During the 1990s there were some fictional fashion icons. Some of them includes Clarissa Darling, Michele and Romy and of course Nancy from The Craft.  One of the real-life icon and glorious fashion idols from the ’90s is Drew Barrymore. She is incomparable to anyone else in her time. Not only her but Drew Barrymore 90s fashion earned attention and her style is still popular today.

Drew Barrymore 90s fashion

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During my teenage, I have been following and stalking all the fictional style mavens to improve my wardrobe, however, the only icon whose style seems constantly spill over is Drew. This means that everybody did to recreate her style. Fans would see her on talk shows appearances and red carpet while wearing her chokers, platform heels and the slip dresses. As a teenager, I admired the outfit so much. I still do admire her good-hearted rebelliousness and the carefree persona.

Drew Barrymore 90s fashion

Most of her fans still remember she amazingly flashed David Letterman, however, I could hardly remember her dress that night. Drew’s style embodying her positive vibe and happy-go-lucky vibe inspires people every single day. Her outfit has a strong element of 90s punk fashion. I strongly believe that if you get dressed up in a fun way that always puts you in a great mood and it directly affects how you feel and think. This is a certain kind of Law of Attraction that you can add to your wardrobe every single day.

90s fashion

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Drew Barrymore 90s fashion is still famous among youth today. It is absolutely safe to say that Drew Barrymore is the style crush of so many people today. From the epic fashion of the ’90s with retro, grunge, and punk styles inspired by Drew Barrymore check out our go-to out amazing fashions for your wardrobe. Now, let’s dig deeper into the fiercest looks of Drew Barry from ’90s.


Whether you are getting ready for a casual day out or a party, chokers always add a unique look to your overall outfit. Drew is the OG queen of the chokers. She was particularly fond of the chokers with crosses over them.

Go Grunge

To have a go grunge fashion, try out wearing a halter crop top along with the pair of boy’s jeans. Too often Drew was seen wearing skull necklace. So, in order to accessorize your outfit add a small skull necklace and it will give a modernized look. In order to give denim look try out adding a Drew Barrymore 90s, this works particularly if you are wearing a motorcycle jacket.

Pro tip: In order to make more dimensional style, try out versatile shades of denim. Wear some combat leather skull boots and put on some red lipstick and you are ready to go.

Go grunge

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Rock the Retro Look

If you are a fan of a retro look, choose a white tank top or graphic tee under the distressed pair of overalls. Beautify your look by wearing tennis shoes or metallic flower crown. These tiny yet unique details will ensure that you stand out among friends. In order to keep cozy, throw on some of the large-sized cardigan sweaters, and it will give a finished look to your outfit.

Punk Up Your Outfit

Wear your ripped tights with floral baby doll dress in order to give a perfect punk outfit. They both will help you to look edgy and feminine. In order to give a rebellious touch, you can add a black leather motorcycle jacket, combat skull boots and platforms loafers to your outfit.

Disney Steeze

Check out how cute Drew looks with a Mickey Mouse backpack. Yes, the glasses Bono is worthy and the extra large white stitching is prestigious, but the Mickey Mouse backpack stands out.

Amazing animal print

Body glitters, snap barrettes, leopard print, and two-toned hair?! Every time Drew was killing with versatile fashion trends.

All white everything

The classy slinky dress and a choker look amazing.

Ditsy floral dress

In order to get the Drew inspired style, you can combine your favorite punk patent platform sandals and acid green ditsy floral dress.


And yes you can get a Drew inspired 90’s style by wearing cutoffs, vest and a uniquely awesome fanny pack. 

Flower brooches

This was one of the great fiction based real life outfit. The outfit that Drew wore during 1997 was too perfect.

Flower brooches

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Effortlessly sexy yet cool in men's clothing

Throughout the decade Drew’s love for the denim kept her looking cool and casual, unique as anything in emerald denim, huge hoop earrings, and a crumpled white tee. Not sure why but sleek necklace makes us love her more.

Playful around with dresses

Drew was never limited to a single look. She was known for the baggy and edgy look. Moreover, she could also be seen in gorgeous baggy dresses both on and off the red carpet.

Playful round dresses

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Always keep in mind; fashion should always be experimental whether you are wearing two-piece outfits or more casual ones. Try a flirty dress and see if it works well. Put out your best slip dress, you are obsessed with styling your dress.

You can always choose platform shoes and chokers; however, if you want to modernize your outfit try out some accessories along with it. They will help your look appear more timeless and add aesthetic.

After two decades of her popular 1990’s style, Drew is still killing today. However, her old styles still stand out.

So which of the Drew Barrymore 90s fashion do look you love the most? Let us know!!