Body piercing was originated from American punk culture during which people loved to wear skull boots, motorcycle jackets and accessorize themselves with skull pendants and skull earrings. Since then people have been practicing various types of piercings. Today, it has become a popular trend in the world. Piercing involves puncturing a body part with a sharp needle to insert or secure a jewel such as a ring. In addition to styling, body piercing is also used as a cultural, religious and sexual practice.

Piercing may symbolize Gothic clothing and Gothic fashion, but piercing under unsanitary conditions may cause infection and allergic reactions. Today, body piercing is not limited to women; men are also following this trend all around the world.

Types of piercings

There are different types of piercings; here is a list of body piercings which are the most common piercing practices followed all over the world:

Ear piercing

Piercing of the ear can be the oldest form of perforation in ancient times. This is done in all areas of the ear, including cartilage.

One of the most popular styles is the perforation of the tragus, which provides a covering at the opening of the ear canal. The earrings look stylish and can be pierced many times on the ear.

Ear Piercings

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The upper ear cartilage piercing is the most painful piercing among all other body piercings because cartilage is harder than the normal skin. Sometimes it takes more than a year to heal completely.

Nostril piercing

Like piercing of ears, the nostril piercing is also a traced back to ancient civilization. Nostril piercing has always been a popular choice for facial perforation. The nose is actually the first position where the facial perforation begins. 

In addition to the nostrils, the nasal septum is another popular part for nostril piercing. The septum is pierced at the bottom of the nose and is located at a narrow separation of the skin.

nostril piercing

Eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercing was introduced as late as in the 1970s. Eyebrow piercing is a unisex method, mainly found in American society. This eyebrow piercing has now slowly engulfed young people in Southeast Asian countries and Europe. People can try different small jewels on the pierced eyebrows.

Tongue piercing

Young Americans are a huge fan of tongue piercing. This art is not popular elsewhere in the world compared to other forms of perforation. Despite this, bold young people around the world prefer it. You got to have some courage to do the tongue piercing, you know it right?

tongue piercing

Nipple piercing

This extreme fashion is mainly reflected in men. Most Americans are adorned, and people in India and South Africa have adopted this style. The fashion of nipple piercing can be traced back to the Victorian era, it was when Gothic dress and Gothic boots were trendy. People also loved piercing their nipples as part of their bravery and courage.

Navel piercing

Although these are often referred to as “belly piercings," the navel is not actually pierced. However, the jewelry is put on it. Piercing typically enters the abdominal button cavity from the top edge of the navel. The same thing can be done anywhere around the edge of the navel. Once you have the belly piercings, you can wear your favorite gothic corset to look stylish. Choose the trendy skull bags and accessorize your outfit with favorite make up. 

Things to consider before getting a body pierced

If you want to look bold, body piercing may be right for you. But there are many things to consider before the needle meets your skin. Before making the final decision, you need to do a lot of research and some soul search about various types of body piercings.

type of body piercing

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There are various types of piercings you can choose from. Some piercings take longer than others to heal.  For example, a simple earlobe perforation can heal within 6-8 weeks, while a typical navel piercing can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to fully heal, which is something you should pay attention to when deciding whether to get those.

Here is a list of some questions you should consider before choosing the right type of piercing for yourself:

How clean are you?

At this time, you need to be honest with your daily habits. Are you a person who showers, brushes and floss twice a day and keeps themselves clean? You may not have any problems, like no infections from navel piercing or a piercing of the tongue.

If getting early morning and taking care of your personal hygiene is not something you can afford then choose to pierce your body parts wisely. If you don’t brush your teeth in the morning every morning, then you should better go for earlobe piercing. Because lips tongue, navel or genitals are the areas exposed to large numbers of bacteria.

The only worse thing than piercing infection is if your doctor removes it to heal, leaving your antibiotics, scar tissue prescriptions, and piercing receipts that last only a few days or weeks.

Know your intention

This is a difficult question to consider, especially considering that most people do not follow the same career path throughout their lives, but this is an important issue.

Dancers may find that navel piercing is good for their work. Kindergarten teachers may choose a tongue ring or navel ring because they are easily hidden from the flat field of view and are unlikely to be pulled or hooked by children in the class.

The senator may need to wear a perforation that can be hidden under the suit.

But your career is not the only thing to consider. Before deciding which piercing is right for you, considering all directions in which your life may be reasonable.

Consider your current situation

What is your daily life like? Are you sitting in the classroom all day or teaching a Taekwondo course? Do you have the money to go to a suitable, licensed body piercing studio?

These will affect which piercing you might consider.

You should be very careful when you look for places to get piercing because if it is not done hygienically, it can cause severe infections.

After getting a piercing, you should take proper care of your unique body piercings. Usually, it takes some time to heal, three to four week depending upon part being pierced.

Getting your body pierced is not a bad idea if you want to look bold and trendy. Make sure to take care of your pierced body parts. Choose wisely what type of piercing will be best for you. Because it requires proper care, and carelessness can cause infections and other severe conditions.