Over a few decades ago, tattoos were considered as the trademarks of the fearless. Punks, Bikers, and other misfits Show and wore the tattoo in proud defiance of the “normals” who stigmatized them. From the popularity of tattoos in the early ‘90s, we have entered a new, and even called as stranger era of ink: the one in which everything that makes tattoos cool is now tasteless, overdone and overexposed.

Should I Get A Tattoo

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Below are some reasons that show why tattoos are bad and are no longer smart moves.


The Tattoo doesn't make you edgy or cool anymore

The main problem is not that everybody has tattoos, but the problem is that tattoos have lost their definitive facet like edginess. Now that the stay-at-home dads, middle-aged professionals, and the occasional grandpa and grandma are lining up for a quick tattoo that tribal tattoo you are thinking of commissioning just won’t get the reaction you would like.


Everybody already has them

Are Tattoos Bad

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Sometimes somewhere tattoo parlors become fixations nationwide in malls lost its affiliation with self-styled outcasts. Some people have questions arises them in their mind that “should I get a tattoo?” “are tattoos bad” and “are tattoos unhealthy” then you should know nowadays, 15% of women and 16% of men in America have tattoos. Neologisms like “tribal tattoo” and “tramp stamp” shows simply how blase tattooing has become.  


You will still get discriminated against

Probably, tattoos have become more acceptable in workplaces generally, but there are some major employers with rough and hard policies against them. For instance, The United States Army has just tightened the restrictions on tattoos, departments of police forbid them, and Disney does not accept piercings or visible tattoos. That’s why tattoos are bad in most of such cases.


Take your pick: Expensive or low quality

Are Tattoos Unhealthy

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In recent years, tattoos have become schizophrenic; now you can opt decisively between a cheap, low-quality tattoo or a fantastic three-dimensional back or full sleeve tattoo at more cost. In other words, we can say that you have dissatisfaction (potentially lifelong) on one hand and a major money sink on the other.

Plashing for a high-quality piece of art that would be a reasonable thing to do, if you are sure you won’t regret it.

You will probably regret it

This is not something your parents told you about tattoos: it is a kind of money-backed fact. In the past years, the profit calculated from the business of tattoo removal has soared around 440%, up to over $1 billion a year in the alone US. If you have any kind of reservations at all about the content of the tattoo you want then stick to the temporary ink instead; it is about 25 cents a pop.  


The Tattoo world is embarrassingly overexposed

Bad Tattoo

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It is one of the reasons why tattoos are bad. Probably, you have heard about Angelina Jolie's tattoos, Johnny Depp's tattoos, Rihanna's tattoos, Megan Fox's tattoos, and Miley Cyrus'. Perhaps, you have heard about celebs tattoos removals after breakups, and tattoos crazy fans get to solemnize their idols.

But wait, it is not all. Now we have the reality TV tattooing world, semi-celebs, from best master to America’s worst tattoos, and also Miami ink, inked, New York ink, London ink, L.A. ink, tattoos after dark, etc. we will stop before you need a bucket.  

Ultimately, there is the head-scratching process of tattoo glamor modeling. If you are getting itching to browse women with a sleeve tattoo and a pair of plasticized breasts in a bikini, you are in luck: there are millions infesting Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, and everywhere else. Whatever crumb of respect the word tattoo had remaining has been lost in the people wearing them and in the commercialization of tattoos.

The word “Tattoo” itself is outdated

One of the recent studies in the United States shows that 59% of people think the word “ink” is trendier than “tattoo”. Although the work might be awkward, it’s just another step towards the trend of demystifying and democratizing tattoos. Tattoos are commonplace; the language of tattoo is evolving, just as language evolves for technology and emotions.  

The takeaway? Do not go against the trend or flow; remember to fit in the crowd when talking about tattoos or getting it- I mean ink. After all, getting a tattoo is now necessarily a declaration of being mainstream.

But gravely, if you are going to get a tattoo, try to avoid the traps on this list. Find the topic that is both timeless and meaning to you, not your extant boyfriend/girlfriend’s name. Spring and save for a high-quality piece by a well-known reputable artist, and get your tattoo (ink) somewhere on your body that won’t cost you a job.

You can also opt for the awesome tattoo sleeves which are made of ink and exactly look like a tattoo. To carry tattooed clothing is also one of the great ways that you can embody the tattoo lifestyle without going through the mind-numbing pain of a tattoo. Ultimately, do not look to a tattoo to make you cooler, or hotter, or hip do it as you love body art. This is the only sane reason to semi-permanently decorate your own skin. So, if you agree with my reasons or know some other reasons why tattoos are bad then let us know in the comment section below!