm and they weigh up to 3.9g. The studs create an illusion that they are floating. When viewed from the front you won’t notice any of the hooks. They usually contain removable clutches from behind.

crystal skull stud earring

Sugar skull earrings
Sugar skull earrings are beautifully crafted flowery skull earrings hanging from surgical steel ear wired. They have an aluminum metal flower decoration over the skull. They are available in a variety of colors e.i. blue, red, black and pink.

Skull dangle earrings
Skull dangle earrings are available in a variety of styles, including skull dangle earrings; gun and skull dangle earrings, skull dangle earrings and many more. They usually have an antiqued pewter skull drop with a hypoallergenic euro wine. The high quality dangling earrings measure approximately 1”*.50”.

skull dangle earrings

Skull and crossbones earrings
The skull and crossbones earrings have a holiday and Halloween inspired designs. They have very prominent details of the nose and eye sockets and the crossbones are clear from front to back. The spooky skull and crossbones are made up of brass, pewter and a lot of love.

skull and crossbones earrings

2. Skull Earring Based on Skin Color

Black Skull Earrings for light tone skin

If the tone of your skin is light, you should choose black colored skull earrings. The amazing black skull earrings are unique of it’s kind and easy to handle. The items that are usually used in black earring are strings, black skulls, beads, sterling hooks and black leather cord. The black skull earrings that are made up of stainless steel are good for daily wear and will not cause any sort of irritation and reaction.
Its black screws are super comfortable and they eliminate irritation and poking.

Gold Skull Earrings for peach or yellow skin tone

If your skin tone is peach or yellow, you should choose golden color skull earrings. The skull earrings which are made up of copper metal will also look perfect.
Live up your outfit with gold colored skull earnings. These unique gold skull earnings can be worn anywhere. Choose the ones which were made up of brass and has a high-quality gold plating.  

Sterling Silver Skull Earrings for pale skin

If you have very pale skin and if you have blonde or pale hair, silver looks perfect on you. Complete your outfit with beautiful silver skull earrings. It will help your face look brighter  

3. Skull Earring Based on Materials

1. Stainless steel skull earrings

The stainless steel skull earrings never oxidize or tarnish. As compared to other jewelry items they last longer. Stainless steel skull earrings are amazingly hypoallergenic which makes them the most popular items among all the skull jewelry. These elegantly designed earrings can be the perfect gift for the day of the dead or Halloween.
The long stainless steel skull earrings are usually available in three colors, i.e. black, gold and silver.

Titanium Stainless Steel Skull Earrings

Titanium stainless steel earrings are made up of rhinestone and titanium stainless steel. They are designed as a one-eyed soldier with a bite a knife. They are an amazing gift for Halloween, Christmas festival or the Day of the Dead.

Gold Skull earrings studs

They are the perfect choice for both men and women. The size is usually 8mm*6mm*. The gold-plated brass skull earrings will add edginess to your style when worn with the casual outfit. The edgy style gold skull earrings are made with Brass and Gold.
Boldness and luxury come up together with these pair of skull earring. The heavy pushback from behind will secure these earrings.

4. Choose Skull Earring Based on Face Structure

Depending upon your face shape, earrings can make your face long, thin and wide. If you have an inverted triangle shaped face with a wide forehead, dangle skull earrings will work for you. In case your face is oval shaped, you can choose any earrings but simple sugar skull stud earrings or the triangular shaped skull earrings will prominently show off your cheekbones. Choose medium to large-sized round skull earrings if you have a long thin face. If the width of your jawline and forehead is similar, go for the rounded edged medium to long skull earrings. The hoop skull earrings will work perfectly as well.

5. Skull Earring Based on Bone Structure

Always choose thin and delicate earrings if your facial bone structure is small, but if you have medium sized bone structure go for the medium-sized skull earrings. For those of you who have large cheekbone structure, choose large, heavy medium sized skull earrings.

6. Skull Earring Based on Your Hair Styling

Styling your skull jewelry based on your hairstyle is an art that can make or break your outfit. Skull earrings are an important part of your jewelry that can draw attention.

When you wear your hair down opt for skull earrings that are vibrant and colorful. This will give you a ladylike look. For those of you who are chignon hairstyle fans, the ideal earrings would be dangle skull earrings. These will give a classic and eye-catching look with your chignon hairstyle.

If you have short hairs choose for cuff shaped earrings. Be sure the shape of the cuff is more important than the color of a pattern of the earrings. It is always recommended to choose single colored earrings, this will give a classy look and will not make your outfit very chaotic.

Before you could choose your skull earrings make sure it perfectly suits your skin tone, hair style, and outfit. A variety of skull earrings are available at, conduct research through the available designs before making the first purchase.

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