Are you looking for some costume inspiration for an upcoming “Dr. Seuss” event? No worries, as you are at the right place! There are so many fantastic ideas for Dr. Seuss shirt for kids as well as adults and here we have collected some of our favorites to share with you!

A prompt note before we get to the Dr Seuss shirt ideas, just remembers about Dr. Seuss inspired costumes in your search for the perfect outfit! Thing one/Thing two, cat in a hat shirt, green eggs and ham shirt, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, The Grinch, the more over-the-top...the better! On Dr. Seuss birthday (2nd March), people and especially children were encouraged to dress up in Dr. Seuss style with funky accessories and hats which the perfect time to have a bit of fun by dressing up in costume. Here I have highlighted Dr. Seuss shirts based on his great works. So, grab your moose or goose juice and let’s check out some of the Dr. Seuss shirt ideas.  

The Cat In The Hat Shirt

What makes a better costume than The Cat in the Hat for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. A black long sleeve shirt or t-shirt with rounded, black pants, a tall white and red striped hat and a white piece of construction paper taped to the front for the belly of cat are the amazing foundation for a Cat in the Hat outfit. You can also add funky accessories like white gloves and a black tail to the costume to give perfect and a complete look. It is one of the most suitable and recommended Dr. Seuss cute t-shirts for teachers as well as for kids.

The Cat In The Hat Shirt

Thing 1/Thing 2

If you love pairing then you are going to love this t-shirt idea. Thing one thing two would probably be the best-suited t-shirts with the best buddy, a significant other or with a colleague. These t-shirts are the classic Dr Seuss “siblings”, “twins”, or “best friends” outfit idea. Whether for daily wear or for your next outfit, the Thing 1/ Thing 2 shirts are one of the most prominent shirts on the list. I love the way these outfits are pulled together. With the use of visors and felt to make the iconic blue hair would be a great idea! Bright fuzzy wigs, matching costumes and the numbers one and two on the t-shirts can make for an easy and fun outfit.

Thing 1 Thing 2 shirts


Green Eggs And Ham

Green Eggs and Ham is everyone’s thought process in a book i.e. “I don’t want to eat that because I’m not going to like it”. This probably applies to adults. In Dr. Seuss classic fashion, this story created its way into ‘classic’ status with rhymes and humor as well as it is a precious lesson about not to say something ‘No’ before trying it. The Green Eggs and Ham shirt describing the tale of trying a weird dish would be right at home on a food eater or someone who just enjoys dining with animals.

I really like this t-shirt, what a fun way to Dr. Seuss shirts for kids as well as adults. It’s comfortable, it’s easy and it’s a great story!   

Green Eggs And Ham Shirt

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

This Dr Seuss t-shirt is one must-have for someone who is newly graduate or employed or someone who just needs a significant lesson taught through a kid’s book. This design on the t-shirt is also going to be perfect for Dr. Seuss day, senior events, a class field trip, or for whatever heart inclines. In any case, the feat of life is perfectly evaluated here and anyone who has this t-shirt can be constantly inspired for what lies ahead.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


The Grinch

Although, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” is a holiday story, as we all know in our heart of hearts that rarely we sense a bit grinchy, no matter at what time of the year. This is the reason why this Grinch shirt is perfect for the people who are true Dr Seuss fan. Carrying such a shirt can definitely show how you feel on any given day. Then how the villainous green guy become a good person at the end of this story. So, here the t-shirt shows one of two emotions. When you wear this shirt, this will finally determine which feeling is winning the day.    

The Grinch


Along with these most popular designed t-shirts, you can find Dr. Seuss cancer t-shirt for cancer awareness. These t-shirts are designed by independent artists and designers from around the world and are most popular nowadays. These t-shirts are quoted with inspiration and motivational quotes which are helpful and give strength to fight against Cancer. You can find all Dr Seuss shirt for men, women, and adults too on any popular online stores.

So, are you loving these Dr. Seuss shirts as much as I am? Let me know which one you like most below, or if I missed an obvious classic Dr. Seuss character? I’d like to hear from you!