What to wear with tights and how to wear them still confuses us all from time to time. The confusion about how to wear tights may stem from the fact that we first have difficulty in defining them.

Are they tights? Are they pants? Or they are joggings?

When you choose a suit with a pair of tights, remember some style tips, but first - let's take a look at some different types of leggings:

Different types of leggings

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Leggings are tight-fitting and stretchy that usually has no pockets. However, despite this very basic definition, there are actually many different types of leggings and styles on the market:

Full-length leggings

They are the most popular leggings, a full-length legging extends to above or below the ankle, similar to a pair of bottomless leggings. To give an elegant look wear them with skull boots.

Calf length leggings  

Sometimes referred to as 'Capri leggings' this type of leggings reaches the length of the calf. To give a casual look try different types of leggings in a calf length with your favorite graphic tee.

Stable leggings

This legging style is characterized by a loop or "horse" hook under the arch of the foot to prevent the leg from riding up. Therefore, they are very suitable for matching boots.

Foot Leggings

This is a legging that wraps the foot. The leggings are much thicker than tights and can actually be worn in a manner similar to pants. You can choose to wear skull sneakers with foot leggings.

How to wear leggings

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There is a variety of leggings style available in the market. If you want them to be a statement in your closet, there are things you shouldn't do when wearing tights.

Look at the size

Because leggings are often confused with tights, it's easy to pick up a pair of tights, assuming the best size. However, this does not work the best. Therefore, you should always look at the size before you purchase it.

Don't confuse leggings with tights

As mentioned above, it is important to distinguish between leggings and tights. Although they look very similar, we have already pointed out that leggings are completely different from tights. They are usually made up of thicker materials, and they look more like pants.

Consider quality and price

Never compromise with quality. Buying the low-priced varieties can be tempting, but you should be cautious.

Don't ignore your body size

When buying a pair of tights, you should always consider your size. The length of the leggings you choose can accentuate your legs, hips, and thighs, attracting attention or moving away from certain parts of your body. Pair your favorite skull hoodie with the tights to give a perfect look.

Essentials for styling leggings

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If you want to start adding leggings to your closet, you must have knowledge about college girls leggings. Here are some leggings you can choose from.

Pure black leggings  

This should be the staple food in every girl's wardrobe. Regardless of the length, a pair of (or two) pure black leggings are a wide variety of clothing that can be used with a variety of clothing.

Block color leggings

This basically refers to any single color other than black. You can easily (and relatively inexpensively) get a variety of different colors, so when you match a pair of tights to your existing outfit, you can use a variety of different color combinations.

Printed leggings

Know how to wear printed leggings to look chic. These will add color, variety, and texture to any whole. Create a relaxed urban style with an avant-garde graphic tee-shirt or oversized sweater.

Patterned leggings

Add a touch of fun and detail to any casual weekend outfit by choosing prints and cute embroidered leggings, or choose a jacquard print with dark clothes to add a touch of Gothic clothing.

Metallic leggings

With metallic leggings, instantly embellished with sparkling charm. Designed with a shiny top or dress, this dress is perfect for adding a modern vintage to your evening outfit.


This is the cross between skinny jeans and tights. They can be made from denim or printed in denim style, which is a good choice when you want the look of denim but comfortable tights.

Tips for styling leggings

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Although you can wear almost any leggings you want, you can stick to some styling tips and tricks.

Dress according to your shape

If you are in a 'pear' or 'apple' shape, you may want to wear a pair of leggings with a long vest or oversized shirt or robes. Although you should be controversial about wearing leggings that don't cover your buttocks, if you are sure to hide this area, the long coat is definitely the way to go.

Print using solid color balance

For solid color tights, it's best to match them with a patterned top with a texture to prevent your clothes from appearing bland. Conversely, if you choose a pattern or printed leggings, keep the upper half flat.

Layer Up

Combine some plain-fitting leggings with a top and a waterfall cardigan for a casual layered look. And in order to give it a little edge, put on some punk boots or boots with lace socks to add a touch of texture and fun to your lower body.

Choose the right footwear

The advantage of tights is that they are a transitional garment that can be worn. Paired with a pair of sneakers or ballet shoes, it looks beautiful, casual during the day, with a pair of high heels.

Don't forget the accessories

Just like adding a layer, choose the accessory that complements the style of the leggings you wear. If you're wearing pattern leggings, choose an accessory that complements the color and texture. If you choose ordinary, blocky colors or black tights don't be afraid to be bold and chic.

Do you have any tips to wear the best leggings without compromising style and comfort? Let us know in the comments section below.