We all have been a little inquisitive and shy, yet dying to be a part of festivities. Each and everyone looks forward to Rocky Horror Picture Show like as the one night you can dress up like a scrubber and not a single girl can say anything about your dress up. So if you are excited about the Rocky horror picture show but in a trouble what to wear to rocky horror show. Don’t worry! Continue reading the article to learn each and everything about the Rocky horror picture show outfits, experience before attending the show, things to bring in the show.

What To Wear To Rocky Horror Picture Show?

 The Rocky horror costumes are fun to make and wild in dress up. If you like the soundtrack and movie then these outfits are perfect for you to wear in any party theme either stand-alone or can be worn as a group costume. You can glorify yourself by practicing dancing and singing along with the dress up. So, have you decided like which character you are going to dress? Is it like Columbia, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Janet, Brad, Riff Raff or newly created man Rocky? Here are the absolute rocky horror picture show costume ideas.

Dressing as Columbia

If you are going to wear a costume like Columbia for the party then it is important for you to know that Columbia wore a couple of different outfits in the movie, so you have options to wear. One of them is the sequined number that she used to wear in the tap dance. You can go with glitter and sequins with a pair of tap shoes and blue socks.

You can also try another outfit of Columbia i.e., carry the apron over your costume and put the mask on the face. Her attire matches with Dr. Frank-N-Furter stockings and corset. She also carries white and blue striped pajama with open black shoes, lipstick and Mickey Mouse ears.

Columbia Costume


Frank-N-Furter Costume Ideas

As we know that there is a mad and crazy scientist in this cult classic. The scientist has two different looks. Actually, he is called as a mischief, psychotic and alien to skull boot. His one look is with a bloody green lab coat with wild-haired and pearl necklace. And the other is fully wild i.e., a Transylvanian outfit with heels and stockings.  

He also uses to wear a corset which is the most susceptive part of his attire. The costume of the lab coat is not that much fit for those who are a bit diffident in going out in public place wearing lingerie.

Frank-N-Fruter outfit


Ideas for Magenta costume

If you are thinking about the dress up like Magenta then you know that she is dressed like a maid throughout the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This outfit includes a white apron with a white hat like a maid and a typical black maid’s dress. Black heels and thigh high black sheer stockings made her costume a bit wild.

She has the superb full head of deep hair that is curly and worn down, perhaps you may have to use a wig to remake her fabulous hairs. Her eyes are sultry and dark, so you need to gather various makeup for dark eyes for the perfect look of this outfit. Her skin is easily achievable with the light foundation as she has a pale skin.

Dressing as Janet

Want to have an attire like Janet oh yes that sweet Janet? Then search for clothes in your attic or closet that looks like hers. Her outfit includes a pink dress and a white sweater with a fancy dress hat. She also uses to wear a lab coat one time and seems to carry a white bra and white slip, stockings with a white purse in the film. And at the end of the movie, she dressed up in a thigh high with a corset.

Brad outfit ideas

Brad is an unfashionable kind of guy or we can say that he is nerdy and his outfit yells it. It is as much as easy to have an outfit like Brad. You need following things to have a look like Brad.

  • Blue V-neck Sweater Vest
  • A Tan Jacket With An Elastic Waistband
  • White Sleeveless Undershirt
  • Light Blue Shirt
  • Black Belt
  • Gray Pants
  • Dark Rim Eyeglasses
  • Brown Loafers
  • A White Lab Coat

Ideas for Riff Raff outfit

The outfit of Riff Raff is iconic. His outfit perfectly describes a costume of a butler. White shirt, black pant with a black jacket. He has long hair on sides and a bald head on the top. He is an influential figure with dark circles around his eyes. The white button spats give his shoes the sightseer look. His look is a bit ghastly and scary.

Riff Raff Costume


Rocky Costume Ideas

The costume of Rocky is the easiest one to make as he wears only a little pair of gold pants which looks like not more than swimsuit shorts. He also dressed up gold wrestling shoes. For the shoes like him, you can spray paint your old pair of wrestling shoes. You can also carry an orange bed sheet as he wore it one of the scenes in the movie.

Rocky Costume


Few things that you should keep in mind while attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show:

 Know what you are getting into: This is very important, but the show is jazzy. It involves pan-sexuality so do not attend it with your grandparents, young siblings or a very conservative boyfriend.

 Outfit contests: It’s usual for the audience to dress up like one of the characters from the film. Before the show, there is an outfit costume contest for the audience and the winner have to perform one of the scenes from the movie.

 Time warp dance: There is a time warp dance in the show as it is one of the parts of the film. It is silly and simple, in it you have to dance exactly Cha-Cha slide.

 Props: Make sure that if the props provided at the show venue. If not then make sure they allow props or not. As props like toilet paper, prunes, confetti, toast, cards, etc. are the parts in the movie.  

 Things to bring:

  • water pistols, when it rains
  • toast, when they propose a toast
  • Bell, the begging of the movie
  • Party Hat, be a Transylvanian
  • Condom, when Janet's having sex with everyone
  • glow sticks, for one of the songs
  • rice, for the wedding scene
  • Toilet Paper, when they unwrap Rocky
  • Newspaper
  • Latex Gloves, for when Frank-N-Furter is in the lab
  • party favors for one of the Transylvanians
  • Cards, for the last song

So, attend the party with all of these ideas and put a full stop on your trouble of what to wear to Rocky Horror Picture Show.