Zodiac sign defines who you are, and it is also called as rising sign, which has a major role on how you portray yourself to the world.

The sign of the zodiac was coming from the Eastern horizon when you born. It is your rising sign with birth and it plays an important role in your native horoscope and in your personality chart. The chart ascendant is the accurate degree of that sign. The sign in which your chart ruler falls has a huge role in your makeup and outfit too. First house planets (if any) are also important; they become part of your style and personality.

When we talk about fashion, zodiac signs can show what styles you are most attracted by and what pieces you drift towards during shopping. There are several ways to choose an outfit but one of my favorites is to go by my zodiac sign. I always follow and recommend zodiac fashion: how to dress for your sign and dress according to it. As zodiac doesn’t always perfectly hold true to everyone; it might be somewhat mystical, it is a suitable starting point to start when it comes to finding your fashion personality. Read along and know how you can dress like your zodiac sign and also get tips on how to play into and amplify your zodiac style.


Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18 )


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Aquarius loves experimentation, maxi skirts, and fantastic designs. These are a great way to reflect their up for anything nature. For colors that they must try on for size are violet, turquoise, electric blues and any vibrant and bright color like red. They always express their mood via fashion and are true statement makers.

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Style Quotient:

  • Unique and bold
  • Rebellious, trendy and creative
  • Experimental, vibrant; never lacks bold colors and prints.


Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)


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The people with these sign are known for the romance and with this factor, it is a great idea to draw this romantic personality into your wardrobe. Colors that suits well on them are soft colors such as pink, lavender, seafoam green, and pale blue. These people are inclined towards pretty, soft prints and flowing pieces that contain a subtle sexiness.

Style Quotient:

  • Goes with the flowy and flare-y outfits
  • Can’t get enough of subtle colours and soft fabrics
  • Can pull off any latest & greatest silhouettes


Aries (Mar 21– April 19)


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Aries is cool and confident. They wear bright and radiant colors that can pack a punch like greens, blues, bright reds, or any other bold color. With the reason of their natural born confidence, an Aries always try new trends and put their own spin with bold accessories and pair them in a fashion-forward way to make the dress a trendsetter.

Style Quotient:

  • Always inclined towards sleek and athletic pieces
  • Cool, creative and dress with fewer but look seamless
  • Can go from loungewear to streetwear in seconds


Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)


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Quality is high-priority to a Taurus’s nature. They will usually tend towards earth tones, blues, and neutral colors. People with this zodiac sign usually select their wardrobe based off of sheer craftsmanship instead of labels. They always stick to the fashion classics and something fun that always matches with their personality to the costume. They pull off the ensemble with style and confidence.

Style Quotient:

  • Fan of bolds and are subtle
  • Not scared to stand out of the crowd
  • Could always make a statement without coming off as too forced


Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)


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Chipper, bright and focus of the room, Gemini usually likes bright colors like orange, yellow and magenta. They are always attracted towards the unusual and statement-making items in the store and loves to be on point with the changing trend.  

Style Quotient:

  • Loves to be on trend
  • Don’t like to wear the same thing twice
  • Likes different prints, patterns, or strips


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)


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Cancer people usually like to prefer safe with shades like silver, white, or pastels. They always want to look ladylike. Retro accessories and vintage clothing are always paired well with a Cancer.

Style Quotient:

  • Relies on timeless classics
  • Elegant and elevated
  • Ever refined, but never stifling


Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)


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If you belong to Leo and want to know zodiac fashion: how to dress for your sign then don’t worry at all! As Leos have luxurious taste and they like bold looks. Colors like gold, red and black perfectly suits on them and will help to boost the stunning look. They are creative in nature and think out of the box.   

Style Quotient:

  • In the case of dressing sense, they trust their own guts
  • Can love costume in a vibrant hue


Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)


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The fashion sense of Virgo is lady-like, classic and modest and look best at all times. They like the classic white and black combination with earthy tones for a little bit of an accent. Usually, they like to create their own trends by restricting themselves and stay classy in their style. 

Style Quotient:

  • Stay away from anything which is too flashy
  • Like classic and tailored pieces
  • Love to have a uniform-in-color closet


Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)


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White, blue, pink colors are liked by Libras as they love style and beauty. They like luxurious fabrics such as silk and Cashmere. They are classic, cool and feminine and should have an awesome dress for about any occasion. 

Style Quotient:

  • Love classic with a twist
  • Balanced when comes to styling


Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)


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Want to know Scorpion’s zodiac fashion and how to dress for your sign? Continue reading!

Usually scorpions like red, deep blue, black and plums. They have a custom for creating rich colors to look best. They are also known for their sex appeal and mystery that means they always rock a skirt with slit at a side and knee-high boots.

Style Quotient:

  • Always relies on their tested style
  • Likes one item, get it in every color

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

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Sagittarius’s absolute key is a comfort and they like colors such as white, peach and pair it with good pants or jeans. They love to wear soft throw-on blouses and unrestrictive dresses.

Style Quotient:

  • Polished but not donnish
  • Pair bold colors with style



Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)



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They are sophisticated and love cozy comfort look. They lean towards trousers and blazers. Always like luxurious fabrics in colors like green, black, and indigo those suites on their personality as well.


Style Quotient:

  • Likes sophisticated and simple ensembles
  • Loves basics but with a twist

So, I hope you all get aware of Zodiac fashion: how to dress for your sign. We are eager to hear from you guys! Let us know how correct we are regarding your style in the comments below. And do not forget to recommend this post to your friends and colleagues!