The 1960s was an era of women's fashion innovation. Drainpipe jeans and Capri pants appeared in the early 1960s, which was first worn by Audrey Hepburn. Fashion in the 1960s was bipolar in every respect.

women's fashion innovation

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As in previous decades, fashion in the 1970s has changed dramatically from start to finish. But in the 1970s, of course, it could not be compared with the 1960s.

The style of 1971 is certainly closer to the style of 1969 than in 1979. If you want to consider it for decades, you can say that in the early 1970s it was very "late 60s", and in the late 1970s it was very "in the early 1980s."

Here is a list of the 60s and 70s fashion:

Fashion 60s

With the Vietnam War and the liberalization of civil and feminist rights, American youth aspire to freedom and self-expression. This is the time when the music festival was born, and when most of the retro fashion trends become popular.

Let’s focus on the 60s and 70s fashion era.

Some famous 60s trends include:

  • Mini skirt
  • Big hair (afros, bouffant, and beehives)
  • Bohemian style
  • Bold prints (geometric, polka dots, animals, etc)
  • Vivid colors (especially neon and tie-dye)
  • Batik

Now, in the '60s, fashion went into two completely opposite directions. The first half of this decade was influenced by the more conservative and classic 50s, while in the other half we had bright colors, miniskirts and psychedelic prints.

The glammed up look

The glammed up look

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We may have the era drama "Crazy Man" to thank the return of elegant fashion in the 1960s, mainly the attractive secretary Joan Holloway and her hot girl style in the 1960s.

Other examples are of course Adele with her cat eyeliner, false eyelashes, and beehives, Lana Del Ray with her Corolla, elegant dress and charming fluffy.

How to wear it

In her "How to break a heart" video, Marina wore a simple black cropped top with a soft headscarf and make-up, with accented eyes and back hair. This exterior is designed with a vinyl skirt and is a modern and alternative option.

For extra points, with a soft top and bow, add some suede wedge heels, vintage skull earrings, and 60's round sunglasses, you're sure to be a heartbreaker.

For a totally sweet, girlish 60s style, look at the modern independent girl Zooey Deschanel, who always wears cute retro-style dresses and coats.

This "New Girl" style includes a matching Peter Pan collar red dress, polka dot pantyhose, cardigan, wavy hair, bangs and burgundy lips. You will definitely look like a lady but very modern.

Bohemian style and hippies

Perhaps the most popular trend, bohemian style, and hippie fashion was born in the 1960s but lasted in the 70s.

Nowadays, the fashion influenced by the Bohemian style is a bit exaggerated, with many jewels, long dresses, ruffles, tassels, peasant tops, lace-up sandals, and is considered more "advanced".

The hippies have a lower profile than Bohemia; barefoot, beads, patchwork, vests, peace signs, and of course bell-bottoms.

Too many names, but check out some of the main bohemian influences and modern styles of Elle King's video "Ex's & Oh's": farmers ruffled tops, long gypsy skirts, long skirts, fringed leather jackets, wide-brimmed hats, cowboy skull boots, embroidered shirts, graphic tees, fringed skirts, and suede boots.

How to wear it

Bohemian style

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If you don't want to go all out boho, get some hints from Elle and don't wear all the trends at the same time. Try adding a key to the closet. You can add tassel items to regular clothing to make it a bohemian style, such as a leather or suede tote, tassel ankle boots, a cropped top or a cool leather jacket.

If you don't like bright colors and like the dark bohemian style, choose Beyonce with a wide-brimmed hat, maxi skirt, bohemian sound necklace and "formed" off-the-shoulder top.

And, if you don't want to "go all out," you can add bohemian style to any outfit by adding the right jewelry.

Statement necklaces, skull rings, skull braceletsand even headwear should be exaggerated with retro-looking "old silver" costume jewelers, using colored rock as the "Governor" Gypsy atmosphere.

Or, for everyday styling, try wearing a leather motorcycle jacket with an extra long flower dress and stacking the rings as much as possible!

You can keep your hair and cosmetics as neutral as possible.

The 60s and 70s fashion

One might say that the 1970s was one of the most versatile and influential times in fashion history. You can say that it lacks any rules to make it look like an era without any style. After the bright colors and psychedelic patterns of the 1960s, the 70s brought calm, earthy tones.

Significant trends in the 1970s include:

  • Platform boots
  • Black hairstyle
  • Crochet
  • tassels and laces
  • Bell or 'genius'.

Some of the trends that emerged in the 1960s still existed; even more popular in the 1970s. This era has also brought some new trends, such as punk, disco, and gorgeous rock.

Paris Fashion Week

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A good example of the darker and more gorgeous trends of the 1970s is the St. Laurent Spring 2015 Paris Fashion Week collection.

The Saint Laurent collection is perfect for the 70s gorgeous rock girl: headscarf, shiny mini dress, platform, hat, thin scarf, fur, flared pants, diamond belt, patchwork dress, animal print and glitter scarf, tailored suit, motorcycle jacket, leather mini, floral dress, and military uniform.

How to wear it

Pair it with a graphic tee-shirt with a jeans/mini skirt and add gorgeous details such as a leopard print jacket, a velvet suit jacket, a fur or a thin flash scarf. Pair it with the platform or chucks to create a casual outfit. Complete the rock star tones.

For punk looks, wear tights with a mini skirt, or a military jacket with a floral dress and a belt, make it bold, and a lot of accessories such as chains and bold makeup.

Which 60s and 70s fashion is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.