A metal concert is an amazing chance to look classy, and fun. If you choose the wrong outfit, it will leave you uncomfortable and awkward. You may love to wear your favorite skirt, but you will end up with fragmented pieces. In order to make sure you have the best time at the concert, it is important that you get crystal clear about what to wear to a metal concert.

What to Wear to Your First Metal Concert

Whether you are attending the metal concert for the first time or not, it is always important that you choose to go with the like-minded people. Even if that is not possible, go by yourself. Always keep the metal concert etiquette so that you can enjoy the night at the fullest. If you drag some poor non-metalhead people along with you, you will spend time worrying about whether they are enjoying the night or not, let alone you will fail to concentrate on the concert. You are going to have an amazing time at the concert with like-minded people, so never bring aliens inside; otherwise, they will ruin your night.

Often people ask what to wear to a metal concert and if they can wear casual party wear. Your metal concert outfit is often far different from the usual party wear and it should be dark in color. You can choose to wear black pants along with your favorite boots to stand out. Perhaps you are going to choose the black tank or t-shirt since it is a metal festival. It is also important to make sure you do not seem out of the place. Choose the comfiest shirt you have in your wardrobe. The big crowd often goes brutal. If you are going to fall into mosh pit, you will come out with so many holes in your shirt. Even if you wear your favorite leather jacket you will find it will be torn into pieces. 

 standout with your favorite dark outfit

Choose a t-shirt instead of a skirt

Never wear a shirt of the band you are going to see, this is unlawful. Hold on, this is not a documented law but here I am writing for you. However, there is an exception for a few of the classical shirt of bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Do not wear a skirt in a mosh pit. I would say it again, do not wear it. Even if you wear a skirt, you will end up with the fragmented skirt remaining. You cannot avoid the tide of the people who are pushing back and forth. This happens particularly with the guys who are trying to protect their girlfriends.

Prefer shorts over jeans

Once you are able to choose the shirt for your concert, now it is time to find some comfortable shorts out of your wardrobe. If you have long skinny legs, choose some shorts that are usually below the knees. Most of the girls prefer to wear shorts that have large pockets, which allow them to keep cameras, and wallets secure. Shorts that you wear with your favorite shirt will not wear out in the middle of the pit. Secondly, they will also keep you cool as compared to wearing jeans which can produce so much heat.

If you want to keep things simple, the skinny jeans will work better with the t-shirt that you are wearing. If you have the slim fit jeans, you are going to get roasted in the heat. Pro-tip: If you have a pair of old skinny jeans, cut them off and make some stylish and sleek dark denim shorts out them.

choose shorts with a t-shirt

What to wear to a metal concert to avoid sunburns?

In order to avoid sunburns both on your head and your face, always wear a hat. You can choose the best among the variety of metalheads like cowboy hats or baseball caps.  You can also wear British military beret, which is often a great choice among youth. Wisely chosen hats can show off a great sense of fashion to the onlooker during the concert- so always choose something eclectic and feminine.

Often people ask what to wear to a rock concert over 40. No matter what age bracket you fall in you can always help yourself look chic. Wearing a lightweight leather jacket to the metal concert is always a great idea. Metal concerts are often held in the open air or outside in the big stadiums. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep the jackets to wear at the end of the night when it starts to rain or the weather starts to cool down. Tying the leather jacket around your waist can help you stand out.

There is nothing more attractive than wearing stylish sunglasses that can also slather on the sunscreen. They can also help you stand out while you are in the mosh-pit.

Choose sturdy boots

Always choose sturdy skull boots when attending the first metal concert. Sneakers would be fine if the pit is not in the mud. Do not choose jandals and definitely not sandals.

Know that the mosh pit is not for everyone, particularly if you are very much sensitive. You can expect carnage down there, but the thrill you can experience in the pit is worth it. Pit comes in various forms; it can be “the squash” where everyone is so close together that you cannot move easily. Everyone in the crowd pushes one another to get to the stage and ultimately it becomes too painful and quite hot. You will become very familiar with the anatomy of the people on either side. This is insanely scary but at the same time full of fun.

the squash

Add some crazy accessories

Getting a little crazy while dressing up for the metal concert is great, people love decorating their outfit with some of the craziest accessories and wear them in a unique style. They love buying the most of the colorful ribbons which are cheap and they tie them with their belts and hair. More interestingly, they also wear colorful socks which are often brightly colored. Did you know people even love wearing silly things like cat ears, fairy wings, top hats or anything they find at their local costume shop?

You can add your favorite accessories to look unique and stand out among the crowd. If you wear a light metal chick makeup, believe me, you will absolutely look fantastic. Feel free to choose more than spikes, studs, and cuffs. 

So how do you get dressed up for the metal concert to standout? Let us know in the comment section below.