Goth is considered one of the most healthy and diverse subcultures in the world. The subculture is currently flourishing in many societies and communities across the world. Many people across different ages and cultures now adorn spooky dark clothes and pieces of jewelry that give them an awesomely ghoulish look. There are several different types of Goths in the world; some can be intimidating while some are quite charming. The Goth fashion offers some refreshing aura especially in public places such as rock music concerts and even sports events. Joining the subculture can thus be an immensely fulfilling experience.

What is Goth?

A Goth is an individual who loves to appear dark and mysterious. Goths are inspired by dark, mysterious and uniqueness. They are creative, independent and bold individuals who enjoy being different and mysterious at the same time. Because of this, they are often regarded as evil. This is just one of the common Goth stereotypes and very far away from the truth. One of the main identifiers of a Goth is the gothic fashion they love. But, Goths also love Goth music, movies and other forms of culture that are impregnated with some elements of darkness and mystery.

Goth fashion is often characterized by homogeneous, antiquated, and dark features. It is often considered eerie, exotic, and sometimes mysterious. Although a typical gothic fashion will likely include dark morbid style clothes, with black hair and fingernails, Goths do not always wear black. To add an eerie feeling to their style most Goths add occult or pagan religion imageries to their fashion style. Some styles may also feature unorthodox piercing, silver jewelry, and dark eyeliner.

Different types of Goth in the Subculture

What kind of Goth are you? To define your own style, it is always important to find out the kind of Goth that you are. Generally, there are different types of Goths in the world. Each type has its own unique fashion subtype and aesthetic appeal. Some love dark, spooky dressing styles while others embrace modern molds with mysterious twists and some elements of eerie darkness. Some of the most common types of Goths are:

Traditional Goths

These were the first Goths to come up. The traditional Goths came to the scene in the 1980s led by the early gothic rock music bands. The traditional Goths listen to the music from the early 1980s all through to early 1990s. Their fashion style reflects this period. Usually, they wear lots of black, with some occult and dark world eerie images. They also don massive hair done is a spooky style and may have substantial piercings and makeups to complete their fashion style.

traditional Goth fashion


 Source: Lady Lazarus

Cyber Goths

These are the exact opposite of the traditional Goths. They are futuristic in their fashion style and general interests. Unlike the traditional Goths who love black, the cyber Goths add a lot of brilliant neon colors to their style. They also love goggles, gas veils and may have neon dreadlocks. They love listening to dance rock music, which greatly influences their style. They may have an ultra-bright color for their hair and makeup.

cyber Goth fashion


Romantic Goths

As the name suggests this group of Goths is all about love and romance. Being one of the earliest Goth types to emerge, they are big on the dark, eerie mysterious look but creatively add love twist to everything. This gives them a uniquely eerie elegance. Their style is predominantly dark but has lots of beautiful lacey pieces especially flowing gowns and frock coats. They may also have other colors such as red, orange, green, or purple. The romantic Goth have greatly been influenced by the Victorian culture especially the literature and art of the time. Because of this, their style has lots of images and symbols of such arts. They also enjoy tragic themes, which greatly influence their style.

romantic goth fashion


Vampire Goths

As the name suggests, this type of Goths aims to ape vampires. Their fashion style is designed to look like real vampires. They love tragedy just like the romantic Goths but add a sense of life that makes their style both beautifully and excitingly eerie. A typical vampire Goths style will include dark hair, dark eyeliner, beautiful nails, choice fittings, and body art designed to complement the attire.

vampire goth fashion

Source: Fashions’ Alternative

Hippie Goths

This is a group of Goths that are more conscious of the dark religions and their environment. Their fashion is dark, with lots of imagery and symbols from the occult world and pagan religions. Most of the hippie Goths immerse themselves in the practice of dark religions such as Wiccan, pagan, Druidic and Celtic among others. Their biggest inspiration comes from these dark religions. The hippie Goths are also pro-environmentalist and most are vegan. Their fashion style mostly reflects themes related to both dark religions and the environment.

hippie goth fashion

Source: Restless Youth

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Tribal Goths

 The tribal Goths emerged when belly dancing was at the peak of its popularity. For this reason, the tribal Goths are greatly influenced by belly dancing. Their fashion style mostly reflects a mixture of belly dancing and traditional Goths styles. Usually, you will see a tribal Goth donning belly dancing attires filled with dark gothic images and themes. Their style is often modern with a dark twist that reflects traces of the original 1980s Goth fashion styles.

tribal goth fashion

Source: Pinterest

Casual Goth

This is one of the most recent Goth types to emerge. It has a laid-back feel. This is because this group is not too much into the thematic gothic looks but wants to experiment lots of gothic ideas with casual everyday wears. Usually, the more traditional gothic dressing norms guide this group on their choice of fashion. Mostly the color is black but mixes it with lots of non-gothic pieces to give the style a casual look.casual goth fashion

Source: Purple Port


From the foregoing discussion, it is clear that there are several different types of Goths in the world that you can be. The choice of style depends on your temperaments. If you are into mysticism, dark religions, and occult then hippie Goth is your style. If you are a modern kid, who love lots of bright colors then the cyber Goth is your style. Goth fashion is cool, more relaxed, and quite mysterious. If you love to be yourself, love to explore black and unique styles you should give it a try.