Are you looking to have rave day in the near future? Well, I must be sure that you will be definitely love to match the rave on the type of concert. You will be looking forward to be fully comfortable on that which you where, looking sexy definitely. With this, many questions will be triggering in your mind on what best should I wear for the rave. This will be one of the questions on different persons on what to wear to EDM concert.

Concerts have been one of the best safe havens on the human expressions through which you can choose to be whoever you want to be in the concerts. Though what you wear on the concerts, you will fully express your spirit. The EDM concert is not only a grand affair with much fantasy but one of the best concerts you will be in. in what you will wear it will range on the different color choice to make in, confidence as well as the cyberpunk vibes. In this article I will guide you on the EDM concert outfits to guide you on what you will wear. Keep reading to have your best today.

  • Kandi – With EDM concert having one of the best cultures in the world, you may consider using the Kandi tradition outfit. This is one of the best outfits on the EDM concert as they are very unique, simple as well as awesome making you look exciting. You will connect easily with other ravers, you will be able to express yourself through the decoration as well as the accessories on your outfits.
  • Features your outfits with sunglasses – To make your experience one of the most memorable in the EDM concert, you will need to feature sunglasses in your outfits. With this, you will be able to make the visuals to be intense on the music through different colors, lasers, projectors as well as strobes. If you will be on the front row, this will be the best for you or if you are watching the light show for a while.

<img data-src="sunglasses" alt="happy revelers in sunglasses at an EDM event">

Sunglasses (source: Electric Zoo)

  • Put some more extra drama on your bold accessories – This will not matter whether you are on attendance of the EDM concert if it is outdoors or indoors. It will be one of the interesting outfits you will have in the EDM concert. You will have much fun through mixing the different types of tons of pieces together. On your combinations you may include some of accessories such as gloves, glasses, jewelry, watches, leg warmers, necklaces, costume wings, bracelets among many other accessories. In addition to this, face painting together with the use of wigs or pastel hair color can be one of the best ideas in your raving in EDM concert.
  • Include a backpack or a funny pack – Most music festival outfits do not have many pockets which is similar to the athletic gear. While on your dancing mood, you will need to have your items fully secure as I am sure that while in the EDM concert, you must be ready to dance. Have your keys, wallet, phone and any other valuable items fully secure. With the use of the fanny packs or even a backpack, you will be able to lock up your items tight in the pack hence avoiding losing your items after the concert.
  • Use breathable clothing – All night long will be all about dancing. As far as you want to look sexy in the EDM concert, you must also put the consideration that you need to be comfortable. With the crazy dance moves you will need to have all long the night, you need to ensure that the gear of the choice of the music festival outfit is one that takes into account your dancing needs. You will need to remain cool to avoid much exhaustion. In addition to what to wear in a rave party, you will need to ensure that the clothing makes you cool as much as possible. Use the rave clothing made of the Polyester material which is said to be one of the best as it is light and doesn’t get damp from heavy sweating. In addition to this, it also dry fast hence increasing your comfort

<img data-src="breathable cloth.png" alt="put on stylish yet breathable clothe for the EDM event">

breathable Clothes (source: iEDM)

  • Use Ear Plugs for the EDM Concerts – Some of the EDM concerts might have loud music which might hurt your ears. You must be ready to have your ears fully protected. Though the ear plugs might at some time limit the way you enjoy, you will need them if you will sit close to the speakers. Just carry them as you might not be sure the position you will find yourself. If you are just in front of speakers, well, you need not to worry as you will just need to wear your ear plugs and enjoy the music as anyone else. With the use of the ear plugs, you will save yourself from the headache you might experience during and after the concert.
  • Comfortable shoes – In the EDM concert, it is not the time to wear high-heels rather this is the time you need to find out the best comfortable shoes you need to ensure that you get it easy with your dancing. The best for this will be the closed toe shoes which are rocking.

<img data-src="shoes.png" alt="where comfortable shows otherwise you will end up without them">

Barefoot (source: Helen in Between)

  • Prefer adding the use of the trippy hoodie in your clothing – The trippy hoodies are the best clothing if you are moving to an outdoor EDM concert. It will be one of your best as it will give you a warm time in the chilly nights. In addition to this, you will be able to express your sacred side on different areas without necessarily having to use them on the EDM concerts only.


In conclusion, having these types of EDM concert outfits will assure of the best experience while in the concert. You will enjoy to your best with the use of these outfits. They are to ensure that your experience becomes memorable and avoid you from the unnecessary injuries and discomforts you might have while you are on the concerts.