If you ask me to name a famous vampire from past or present who is an all-time fave, my answer would be Countess Elizabeth. I love her as much American Horror Story itself.

Since the dark shadows of the 1960s brought vampires to television, one might think that the vampire subcategory has broken out. From the lovable Sesame Street vampire to the Bone vampire, the coven of vampires has moved away from their urban legendary roots.

Over history, vampire actors are known for their bold character. Often they are seen wearing skull items, gothic dress, skull boots and laced particularly in gothic clothing.

Here's a list of the most popular vampires on TV, from the evil types of skin crawling to nighttime dreamboats that use primetime soap operas at night.

1. Pam Swynford De Beaufort (True Blood)

In our list of the female vampires, Pam comes first. If you ask fans to name a famous vampire character, it’s going to be Pam Swynford. I still remember the first time when I saw her laced up in corset.

Fans of HBO's Blood of True Love already know that Pam is hilariously sarcastic and delightfully dour on the show. Pam’s character is a shameless vampire who is played by Kristin Bauer van Straten. Pam is sexy, stylish, and annoyed at anything that hampers her own unique hedonistic excess brand. She plays her role as a ruthless vampire who loves Erin. In fact, the only time when she cries was when Erin is in absolute danger.

Pam Swynford De Beaufort (True Blood)

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2. Dracula (Penny Dreadful)

Played by Gary Oldman Dracula is the macabre character who inspired his fans. The show became iconic in vampire history. The goth genre made the new generation fall in love with it. Fans of the Penny Dreadful do not just love the goth genre but they love accessorizing themselves in a gothic dress.

Gary’s character and his treatment of Renfield are exactly what fans are pursuing, and his pursuit of Vanessa is gradually elevating to a special season-ending.

3. Grandpa Munster Aka Vladimir Dracula (Monsters)

The Archbishop of the Münster family is one of the oldest vamps on our list. Born in the 13th century, Vladimir Dracula is a former military commander and current family member of Slovenia. Although Al Lewis is the original Master of Münster, he is also played by Robert Morse and Eddie Izad. Grandpa is the father of Lily Munster and two other children.


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While some may say that Münster is only a pale imitator of the Adams family, fans admire Grandpa for his irony, his social laughter, and his sweet ride.

4. Bone Vampire (Futurama)

When Phillip J. Frye sits on a mysterious egg waiting for it to hatch, no one can guess that it is the only survivor of the long-dead species from Doohan 6 planet.

Doohan 6, of course, is named after the late great Star Trek actor James Doohan. The bone vampire (aka Bonus Vampirus) is basically a greedy blue alien with a bird's foot, killing its prey by sucking its bones. Is this a mammal? Is it a reptile? A raptor? No one can confirm. The vampire is asexually propagated, which means that a wrong person can fill the entire planet - this is exactly what happens. No other vampire can boast of that power.

5. John Mitchell (Being Human - UK)

The original human British fan could not get enough of vampire Mitchell. It makes sense because he is handsome, he is very cool, and he is better than most other uppers in the series. Particularly fans loved his outfit. He usually laced himself in gothic clothing, including motorcycle jackets, skull pendants and accessorize himself with skull bracelets and skull rings.

However, his fellow vampires don't like Mitchell as much of his loyal fans do. He has a great affection with werewolves and has a feeling of fatherly love for people in an environment. John Mitchell appeared on three seasons of the Being Human and eventually had a very happy ending.

6. Jessica Hamby (True Blood)

To fan’s surprise vampires mania hits the American south when the coven of vampires came out of the coffin on True Blood. Although others were eager to be bitten by the vamp, Jessica Hamby, was even more reluctant. Initially, she was kidnapped and forced into joining the coven of vampires, but later she embraced her career and enjoyed the freedom.

If you ask the fans of True Blood to name a famous vampire, it’s Jessica Hamby. Fans adored Jessica for her sweetness and beauty.

Jessica Hamby

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7. Benny Lafitte (Supernatural)

Supernatural may seem to be one of the many strange TV shows at first glance, focusing on horror, bloody and dark fantasy. Long-time fans know that this show is also full of all kinds of fascinating characters, complex backgrounds, and complicated life.

Benny is one of such characters on Supernatural who had a complicated life and a complicated character. However, towards the end, Benny was a great character and a loyal friend.

Benny Lafitte

8. Eric Northman (True Blood)

Yes, our list includes Eric Northman. That's because although these men have a lot in common, Eric Northman is much better at becoming a vampire. He is older, stronger, smarter, and more ruthless, and he has actually lived to the end of the series.

Eric is pushy, arrogant and smug on the True Blood, but still, fans love Eric.


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9. Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Since his appearance as a fan’s favorite vampire on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Spike has appeared on several sci-fi shows during the recent years including Caprica, Smallville, Torchwood, and Battlestar Galactica.

Fans bummed when Spike died during the season finale. He was a breakout character and he remained all-time fan’s favorite. His character went from a comrade to villain to the comic relief.

10. Countess Elizabeth (American Horror Story)

If you ask fans of American Horror Stories about their favorite shows, Countess Elizabeth is the character they would always mention. She has always been an incredible, and delightful character. Her outstanding fashion sense and funny style made her one of the fan’s favorite character from the first episode. To watch her dressed up in beautiful gothic clothing was a real retreat.

Fans loved her progress from a Hollywood extra to a paramour to one of the incredible lovers in history.

What is your favorite vampire character in history? Name a famous vampire from your favorite TV show in the comments section below.