Usually, skull rings are associated with bikers as they wear them all the time, I came to know this when I entered a biker coffee shop. The symbol of the skull was everywhere not just on the rings but also on cool bracelets, stud earrings, tattoos, and also on beautiful pendants.  

The skull was not part of biker's culture until it was introduced as a symbol of a biker in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. But now, the skull jewelry, especially the skull rings have been associated with the bikers where the stylish men carry it as a symbol of fashion. Even the famous musician Keith Richards wear skull ring all the time.

Why bikers fascinated with skulls? What makes them in a particular to the imagery of a skull? Read this informative article to know more about skull rings and why they are so popular among bikers.


The commencement of biker culture

Do you know how the culture of bikers got started in the US?

It is initiated just after World War II when about 500,000 veterans returned from the battle.

There is no existence of the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but the young soldiers know its symptoms very well. They’d experienced the terror and horrors of war first-hand and now they didn’t have any idea about how to integrate back into normal American life.

At the same time, The army of the USA has offloaded thousands of Harley Davidson bikes. But the war was over and the army had no further use of those bikes.

Discarded by the society, the extra machines and men formed a strong bond which was unbreakable. Those veterans yearned for peace of mind and freedom, and bikes provided exactly that.

The ideals of nonconformity, loyalty, and freedom soon drew women and men from all walks of life. Since various clubs get formed around the country and these groups needed various ways to express and identify themselves.

The skull that represents so many things was a perfect choice. Each and every biker saw the skull in their own unique way which is based on his or her life experiences and personal feelings. 

What do skulls represent?

The skull has been represented with different things in different cultures. Usually, it has been symbolized as the death and reminds of morality. That’s why it is not going to be wrong if we call skull as one of the powerful symbols on the Earth. But it’s not only a symbol that skull rings represent. Generally, it represents poison, danger, dark, gang, death, and beginning etc.  

Skull Ring For Bikers

In the community of bikers, the skull ring and other related jewelry like cross rings for men are considered as the symbol of representing the biker’s community. This is the reason, these rings are most popular among bikers in compare to any other community.

For some, skulls can depict life. The image of a skull invokes the memory of dead loved one or thoughts of an afterlife.

Often skulls are combined with other elements to deliver certain messages. Have a look at some of the famous skull art combinations:

  • Crosses and skulls usually symbolize man’s beginning.
  • A skull and crossbones represent poison or danger.
  • Skulls and snakes describe knowledge of the afterlife or immortality.
  • Wings and skulls represent the freedom which is associated with death’s release from a physical into a spiritual form.
  • Skulls and butterflies depict ever-changing nature of life.  

What makes skull rings plausible?

 As we have seen most of the times, the skulls represented as the negative entity (position, dark, danger, and death) but still, it is most popular as a jewelry item all around the world. The reason behind its popularity is its trend that has been introduced by musicians and Hollywood movies. So, it does not symbolize the death but morality, attract people and acknowledge fate. Infrequently wearing skull rings can also represent human equality and commitment towards your duties.  

Ruby Biker Skull Ring

In the culture of bikers, commitment and loyalty are the bigger ideal thing. Probably, there is no good jewelry than wearing biker skull ring to represent your commitment and loyalty towards the community of bikers. It has been considered as a visual reminder to loyal and commitment towards your own life, road, your community and entire way of your life.   

Skull rings for men

Till few years, skull rings were famous among the bikers only but now the skull rings are liked by everyone, everywhere due to the idea behind wearing it and its symbolic popularity. That’s why these rings are no more available in negative designs but also in many other designs and colors too.  

These rings are available in various metals like gold and diamond but they are most popular in silver because it can be more affordable than others.


Final Thoughts

Along with its symbolic popularity, the skull rings are also plausible due to its trendy and masculine look that does not change. They are as much as the part of the biker culture as the motorcycle that we ride. It is a simple way to show our individuality and at the same time the commitment to our lifestyle. It is a trend that is not going to change soon.

So, if you are experiencing difficulty in selecting the perfect gift for your male biker friend, think about the skull ring. You can find various designs and colors of skull rings at our online store.