Often people wonder what is cyber Goth. Interestingly, when I came across this word for the first time, I thought it is something related to cyber. The term cybergoth is very common these days, however, if you are the one who is unfamiliar to this word like me then you should know that a cybergoth is related to the Goths and ravers. They both come together to build the subculture which is called cybergoth. This culture is now rapidly expanding in many parts of the world.

What is cyber Goth

What is cyber goth

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The conventional Goths are totally stuck in history. However, cybergoths are totally opposite. Just like conventional Goths, cybergoths do not totally depend upon traditional gothic clothing, skull clothing and skull accessories including skull bracelet, skull rings, skull pendants, and skull earrings. Cybergoths are laced with progressive style and futuristic approach. Due to their futuristic approach, they are often called ‘goths of the future.’ Being a cybergoth requires so much money, time and efforts. In order to be part of this culture, you need dedication and a major commitment. If you want to get the perfect gift for your cybergoth friend, make sure you do some research. For the past years, the trend is becoming too popular among Goths. You will often see them in bizarre clothes, wild dresses, and radical outfits.

1990s cyber goth

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If you have Goth friends or family members who love high energy, bright colors and has an affinity for technology, do not worry, you do not need Goth rehabilitation. They are just cybergoths. A relatively new idea among Goths, the cybergoth became trendy around the late 1990s. It was then largely born out of the rave scene in England. This is originally a subset of gravers. Around 2000, they came into their own and really started to gain some momentum. They draw inspiration from the industrial, Gothic clothing and rave culture. There is a blend of all these styles and the result is unique. Check out the styles we have mentioned below:

What is cyber Goth and cybergoth clothing

If you have an idea about what is cyber Goth, it is then pretty easy to know about cybergoth clothing. Cybergoth fashion is inspired by David Bowie. The black color is the key to cybergoth clothing and it has been accessorizing with various kinds of pieces. You can always turn your gothic clothing to the cybergoth clothing by accessorizing it with bright hair and bright jewelry, shiny items and of course some of the perfect statement pieces.

Cyber goth outfit

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When you combine the functional black colors of Goth with the bright vibrant colors of the techno scene, the outfit becomes truly unique. The common colors that are used include yellow, pink and green. The outfits are often tight and short. It is accessorized with vibrant colored accessories like glowing EL wire, colored contacts, and ultraviolent-reactive jewelry. You can also add gas masks, fishnet stocking, glowing EL wire, and bright colored legwarmers.

As the color themes remain constant therefore the outfits are carefully thought out. So for example, if the clothing has pink piping, then the dominant color of the outfit would be pink which is added to the base black. You will often find radioactive logos and biohazard logos in cybergoth costume. Most of the manufacturers in the market jumped on the trend and particularly make some of the most identified items for this day. They take the cyber style into eclectic brands. These outfits are not just for clubbing but you can choose them as everyday wear.

Cybergoth makeup

Just like cybergoth clothing, the cybergoth makeup is also colorful and more vibrant than that of the common Goth crowd. It also has UV-reactive hues and favors fluorescent. The designs are often more pattered and minimalistic. It is too common to see lines on the bridge of the nose or across the cheeks. You will also see cybergoth makeup that is just visible under black lights. In order to have a pale-faced make up which is often a norm, you can choose a light makeup.

The cybergoth culture has always been associated with fashion, aesthetic, vibrant colors and music. Most of the cybergoths love blue, green and pink colored makeup.

Cyber goth love dark makeup

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Cybergoth hair and hairpieces

Another specific character that sets cybergoths apart is their hairstyle and hair in general. Again bright color of the hair is a go, but they are the accessories that make their hairstyle stand out. They often incorporate industrial components like springy ribbon or tubing which are often called tubular crin. They are unique and impressive pieces. These accessories are worn in pairs like pigtails and can be found in bouncy style. When paired with masks, goggles, and respirators, they look visually impressive.

Cybergoth hair and hairpieces

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Cybergoth Footwear

Cybergoth footwear usually comes in bigger sizes. So the taller is the platform, the better it is. Even some shoes have heels up to the seven inches and more. Due to the increased stability while dancing these platform shoes are more preferred as compared to all others. You can also go for some skull sneakers, leather boots if they meet the height requirements.

Cybergoth music

There is a wide range of cybergoth music which is common among cybergoths. Few of the bands that are popular among cybergoths are Assemblage 23, Combichrist, Angel spit and Goteki. However, anything between the Prodigy to the Nine Inch Nails is fair game. Although everyone individual has a unique taste, any music that is danceable is perfect.

Unlike traditional Gothic music, cybergoth music has intense electronic sound. The music is as interesting and diverse as fashion. It draws a heavy influence from the techno music and is highly associated with the traditional gothic club scene.

So which cybergoth style do you love the most? Let us know in the comment section below.