Since the origin of skinny jeans in the 1950s, especially men's jeans have come a long way. Their popularity has fluctuated over the past six decades, but all current evidence points to men's skinny jeans staying here. At last!

However, for most of the major items in men's wardrobes today, jeans are always there. The popularity of skinny jeans has gone deep into fashion among men who love to stay trendy. Leather pants outfits ideas were famous among rock bands of the 90s.

Skinny jeans for men

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Slim fitting leather pants and skinny jeans became popular for the first time in the 1950s with the birth of American rock music. They were welcomed by idols like Elvis Presley and James Dean.

In the 1960s, they became favorites of musicians such as the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

Fast forward for decades, this is a different story. In the 1990s, skinny jeans were unpopular and were replaced mainly by loose carpenter style jeans. Throughout the early 21st century, this refusal continued, but skinny jeans were reintroduced into mainstream fashion around 2005.

Moreover, despite the initial resistance men's skinny jeans finally became popular. Because the fashion trend began to get rid of the flared pants and loose-fitting jeans that have been popular in the past decade.

Volkswagen brands like Levis and Gap began to enter the ranks of skinny jeans, and later created a variety of elastic to provide better comfort and mobility.

Although it is believed that in the late 21st century, the recovery of skinny jeans was only a flash in the pan, now it seems that men's skinny jeans are fashionable items.

Often men overlook what shoes to wear with leather pants and skinny jeans. Knowing how to wear leather pants, skinny jeans and slim jeans is essential. Men make some common mistakes when wearing skinny jeans.

Following are some of the mistakes that men make while styling skinny jeans and leather pants:

Buy the wrong skinny jeans and leather pants

skinny jeans for men


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Even if people often say that your denim jean doesn't go wrong at all (after all, it's always fashionable), it takes more effort to properly shape a pair of tight jeans, and leather pants rather than simply wearing them and hoping for the best.

The first thing is - all in order to get the right choice. There is no “one size fits all” in styled skinny jeans and leather pants.

A common mistake is to assume that the cuts and shapes are the same and fit the body in the same way as regular straight jeans.

Since skinny jeans are tight (obviously), sometimes it is better to buy a size one inch or two inches longer than the normal size. This helps in preventing the jeans from riding up. Also, make sure your jeans don't get too tight at the waist is necessary - because this can greatly change your profile.

When fastening jeans, you should be able to easily place your fingers between the waist and the jeans belt. If you can't - they are too tight. Another good rule of thumb is to perform a “kneading test” when buying a new pair of jeans. You should be able to squeeze an inch of slack from the denim on top of your thigh. 

Because not all men's skinny jeans are equal, it's best to walk around and try several different sizes until you find the right fit.

If you are buying any skinny jeans, leather pants or any leather leggings outfit, try at least once before making the purchase.

Choosing the wrong style for your body shape

Advanced Stretch Skinny Jean

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Another common mistake in choosing or styling leather pants and skinny jeans is to pick the wrong style for your body shape. The jeans look very thin and it will look too tight.

It's a good idea to think about your body shape and size, and then find the style that suits you best. For example, larger men may be better suited to choose slim jeans instead of skinny jeans because these jeans offer a very similar tight fit, but are more suitable for complimenting the heavier body.

Choosing the wrong color 

When it comes to fashion, you may think that there is no "correct" color - because it is entirely due to personal preferences, and you (in a sense) are correct. However, choosing tight-fitting skinny jeans for different occasions is actually a common mistake that many people make.

For example, light skinny jeans are perfect for casual occasions and are easy to pair with graphic tee-shirts or casual shirts. Darker colors are easy to wear for day and night and can be said to be easier to combine with any style of equipment.

What shoes to wear with leather pants and tight jeans

What shoes to wear with leather pants and tight jeans

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The shoes you choose to complete your outfit will have a major impact on your overall look.

Knowing what shoes to wear with leather pants, skinny jeans, and slim jeans are very important.

When shaping the style of skinny jeans and leather pants, people often mistakenly choose the wrong shoe style.

If you want a relaxed, casual look - then high-gloss brogues shoes won't be the best choice. Similarly, if you wear skinny jeans to a workplace with a “fashionable casual” dress code, high-top shoes will look out of place.

In a similar pattern,  it is important to consider the type of look you are creating and choose the footwear that is right for you to go with leather pants. Since they are tapered at the bottom, leather pants are more attractive with your favorite shoes than skull boots. You can also pair them up with your skull sneakers to give an appropriate look. 

Remember that the same rules apply to the other items you choose to complete the skinny jeans.

Don't make these common mistakes when shaping men's skinny jeans and leather pants. Familiarize yourself with what shoes to wear with leather pants and skinny jeans to stand out.

If you use the less fitting things to shape the upper part of your body - like an oversized pullover with a loose shirt, you will have to pay more attention to your skinny jeans - this is how you can actually show off your fit body, right?