People used to wear rings for a variety of reasons. Some people carry it as vanity and some for sentimental reasons, and there are some who wear it as a symbol of status. Also, there are some other people who consider that wearing rings can benefit them like protection from evil spirits and amulets, magic talismans, etc.

Wearing rings are also used as identification with some groups like schools and military groups. Some of the rings became so important that it is regarded as family patrimony and passed down from generation to generation.       


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Now, we ask ourselves why we should wear biker rings. How to wear rings? There is no doubt that the biker wore rings are badass rings. Although for an organic look you need to rock with those rings. So, you should know how to wear those rings, how you can complement them with your outfit and in which style it is best for you. But before continue reading, be warned, men wearing rings can become an obsession.   

 How many rings to wear

 Men, as well as men’s fashion, are quite conservative. Photos of rock stars or celebrities with rings are stung on all fingers gives cool look, but then they are stars. However, the culture of bikers is exactly the opposite of conservative, and not all people can afford to be a full-time biker. Several men quit their regular job where the plenty of rings would look ridiculous. Although, you should not ponder that you can't wear anything besides a wedding ring. An unspoken rule allows to wearing 2-3 rings on both hands.    

There is an interesting fact that in most of the countries, it is customary to carry the wedding ring on the ring finger. Some people carry it on the right hand and some are on the left hand. It is due to the division of Christians into Catholics and Orthodox.

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Taking into an account the chief hand, it is considered that the right hand is for the work and the left hand is for the jewelry and ornaments. But, for left-handers, it is totally vice versa. It doesn’t inflict strict limitations, although, you may damage rings accidentally on the chief hand. In that manner, in a fight, a punch with a ring on a hand may cause more damage than your opponent. In the same way, when choosing men’s biker rings, be guided by a hand that you use less actively.     


How to wear rings especially biker rings with outfits

Biker jewelry completely matches all the components of biker style. It is just enough to look at a motorcycle. It is full of leather and metal chrome parts. That is why bikers always wear metal and leather. So, when you are going to buy, it is enough to simply choose a wardrobe corresponding to the event and you will be fine.   

The condition with sublunary clothes is a bit tricky. Luckily, most biker jewelry suits with the casual style. If you prefer a flannel shirt or T-shirt and ordinary dark jeans, then biker ornaments won’t look alien. Also, they are well suited with other jewelry, like a silver pendant or necklace, leather bracelets, etc. In the same way, silver rings go excellent with a wallet chain or a buckle belt. They are unique kind of gothic jewelry that can help in establishing the fashion statement when you wear them. Biker rings for men are symbolic owing to the power and prestige attached to them.   

It is a daunting task to fit biker jewelry with a business wardrobe. Although, there is an easy and small trick- try to combine them with a watch bracelet, cufflinks or a tie clamp. Probably, you will have to demit massive rings because they tend to grab all the attention. The best option is to choose a spinner ring instead. Still, if you want to familiarize the elements of your biker nature with the business world then you can combine it with various other ornaments, for example, with necklaces or bracelets. If you are going for an important business event then you can easily hide these ornaments under clothing.   


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Finger’s shape and the ring size

When selecting a ring, always consider the palm size and the fingers shape. The fashion of modern men’s allows us to wear jewelry on any finger including thumbs and pinkies.

If you are having thin long size fingers then it is better to pick wide but not too many massive rings. You can pass on rings with strong texture and large signet rings.  

Elegant, thick bands look better on short thick fingers. Massive wide rings can intonate the specific of such fingers. You must be aware of selecting a ring that is a tad loser. A tight sitting ring will cut into the finger that can visually reduce a short phalanx even more. If you are having average hand parameters then you are lucky. You can easily try and carry rings of any shape, size, and texture.

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