If you have been wondering what is pastel Goth and how to dress pastel Goth, well, this is the right place girl! If you do not know how to dress up like a pastel Goth, keep reading.

Pastel Goth clothing is creepy mixed with cute things. Pink and purple accessories mixed with black ones. Cat ears mixed with studded colors. Essentially, it is a Goth look mixed with pastel colors but with the addition of grunge.

What Is Pastel Goth

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What Is Pastel Goth

Often known as soft grunge or hipster Goth, pastel Goth pertains to pastel haired chic people who have modern twits and take vintage styled pictures. 

Due to the fact that they do not follow any of the cultural norms or any other particular style, most of the time the purists of the original style criticize pastel Goths. You will see most of them laced with inverted crosses, skull accessories and some creepy items that will create fear in the onlooker. Most of the participants argue that it is their signature style and most of the time they abstain from religious and political statements.

Many people wonder what is pastel Goth. When you will see a pastel Goth, it will remind you of Screamo, Emo and Scene. The style is inspired by various central Asian fashions including the infamous Harajuku, Japanese “Himegyarus” and famous Korean “ulzzzangs.”

Let’s walk you through how you can actually achieve pastel Goth. We have mentioned here accessories, makeup, and clothing and let us dig deeper into it.

The Hair

What Is Pastel Goth - The Hair

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Pastel Goths often have dyed hair. So if you have a dark hair complexion, you will need to bleach them and get your locks dyed pastel color.

Try to add some creativity with your hair color. You can choose lavender, baby blue, mint green, and light pink hair color. Some of the Goths often prefer platinum blonds as well, and they really turn out to be white. Go for dark purple and royal blue sometimes, as these colors often rock.

If you have some experience and patience then you can get hair colors that really make a statement. These are sometimes mermaid and ombre inspired hair colors.

If you don’t want to dye your hair, you can always buy pastel colored cut wigs. This will help you save your time and money.

What is pastel Goth and how does the makeup looks like 

Makeup of pastel goth

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Your make up is as important as your hair color. Most of the pastel Goth girls have a unique and versatile approach to the makeup. Some of the girls prefer thick false lashes, thick eyeliners, and heavily lined unibrows, others totally love to wear their make up in the opposite way.

Some of them love to match their hair color with eye shadows which is epic. One of the main things about Goths is, their hair complexion should always be as pale as possible. Keep your lipstick among matte black, dark plums, purple, crimson, oxblood and pink.

The style

Style of pastel goth

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Goths love clothing style that has spooky quotes or bleeding fonts particularly shirts and sweaters.  Purples, baby pink, and dark colored corsets are an excellent choice for pastel Goths.

You can pair your favorite top with leather pants, jeans, and short skirts. Pre-torn stocking and skull leggings are a must.

Footwear and shoes

The best footwear of pastel Goths is gothic shoes. However, they can also choose chucks, creepers and platform shoes. Some of them are dark colored and others are embellished with spikes. You can choose doll inspired shoes in order to have a cuter tone.

footwear of pastel goth

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The hair accessories

Gogh pastels love the hair accessories in order to emphasize their crowning glory.  For a cutesy feel, they love flower headbands, spiky headbands, black snapback or bonnets. If you mix up flowers and spikes in one headband, it will look perfect. Eyeball bows, skeleton clips, and bows are perfect too. Never forget to add horns.

What other accessories can you add?

You can add skull bags, skulls, skeletons, spikes and studs that look like animal characters, graphics, unicorn wings and coffins.

Other accessories that you can add include Goth, emo, burlesque, and punk items. Few of the pastel Goths love to have fake fangs, sock garters, chains, chokers, and necklaces with a cross.

Whatever you wear make sure you look fabulous.

Piercings and tattoos

Piercings and tattoos are a perfect choice to add to your Gothic look if you are a tattoo lover. These are great options for those of you who are looking for a fiercer look.  You can go for earring piercings, nose piercings, and any other body piercings that you will love. You can get your body accessorized with belly rings, tongue rings, tragus, septum rings, and multiple ear piercings.

Over history, tattoos have been in trend among all the youngsters. You can choose any of the designs that you love the most. Make sure you get your tattoo from a professional artist because a professional artist can help you get the perfect ink and perfect designs that speaks your personality. You can opt for a rainbow and colorful tattoo or choose Gothic eerie ones.

As long as you are comfortable, you can get inked, get pierced, and explore the ways to accessorize your body without even giving a fuck to what people say.

Men can definitely pull it off too!

Just like women men can pull off too and get the perfect pastel Goth look. All they need to do is to go easy with makeup and go easy with all the accessories.