There is a saying that, “A book cannot be judged by its cover”, but the man or a person can surely be judged by his boots. It’s true! Thereby we must make sure that whatever outfits we wear, the footwear should be our best pick. Therefore, we bring a huge list of different types of boots.  

Currently, the market is awash with boots, but it is also filled with questions. What ones should you be seeking out for, can you carry them on a suit and are bikers boots only for bikers? Read on the article and get answers to all questions.

Skull Boots


If you are going to create a footwear wardrobe sounds like a Herculean task then fear not because collecting the essentials is easier than it looks. A carefully selected basic can go a long way and always look perfect.

Let us start with the ground rules, always try to select quality over cost. You do not need to drain your bank account to purchase designer skull boots, but you must make an effort to stock your wardrobe with the skull boots or basics that are built to last. Go for materials, classic designs, and colors. They will be the skull boots that look just as good years from now as they do today!   

Have a look at the different types of skull boot

Brogue boots

Brogue Boots

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Brogues are possibly the perfect and the greatest investments a person can make when it comes to wardrobe staples. With the design of traditional wingtip and the cap detailing, the Brogue boots are unarguably a necessary piece to add in your footwear collection. Brogue boots with skulls on them are both dapper and stylish and when they wear with skinny jeans or tapered, look just as good with a smart piece of the suit. When you try this, do not forget the roll up on your trousers.  

Biker skull boots

Biker Skull Boots

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The one thing is always clear that fashion is very personal. What we like perhaps you may not appreciate, but we can surely agree. The biker boots I’d for proper bikers only. Bikers like skulls as it is the sign that shows no fear, hence, the biker boots with skulls look more stylish and cool. It needs to be worn by a rough and tough man, not by the skinny type model. They are for the man on the Harley, not the Honda. Rugged, strong and built to last, biker skull boots should be kept simple and can be worn with a good pair of denim. Know the complete guide on biker clothing with us.    

Classic work boots

Classic Work Boots

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However, the boots have been adopted by the fashion but its origins stem from handwork in fields and factories. Fusing modern and traditional day methods classic work boots have become the boot to sport for any kind of informal event still retaining its roots in the world of outdoor Labour.   

Fashion boots

 Fashion Boots

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Everything is clear by its name. Mostly, men were witnessed with these fashion boots sauntering down catwalks. These boots are worn with suits, jogging bottoms, and even large work jackets, the high-end fashion world really had taken to the boots for the season.

Hiking boots

Hiking Skull Boots

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If ever boots were having its jiffy in the limelight of fashion then it would have to be the hiking boot. These boots have marched from the world of nature to the modern sprawl where it can be spotted with the hipsters in skinny jeans. These are made up of hike-ready features that provide them a rugged aesthetic. Cut lower to finish at the ankle, these are typically formed with a one-piece quarter and vamp that suits upon a Vibram-style sole or a heavy-duty lug. They are also found in a lace-to-lace closure that utilizes D-ring eyelets to secure the foot.  

Packer/Logger boots

 Packer/Logger Boots

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The packer or logger type boot is one of the oldest types of the boot which are still in service. This style was actually used by people driving pack horses in the late 1800s and lumberjacks. As such, the Packer boots are laced up the shaft, a tapered Western heel, thick lugged soles, and often contain a Kiltie leather detail on the toe.

Engineer boots

Engineer Boots

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Hardwearing and rugged- the Engineer boot has heritage style and is a lace-less that is hugely popular amongst motorcyclists. Actually developed in the thirties, these boots have pull-on style and a higher shaft of 8 inches or more that features adjustable buckles at the upper shaft and midfoot.  

Created with re-craftable welted construction, typically Engineer boots have a Cuban heel or low block, and full leather upper with a plain toe.

Cowboy/Roper boots

Cowboy Boots

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These boots need no introduction, the cowboy or roper boot is an American classic. Typically roper boots are made with a plain toed leather upper and contain a higher shaft of 8 inches just like Engineer boots. They are designed with pull-on construction and also featured a ‘winged’ shaft that splits slightly to create them easier to pull on/off.

These are sometimes adorned with decorative stitching or made with snakeskin for maximum cowboy points, roper boots nearly always have a heeled soled.



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With the history that strains back to the royalty of Victorian England, Balmoral boots are occasional wear than daily boots. A plain toe, slim cut with distinctive close throat lacing system, often Balmoral boots feature two-tones of leather or even two hides. They are traditionally finished with a decorative pinking on the toe, Balmorals usually have a leather sole and a low block heel.

Along with these boots, there are many more types of shoes that can go perfect with your style and outfit. Let us know your style statement on boots. We would like to hear you from. Do comment and let us know how helpful this guide for you!