We all human beings are different from each other in appearance, looks, thinking and in many other factors. No one is similar to each other. Each has their different point of view to think, love and feel about others.

Many of us don’t know what is Goth? What is a Goth person? Who are they? How do they live? Their origin and history? Read out the article and get the complete details about the Gothic people.

What is a Goth person?

A Goth person is someone who searches fineness in the things that others consider as dark. Gothic people love all those which are mysterious and dark. It doesn’t mean that they are immoral, it means that have their own different views towards many. And also, it does not mean that gothic people are brutal, nasty and lacking in humor. In fact, its opposite is true. They love to laugh but it is more like a black comedy sort. Unlit things inspire them and make them happy, it won’t refer that they are sad or not happy as they love dark things. These people are artistic realists, romantic and often intelligent. Being one of them is not about how they dress. Most of you read about them is that they were something that was born out and species of the Punk movement in the late ‘70s and most of them wear black. I am not satisfied with this fact hence I disagree with it… Goths are not something that came out in the ‘70s as they always were but they are introduced when the term ”Gothic” created to describe the new bands that came about then.    

Goth Person

The behavior, dress or color doesn’t define what a Goth person is. As the Goths don’t always wear black and black is not the color code of  Gothic fashion. There are myths that the Goth’s who wears all black are having a dark heart. They don’t all listen to the same bands.  

Gothic music arrives in a huge variety of genres from Goth pop to classical to Goth-folk, etc. The Gothic people don’t worship Satan and also are not the members of a cult. They can be found around the globe and come from various ethnicities and backgrounds. The culture of Goth is vast in Germany and Japan.

How did the Goth subculture get its name?

The Goth subculture was first introduced by the Germanic people. The term “Gothic” is the Greek language of an early Germanic people commonly known as Goths. These people are highly liable for the fall of the Western Roman Empire, they were known Barbarians and so the term Gothic became associated with Barbarism.

And in the medieval period, a new French architectural style was introduced that was an idea from Barbarous inspired by the classical Roman style and it is named as Gothic. These Gothic creatures become famous and the symbol of dark romantic novels which in turn called Gothic literature. From this literature, the term Gothic became identical with the mysterious, dark and gloomy.

Later on, it is a modern movement, introduced as one of the components of the Punk rock scene. As the hind faded, Goth lived by creating its own subculture.

Goth Vs Emo

Have a look at the Goth vs Emo movements:

Both the Goth and Emo movements are based on the Punk rock movement that happens in the late 1970s. This movement spread all over the world and affected many things like culture, art, and media internationally. These Goth and Emo subcultures have experimented underground music and the forms of hardcore punk.  

Goths are associated with Gothic rock. It’s a musical genre that is proposed in the late 70s that characterizes the dark music with dark lyrics and introspective. And then this musical genre is developed into a wide culture movement in the early 1980s with Goth fashion, clubs, and publications.

While on the other hand, Emo defined as the “emotional hardcore”. It is a type of punk rock music that is developed out of Washington DC in the middle of 1990s. Emotional hardcore or Emo was a trial by the number of bands to do experiment with the chaotic music patterns and personal expressions in primal and abstract ways.



Both of these movements are related to art to being through personal expression methods. They are different from each other mostly in the sense of expressions of emotions and music. But they belong to the same genre but their culture and expressions are apart from each other. They also differ in thinking and influence on music.

How to dress Goth

If you are looking for ideas on how to dress goth then here are some ways you can try to dress like a goth.

Black is the color: The most renowned trait of Gothics is black. Black clothes, Black hairs, black footwear, and even black makeup. Yes.. you must have to include and wear black if you want to look like Gothic. You can also carry pops of colors like purple, navy, and red that perfectly fit into the Goth style. Wear a long-sleeved red shirt under a black fishnet and a nice pair of black leggings with a black sweatshirt.

Goth accessories: You can start with light layers of goth accessories Lolita and Victorian hats, drape chokers, watches, and skull bags. Try wearing black leggings and tights with a pair of black boots. You can carry spikes, buckles, plates, studs and any other kind of metal accessory. Other accessories include dreadlocks, collars, leather skull bracelet, and gas masks.  

Goth Footwear

Gothic makeup: Actually, gothic makeup is very easy. Using dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and black mascara are enough. Black or even purple or red lipstick is applicable for Gothic makeup touch.

Goth Makeup    Makeup

This is how the Gothic culture and what a Goth person is. If you know more about the Gothic clothing please share your knowledge with us. We are pleased if you will share some thoughts with us.