What is a watercolor tattoo

Watercolor tattoos have recently been very popular among tattoo lovers. When you get a watercolor tattoo particularly if you are a gothic dress lover, it stands out. People who are often People often ask many questions about them. One of the main issues that everyone is interested in is how fast a tattoo fades? People are more curious about knowing what a watercolor tattoo looks like before and after it fades.

There are many adversaries of watercolor tattoos, some believe that tattoos should not be made in a watercolor style because they are not strong enough to withstand the test of time, fade away easily.

How a watercolor tattoo is created

Often people wonder what is a watercolor tattoo? Although they think that watercolor tattoos are completely different from "ordinary" tattoos, and they require completely different tattoo settings - this is wrong.

Watercolor tattoos are created in the same way, using the same tools as regular tattoos, the only difference being the coloring and coloring styles. However, in some cases watercolor tattoo techniques are different. 

Traditional tattoos usually consist of a number of solid areas that are all combined to form a larger image; watercolor tattoos create more progressive colors.

This subtle gradient, in which the merging of colors is less noticeable, helps to create the desired look, which is often similar to the characteristics of classic watercolors.

Another obvious difference is that most traditional tattoos contain solid outlines/frames, and almost all watercolor tattoos are tattoo without outline, although many artists creatively combine traditional styles with watercolor concepts to create in a single content. Mix and match designs for tattoos.

How a watercolor tattoo is created

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What is a watercolor tattoo and how fast should it fade

Many watercolor tattoo critics argue that these types of tattoos age way too fast because they are mainly composed of very soft colors, so they don't look good for a long time and these colors often lack a lot of contrast.

Although this is true, and the lighter colors do fade more quickly with darker colors and blacks, the best artists who have experienced in creating watercolor tattoos should be able to greatly reduce the difficulty of recognizing watercolor tattoos as they age.

How a watercolor tattoo on shoulder

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Things to know before getting a tattoo

Goths love watercolor tattoos as much as they love piercings and gothic clothing. If you know all the details about what is a watercolor tattoo, now it is time to go deeper into how you can keep it perfect. As with all tattoos, there are things you should do to ensure that your tattoo remains as perfect as possible throughout its lifetime.

However, watercolor tattoos are especially important compared to more traditional tattoos to ensure that you are better able to take care of them.

If you're thinking about getting a watercolor tattoo and want it to look great in the next few years and decades, here's a list of things you should do:

Choose the right artist

In order to make sure your tattoo remains as long as possible, you should definitely pick an artist with tattoo styling experience, who knows that all the techniques needed to make a tattoo ultimately look like you want it, the exact way.

The more experienced watercolour tattooist is, the more likely your tattoo will stand the test of time. If possible, talk to your artist and ask a lot of questions before making an appointment. Make sure they feel comfortable and confident in watercolor-style tattoos. You will 

An inexperienced artist can easily make some wrong moves, which may eventually result in the tattoo fading faster than it was in the hands of the first creation.

Do your research and make sure your artist is not only familiar with watercolor tattoos but has a lot of practice ink!

beautiful watercolor tattoo

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Away from the sun

It doesn't matter if your tattoo is old or new - the sun will always accelerate it to fade away. If you love to wear a skull tank, avoid getting tattoos on your shoulders. You can also accessorize yourself with skull earrings, skull bracelets and skull pendants to look chic and stylish. 

Keeping your skin area open for your new body art ensures that your tattoo has a better chance of healing correctly.

In addition, you should avoid using detergents that contain irritating chemicals and detergents that remove the skin's natural oils and do not scrub your tattoos even if it has healed.

Friction lessens the age of your watercolor tattoo

When choosing a location for a watercolor tattoo, be sure to choose a place that doesn't have a lot of movement. You want a place that doesn't wipe or rub your clothes too much, protecting a place as much as possible.

When your tattoo rubs against any surface, the skin cells fall off and your ink becomes dull and faded. By choosing a place for the tattoo that does not see much friction, it can extend its life and does not require frequent modifications. It is also a good idea to wear to fit the tattoo as they heal.

Keep your skin healthy

Your tattoo will only look as good as the skin it creates. A healthy diet and good sleep will help ensure that your tattoo stays fresh for as long as possible.

How a watercolor tattoo is created

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In order to keep away the sagging, wrinkles and dry skin, using a good moisturizer is very important.

Make sure you use the quality, skin-sensitive and fragrance-free moisturizer/tattoo lotion throughout your healing process to provide the best chance for your skin/tattoo to recover quickly and quickly.

The best tattoo lotion for a color tattoo is (vegetarian) post-tattoo care product called Hustle Butter. This thing works very well during the healing process - not only keeps your tattoos well hydrated, but it also relieves annoying itching and irritation.

Continue to use a skin moisturizer throughout the life of the tattoo to help prevent fading and keep it as bright and vibrant as possible.

You’ll have to retouch it often

This is something you must seriously consider before going to get a watercolor tattoo. Unlike black ink, colors fade away over time. The best design can last up to 10 years. However, by then, they do not look as vibrant as they were when they were first made. So if you want the colors to look vivid, you will have to visit local tattoo artists frequently.

retouching watercolor tattoo

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Watercolor tattoo fades faster than most traditional tattoos because they are lighter in color and lack strong contours - but that doesn't mean they will fade to unrecognizable confusion in a few years - especially if you choose an excellent artist and follow the tattoo care steps listed above.

In most cases, watercolor tattoo fading will never be as bad as many skeptics say - so if you want a new watercolor tattoo, go take it. I believe it will continue to be beautiful in the coming years.