Before making a Punk rock costume ideas first, you should know that it’s a type of hard to describe what actually the “punk” is.

The most important thing about the punk is it’s about always breaking rules and not letting anyone tie you down. With this in mind, don’t afraid to take the punk rock costume ideas in your own direction. Always remember a true punk never worry about the details and neither should you.  

The next thing to keep in mind is that the contrast should be good. You can make your look dark and bright, soft and hard, angry or playful, it depends on which type of punk style you choose.

Whether you are a child or adult, you can easily make your own punker costume and also can add some funky grunge and gothic accessories depend on how mixed you want to be. If you do not like to buy the complete costume then you can assemble one that will make you the life of the party! We will show you how to dress like a 1980s punk for your fancy dress party.

From what to wear and how to do hair and how to complete outfit with punk-style accessories, we will give you all the inspiration and ideas that you need to complete your transformation. So, get ready to lead with our 80s punk fashion ideas!

Punk Rock Costume Ideas For Men

You are going to have some fun and definitely love the punk dress as it is 50% about the outfit and 50% about the attitude! As we know the punk style is loud so make sure that it can be reflected in your outfit choices.

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You can wear an outfit with clashing patterns like plaid trousers or funky pants would be an ideal choice for an authentic punk look. You don’t need to go with all black either you can mix it up with red and make a perfect combo of black and red to create a really bold look.  

Punks also like to emblazon their clothes with exciting slogans just similar to the stunning t-shirts with a graffiti-style pattern on the front. You have a lot of options while selecting a shirt. Concert and band t-shirts are always the best choices. It is ideal when the shirt is really tight on you with a perfect jacket.

You can also go with the punk rocker Halloween costumes which are easily available in the market. So, Once you are completed with your basic punk rock costume, you can also complete your look with punk accessories like studded punk gloves and a studded choker. Anything with studs and zips would be the ideal choice for your punk outfit.

As for the shoes, black boots can be the best choice. You can also carry statement sneakers such as Eh, Converse, that take that back. So, get ready to show your punk pride!

How To Get Hair Like Punks

After the costume, now it’s time for hairs! The most iconic hairstyle of 1980s punks was the mohawk screams rebellion and anti-establishment. If you don’t want to get a haircut like a mohawk then a perfect wig can help you ape exactly 80s punk style.  

For the hair color, anything looks perfect as long as it is bright and loud. And it is much better if the color clashes with your costume. Often punks accented their costumes with neon colors so for an instance, if your costume is black then go with a bright neon hair color or a wig as a standout piece.  

Men Hair Style

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Punk Rock Costume Ideas For Women

Now here I present punk rock costume ideas for women which are much same as the men’s outfits but with a couple of twists.

Punk Rock Costume Ideas For Women

Women Outfit


The punk rock star costume ideas for female incorporates bright, loud patterns like the Union Jack and tartan with accessories like a studded choker to complete the ideal punk rock look. Ripped fishnet tights add a bit of edginess in the outfit look. For the makeup, you can go with dark red lipstick and thick black eyeliner.

Now for the hairstyle, do back-comb to create the classic, messy 80s look or can choose a wig that can instantly transform you into an 80s punk rock star. You can also temporarily dye your hair with some colored hairspray to make a clashing multicolored look.

Women Hairstyle

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Other Accessories

Accessories, we can say that these are icing on the puck cake. If you have pierced your ears or elsewhere, simply find some dramatic, large jewelry to fill them. Other graphical items and safety pins are nice. Even, I don’t want to put an actual safety pin in my ears but can have safety pin jewelry.  

Eyebrows, lips, nose and other piercings are very punk. Also, go with the stylish stunning punk rock rings, rock star pendants, and necklaces that can give a perfect punk rock star look.

I hope, I have given you enough inspiration to start putting your punk rock costumes ideas together.

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