Skeleton, skull and bone jewelry has long been fashionable and on-trend. In today’s trendy world, any fashionista should have at least one accessory with a skull whether it is skull ring, skull pendant, skull earrings or bracelet with an ornament in the form of bones. Skull and bones jewelry plays an important role in today’s skulls fashion trend and is must have for the new season.     

Skull Accessories

Nowadays, modern skulls fashion jewelry is bristling with different kinds of Gothic themes. You can see the skull that is represented on bracelets, earrings, rings as well as bones beautify buckles belt and necklaces. For many seasons in a row, one of the most famous designers had introduced various elements resembling crosses, skeletons, bones, and skulls in their collections. Besides, jewelry that is supplemented with skulls is made up of crystals, stones, or metals with embossing, enamel, or blackening.    

When skulls fashion jewelry was introduced newly in the fashion world, most of the people rejected the idea of wearing skull rings or skull pendants but with the time skull jewelry has raised on a fashion pedestal.

Since time immemorial, people use to wear accessories with skulls. Usually, skulls were placed on the uniforms of the military to startle opponents and decrease the morale of enemies. Additionally, a skull represents that a knight has no fear to die and was always ready to fight to the death. Similar ornaments began to associate with fearlessness and courage. It is still famous motif in the culture of bikers that preserved its original value. On the other hand, fashionistas have ceased to provide any symbolism on the skulls. Nowadays, skulls fashion jewelry becomes a trend of the season.


On-trend jewelry

Though ornaments of skulls are impregnated with pirates, magic and mystical symbolism, at present they are just the trendiest and stylish accessories. Skull jewelry is commanding and always carries a spirit of rebellion and revolution against the system. These type of items are madly plausible among fashion gurus and young people who adhere to the latest trends and who don’t hesitate in experimenting with their style.     

Different Skull Accessories

Skull necklaces, skeleton rings, bone pendants, death’s head earrings, etc are the variation of thematic jewelry is huge. Usually, bones and skull signs are multifaceted symbols. On the one hand, skulls represent mortality but on the other hand, it is a sign or symbol of rebirth. It is saying that skull bracelet can help in frighten and at the same time, it gives hope of salvation in the religious meaning. Skull jewelry has been carried by different military leaders, cult followers, innovators, and scientists.

Skulls are jewelry symbols of 2019

Nowadays, a skull ring can be seen on a badass biker or a pendant with a death’s head, a most renowned businessman, actors, or politicians are used to wear such accessories and it becomes a style statement for them. Many men choose skull jewelry because they believe that they are much masculine and have nothing to do with trinkets of women. Although it doesn’t mean that women can not complement their look with skull jewelry. Actually, with the influence of the latest skulls fashion trends, the industry of jewelry supplies pieces with a unisex vibe.   

Skull Jewelry  


Who can rock skull jewelry

Nowadays, skull jewelry is in trend and become a fashion statement for almost all, but there is a question, whose answer everyone wants to know that who looks fabulous in it? So the answer is, it may be celebs, rockstars, bikers, or ordinary men and women. It goes well with any clothing style that you pick. Many famous designers like Alexander McQueen and Philipp Plein have amazingly introduced the skull in their designs. It is usually used to show the badass or cool image which depicts no worries and breaking all rules that are made by society. You can easily include the skull jewelry in the collection of your wardrobe.


Is it right to wear skull jewelry?

Skull features strongly in the myths of many cultures, so what is the purpose of the jewelry? We saw skulls with crossbones and even on tombstones, as I have seen in Boston cemeteries. Although jarring, the art of tombstone is embarked to help people to understand their mortality and live their lives well and plan for death accordingly.  

On the other, the jewelry of skull can be used to intimidate and frighten, as sometimes we saw with ornamentation of bikers, whether on their bikes or their own style.  

Fashionable Skull Jewelry

So, the question should be like what message does the skull jewelry convey and how will it likely be comprehended by an average person? If you can not answer these questions positively, I would like to recommend instead carrying jewelry with a death theme but which conveys messages of triumph, merciful love, and hope.