Halloween is just a few months away, promising another night to be a frightening shinanigan, horror movies, and satanic rituals, of course, the most exciting costume party ever.

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If you want to scare the hell out from your friends this year, here are some low-budget do it yourself scary costumes ideas for Halloween that look great and won't disappoint you.  

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404- Do It Yourself Scary Costumes

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For a Halloween costume with no extra decoration, it will inspire dialogue, trigger laughter and hardly turn around without any effort or cost. To make the '404 Wrong Costume Not Found' costume, all you need is a black marker, a cheap white funny graphic tee-shirt, and a few minutes.

Cloud and rainbow

Work with your child closely to make the this simple yet affordable Halloween outfit. You can add some polyester batt to your umbrella and using the remaining carton, you will inevitably use this gold.

50 kinds of gray clothing

In the popular E. L. James series, this game is very smart... no red hall! Pick some paint samples at your local hardware store and stick them on your tee-shirt. It’s cheap and easy to do.

Poop Emoji clothing

If you are one of the avid users of poop emoji, then you should not forget using it for your Halloween costumes. Just pick up cardboard from your storeroom and draw this emoji on it, it is that easy.

Skeleton clothing

Skull Skeleton clothing - Do It Yourself Scary Costumes

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No need to seek anatomical correctness. Cut out a part of a graphic tee-shirt to create a chest illusion. Some B&W makeup and paper hearts make this a particularly cute skeleton. This is totally a do it yourself scary costumes.

Nerd costume

Wear any of your checkers' tee-shirt and wrap some white tape around the center of the thick-rimmed glasses. Don't forget the calculator to look like a nerd.

Contour tutorial costume

For those who like YouTube makeup videos, this outfit is very easy. Simply pull the hair off the face with a headband and then use the outline and highlight colors in a dramatic way to keep them unmixed.

TP mummies

TP mummies - Do It Yourself Scary

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No doubt, this mummy is a cool Halloween classic. If you like this iconic look all you need is just a few dollars to get grab some rolls of toilet papers. Just grab a few rolls of toilet paper and let people wrap you from head to toe, leaving a mouth hole, and then tape it to the back.

This costume will die soon, but it will look great for at least a few hours. If the TP runs out of the bathroom, you won't be caught at the party.

The Facebook file

Today, everyone around is a social media ninja- although there are plenty of new platforms available in today's digital age, Facebook is still one of the most popular platforms - so why not use it as a Facebook profile join this year's Halloween party.

Ok, this idea will require some skill and effort, but the benefits will be huge.

You only need large cardboard, some colored markers, some scissors and about an hour or so to complete the appearance of this rotation. Once you've made your Facebook profile clothing a preference and ready, you can carry a black pen to the party with you, allowing other guests to add or modify the information displayed on the garment, making it an interactive experience.

Frankenstein's monster

Another Halloween icon, Frankenstein's monsters always come over on the October 31 storm, if you want your good friends to smash, you can create a very scary creation without having to spend hundreds of dollars - again, only Need a little pocket change, a little time and a little patience.

According to this tutorial, you will stare at the Frankenstein monster in the bedroom mirror before you know it. It’s a do it yourself scary costumes you can easily create it.

'Fangtastic' Dracula

Similar to Frankenstein's monsters, if you want to go to the classics this year but reduce costs, this DIY Vampire Costume will guide you through the gradual improvement. It’s also a do it yourself scary costumes, you can easily create it with old red and black cloths.

A scary clown

Clown - Do It Yourself Scary Costumes

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The clown may be the most terrifying of all the expressions in the horror film - if you don't believe us, check out the disturbing scary clown we saw from the TV or movie world.

Anyway, they are digressing. You can create an incredible skin to condense the look of a Halloween clown without breaking the bank.

Jelly bean bags

Not all Halloween costumes must be frightening - in fact, some of the most effective gothic clothing costumes are disturbing or very cute - just like this one - jelly bean bags.

To combine this cheap, fast, simple and cool ensemble, you only need a transparent garbage bag, a bunch of balloons and a few ribbons.

Simply cut off some of the legs and armholes, blow the balloons, open the bag, fill the bag with balloons, tie everything with a ribbon, and decorate yourself with jelly beans logo or even nutritional information if you like - the choice is yours.

The best thing about these ideas is that you can use your creativity to add your own personal abilities and use them as templates to get crazy. Freak-out your friends by trying these amazing costume ideas.