Since it is arrival on the scene of men’s fashion, skinny jeans have been awarded as the title of one of the most polarizing trends. Loathe it or love it, they won’t be leaving the stores anytime soon. In its early days, a trademark look for the alternative crowd of guys wearing skinny jeans, the more savvy and daring amongst the older men have come to embrace the trend in a tasteful fashion. A multilateral wardrobe staple, men wearing skinny jeans can be easily incorporated in clothing throughout the seasons to have various looks.  

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Whether you are an early adopter or simply starting to explore the trendiest world of skinny denim, here are some of our key rules on how can men wearing skinny jeans without looking like you have just assailed your sister or girlfriend’s wardrobe.  


The skinny on styling skinny jeans for men

It is true that not all skinny jeans are created equal. As there are two types that you will find on the market: the ‘spray on’ and ‘standard’. Start with the spray, as its homonym signalizes, the spray on skinny jean often originates with a high proportion of stretch elastane, that gives a skin-tight look from top to bottom. These are designed to taper down and clasp the ankles for a spray on, second-skin feel. A word of warning when it comes to these babies, they can leave nothing to the imaginations and goes without saying that they will be uncomfortable if you plan on enjoying a few drinks after work. In other words, if you have been blessed with balanced proportions to exert spray on jeans off then, by all means, go for it and rock it.   

Another type you will find stores are the standard skinny jeans. This style of jeans still hugs the thighs and tapers down, but keep maintaining a slightly broader opening at the ankle than its brother. You mostly find young and old men in skinny jeans due to its more forgiving fit and it is most of the personal favorites when it comes to styling different looks.  

Spanking the smart casual look

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From bootleg to straight cut, like any other denim look, the skinny jeans are excellent for smart casual occasions. With its tapered cut, it makes a tidier and sharper slimline silhouette, without making unsightly added bulk. For more and strictly casual occasions, men wearing skinny jeans with ripped knees can go wonders in lessening the severity of the look by incorporating more dimension and texture.

  • Basic tee and sneakers: Grab your favorite t-shirt and chuck on your favorite kicks for an off-duty, effortless look. To smarten up, consider your favorite footwear and select brogues, leather shoes, or a desert boot for a more polished finish. If you are going for more casual occasions and want to look a bit edgier then go for a monochromatic theme. Opt black band tee and combine it with ripped skinnies with cool sneakers or boots. Exert the look together with your go-to aviators and now you are ready.
  • Skinny jeans with a shirt and brogues: A classic combination of smart casual events, skinny jeans with a collared shirt and beautiful leather shoes. Make the look smarter by opting a darker pair of skinny jeans like black or navy and stick to a solid wash. You can also leave your shirt untucked and add some proportion and height to your clothing by cuffing your jeans to show a flash of ankle.   

    Tastefully dressed up

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    While most of the oldies might still disagree, jeans have definitely worked hard over the years to become a staple for formal occasions. Select a standard fit pair that veers on a straighter cut, in a darker color. No holes, no frying, no fading, no rips, and definitely no outlining of the nether regions which can also be good skinny jeans for bigger guys.

    • Jacket, shirt, shoes: If you are going for cocktail drinks or an engagement party then dress up your dark skinny jeans with a stylish jacket. Keeps it looking streamlined by tucking shirt and give finishing touch to the look with a nice leather belt. Put your best foot in a pair of polished shoes for the perfect look.
      • Monk strap shoes with a formal shirt: If the weather does not allow for a jacket or blazer then you can still dress up your skinny jeans by opting a formal shirt which is tucked in. Monk strap shoes can add a classic touch without looking too over the top. Add some tasteful accessories such as quirky cufflinks and a stylish tie or bow ties are also perfect for men wearing skinny jeans for any occasion.   

        Know proportions and work it to your favor

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        If skinny jeans are an exotic territory for you and you are confused about what is considered too tight, do the pinch test. Try to pinch the denim around your thigh and if you are struggling to gather any material then give those jeans a pass. Probably, you want an inch or two of slack for the flattering fit.  

        Without sounding like a broken record, have a look at your proportions and make sure everything is in balance before you step out. Skinny jeans can also leave a little to the imaginations so you will need all the other elements to make your outfit up to the point.

        Let us know how much you like this key style rules in the comment section below!