Often we get asked, what are patches and what to do with patches? A patch is a badge made of cloth, it is an embroidered piece of cloth which can be attached to a fabric with a pin or sewn on to a fabric. There are various ways for attaching badge, including iron-on, adhesive, or Velcro. Introduction of computerized methods has made this rare art into a massively produced artwork. You can put your favorite patches on your jeans, leather coats and even your favorite skull shoes

The history of styling your outfit with unique patches

The history of these embroidered patches goes a few hundred thousand years back. They were an important identification for military personnel. This is still used by government organizations, sports teams, and companies to symbolize rank, position, or specialized unit.

Different patches on the military uniform are used metaphorically, each patch portraying a different rank, position or unit. For example white color means peace, gold means generosity, and blue and green shows loyalty. Animal’s patches as lions, tigers, and elephants represent courage.

The practical reason for styling patches

Embroidered patches were worn for hundreds of years, however, many people still do not what to do with patches. These were worn for practical reasons such as covering up holes and labeling people in uniforms. However, today every outfit has patches. For example, jeans with beautifully designed patches are trendy among youngsters. You can combine your jeans with your favorite shoes and hoodie to stand out.

Let your outfit stand out with patches

What to put patches on

Often people get confused about where to put patches. Styling a patch is quite easy because you can attach a patch to almost everything; such as to your jeans, jackets, T-shirt, sneakers, bags and even phone cases. Patches can help you look stylish and elegant. Still wondering what to do with patches? Read further! 

What to do with patches? Style them perfect in 10 ways 

You can style patches in various ways, following are some of the styles you will like:

  1. How to style patches in a hippie fashion

For a cool hippy look, you can attach a few patches to your denim jackets and your jeans.

You can use any design of your own choice, like a shining sun, rainbow, flowers, and anything that depicts your emotions.

  1. The classic 1980’s style for a heavy metal lover

The heavy metal patch can give you a classic 80’s look. The metal DIY patches are a staple for heavy metal fashion. You can add a bunch of patches and studs to a denim vest and wear it over a band tee and a denim skirt or jeans. Adding a bullet belt and a dog tag necklace will give your outfit a classic look.

  1. How to style patches to have a crust punk look

To have a crust punk look patch black shinnies with a studded vest, a leopard creeper and contrast with artificial hair color. You can further finish your look with a black bandana and a leather wrap bracelet.

Stand out the crowed with the crust punk look


  1. The power flowers

Just adding a few floral patches to your jacket can give you a unique look. You can easily make your own customized patch to your casual coat or jacket. Take out an old oversized jacket from your wardrobe and find a motif you like, and attach it. You can pair it with your favorite jeans and look chic.

  1. Give your sneakers a cute look with patches

You can attach patches to your favorite plain sneakers. Signify the look by adding interest patches to your favorite plain white chucks. Wear the cute sneakers with simple jeans and a white tee and standout. 

embroidered sneakers with patches that look cool

  1. Decorate your Demin shirt with creative patches

Show some creativity on a simple Denim skirt. Just add some cute patches to the shirt. Wear it with a white tee and a chain bracelet but custom patches will make the look all your own.

Adding patches to denim jacket can give you a classic look. You can take a darker denim jacket to make the patches stand out more. Pair them with your favorite top and crochet shorts. Adding a few layered necklaces and cowboy booties can give you a signature look. Or you can take a simple denim jacket and couple it with a leather skirt and colorful floral for a modern grunge look. Add a white purse to signify your look further.

  1. On a cool blazer or coat

You can make a standard blazer exclusive by adding patches to it. Place some pins and patches to one side of a navy blazer and make your own customized style. This will make your blazer look more unique and cool as well.

  1. Make your funky military jacket a rock star

Making your funky military jacket a rock star


You can make a simple military jacket funky and cool by adding some patches on it. Place some patches of your choice on jacket where you want to attach them. Although the military jacket is already a badass clothing item, you can glam it up with some jewels, chains, and pins or you can add your favorite necklace on it. 

  1. Make your old jeans look trendy


Adding patches on to your old jeans keep your denim look fashion forward. It is one of the most common ways of styling patches. No matter how boring and dull your jean is, adding some patches will make them trendy.  You can add a funky studded bag, a leather jacket, and a matching scarf with the jeans throwing a signature look.

Cool patches for jeans are available in the market. Add a few patches on each leg and pair your customized jean with a simple tee, or with a funky blazer. You can chain a necklace and some favorite sandals for a more elegant look.

  1. Give your track jacket an appealing look

Adding some patches to a track jacket can make it more appealing. You can pair a retro track jacket with track jacket can give out the best look. Attach some patches to a contrasting jacket and keep the rest of the outfit appealing but simple.

On a Leather Jacket

Most of the leather jackets that rock stars wear have patches on them. You can make your ordinary leather jacket a rock star jacket by attaching a couple of star patches on the sleeves of your black leather jacket. Pair it with black leather pants to give out a complete rock star look. A black leather vest looks magnificent with colorful patches and jewels.


So how do you style patches to help your outfit stand out? Do not get confused about what to do with patches, you can check out this list