Chest to arm tattoos for both men and women have become more and more popular nowadays. When it comes to select the best place for a tattoo, we can get picky. But, chest tattoos are one of the best options when it comes to the art of tattoos. Chest to arm tattoos are very attractive, and they also represent an individual’s dedication to design or idea. It’s not that much simple to get a chest tattoo due to the pain one has to go through. That is the reason when a person selects a chest tattoo, it says a lot about his inner strength.  

Chest to arm tattoos can be meaningful as they are very close to the heart. Some designs are capable to show your unconditional love towards something or someone.

When it comes to the size of the tattoos, they can range from enormous to rather small. The tattoos are not only being restricted to your chest but you can extend them to your shoulders, neck, stomach, hands, etc. Tattoo designs are numerous; you can select angles, tribal designs, names, and everything that you like.

So, if you have been thinking to get a specific tat on your arm, chest, back, or side then here are some of the things that you need to know about finding the perfect design that works for you:

- All designs for tattoo do not work on all body parts. For instance, tattoo design for the lower back can’t work for the leg or thigh.

- The design of the tattoo has to mean something to you. After all, it’s something that you will live and look at for a long time.

- Select the tattoo design that can go with your personality.

- Reflect and research before making your choice.

Below are some of the unique and amazing designs of the chest to arm tattoos that you will ever come across. Hopefully, you like one of them and used as an inspiration for your tattoo.

Inspirational shoulder and chest tattoos:

Inspirational Chest Tattoos For Men

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They are those tattoos that are so bewitching and once you know their actual meaning you feel so inspired. Now, imagine if you get an inspiring reminder every day than you could perhaps feel more powerful and optimistic right? Well, sometimes it is a true reason for tattoos. This tattoo contains an inspiration quote i.e., “Fortune’s always hiding.” It also characterizes a skull and a sugar skull.

Tribal chest to arm tattoos:

Tribal Chest To Arm Tattoos

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To get that stunning, macho look, you can go with the tribal tattoos. There are several kinds of tribal tattoos and when they come to your chest and arm then you can make its various combinations. You can also keep this tattoo only on the chest or can also extend on your shoulder and arms. Or, you can also get it or extend it on the whole side of your body covered with an amazing tribal tattoo.  

Polynesian upper arm and chest tattoo:

Polynesian Upper Arm And Chest Tattoo

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The tattoos very similar to the tribal tattoos are Polynesian tattoos. In old times, these tattoos marked the belonging to some tribe. But nowadays, they’re commonly tattooed because of its attractive appearance.  

Colorful upper body/arm and chest tattoo:

Colorful Upper Body/Arm And Chest Tattoo


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Want a tattoo to blow everyone’s minds? Then, here is the one for you. These tattoos are big enough so no one can miss it. Also, its bright colors can make it stand even more. But all in all, these tattoos look incredibly cool! So, if you are brave enough to get a piece like this then go for it!

Stylish chest to arm tattoos:

Stylish Chest To Arm Tattoos

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Well, tattoos can also be trendy and stylish. This exclusive tattoo contains a lot of symbols and hence, it may have numerous meanings. You can easily search for the meaning behind each and every symbol. Or, you can also ask the meaning of the message to the wearer of the tattoo want to convey with it.

Phoenix chest to arm tattoo:

Phoenix Chest To Arm Tattoo

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Phoenixes are truly stately creatures. But, they are only mythological creatures that do not exist in reality. There are lots of spectacular examples of phoenix tattoos you can come across. The best designs of this tattoo are most similar to this one- colorful, powerful, and striking.

Tribal tattoo-chest and shoulder:

Tribal Tattoo-Chest And Shoulder

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This tattoo is one of the great examples of tribal tattoos. It starts from the right side of the chest and extended on the arms. Tattoos like this are classic but even they all appear very similar; the reality is the tattoo is each tribal tattoo appears unique on its wearer.

Owl tattoo:

Owl Tattoo

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It is a fact that chest tattoos can be as big as you like them and can include more than one symbol. Here we have the owl that is a night predator and shows the symbol of wisdom, and the all-seeing eye. What do you think, what is the meaning hidden behind this tattoo?

Skull tattoo:

Skull Tattoo

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This is another one epic and very big skull tattoo design which looks best on the chest to the arm. Can you believe if I told you that skulls don’t inevitably need to be connected with death or danger?

Intriguing tattoos:

Intriguing Tattoos

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All the aspects of this tattoo are so intriguing! From the flowers, the crows, to that saying in Latin. This saying roughly means “all wound, the last kills,” in reference to the hours. And the twelve Roman numerals below that perhaps stand for the hours of the day.  

These chest to arm tattoos are just a small fraction of all the tattoos out there. From the fantastic 3D tattoos for men to flower design tattoos for women, let the imagination turns wild as you let your body be the perfect canvas. If you have any tattoo ideas or suggestions then do share with us in the comment section below!