No matter what, tights are always a fashionable and versatile thing to wear. They provide better comfort than pantyhose and tights. They are more comfortable to wear than any other pants and jeans. Although girls always love patterned leggings, they always wonder how to wear patterned leggings. Patterned leggings outfits are almost a part of every girl's wardrobe and are the perfect clothing choice for every occasion.

Despite its versatility, every girl at a certain stage of her life is confused about how to wear leggings. And this confusion is likely to stem from the difficulty of defining the true existence of leggings. They also do not conform to the definition of tights nor conform to the description of the pants. Therefore, it is very difficult to decide what to wear with leggings.

Print leggings outfits are the latest and one of the best everyday wear clothing’s. You can match almost any outfit of your choice. Whether you are at work, going to school or shopping, printed tights and tops can help you stand out.

How to wear printed leggings

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Although there are many ways to wear printed and patterned leggings, here are some tips on how to wear patterned leggings.

Tips on how to wear patterned leggings

Here are some tips for wearing patterned leggings:

Start conservatively

If the bold pattern is not your thing, you can still look for bottoms with subtle details, such as small polka dots, pinstripes or tie-dye.

Try leopard print. Leopard print leggings are very popular, so if you just want to stick your toes in this trend, they are another great option.

Extend your legs

This can be done in a variety of ways, but wearing high heels or wedges is probably the easiest and simplest fix. Ballet flats look great too, especially in short styles. Avoid wearing flat skull boots here; they can make you look awkward.

Keeping your upper part simple

Solid color and slim style will complement the boldness of the leggings. Think about the pattern itself. Horizontal stripes can be tricky, as is anything with too many loud colors. If you're not sure if a particular pattern is pleasing, it might be a good time for an honest friend.

How to wear printed leggings to look chic

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Balance the look and upper part

Sometimes the bottom of the pattern may look like pajama pants, especially if you use a Chino-style cut. Offset this by pairing them with neat and tidy things - dress shirts and blazers will do the job perfectly! Feel free to add some of your favorite accessories including skull rings, skull bracelet, and skull earrings to stand out.

Be confident! Like almost all fashion trends, people around you can feel if you feel good. With some swaying hearts - people will appreciate your bold style!

How to wear printed leggings based on your body shape

Contrary to popular belief, your body size is not really important, and all shapes and sizes can be worn. Yes, you heard my voice! Just check out these tips to make sure you look the best.

If you are bent

If you just started and feel a bit uncertain, just stick to monochrome, like black. It's safe, stylish and versatile. Once you feel a little brave, introduce some different color tights. Want more talent? Try a pattern, but only on the bottom or top, not both.

Avoid sitting on your hips or underneath the tops or robes as this will attract your eye to the widest point of your body.

If you are pear shaped

The classic pear-shaped look is complemented by plain-fitting leggings and tunic. Think of bright colors and bold patterns - you want to raise your eyes and create balance. Once again, make sure the bond does not pass through your ass or underneath.

how to wear patterned leggings

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If you are very short

You want to help create a high degree of illusion, so stick to the monochrome leggings and shoes, as this will give the impression of length. Try a pair of beautiful black riding boots with simple black leggings.

If you are very tall

If your skirt is a bit too short, then leggings are the way you have to go. You can boldly pattern the top and bottom to make the most of it and be adventurous. If you have a little self-awareness about your height, then wear tight-fitting shoes are like ballet flats and low-heeled boots.

What to wear with patterned leggings

what to wear with printed leggings

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If you are still confused about how to wear patterned leggings with your gothic dress,  tops, and shirts, then you just need to go through these following styling tips for getting an outclass printed leggings outfit.

Black Gothic Punk Rock Cross Printed Tight Leggings

You can wear these black leggings decorated with inverted crosses with any flat top or nettop, instead of your leather pants.

Vintage Floral Geometric Pattern Leggings Pants

You can rock these classic leggings decorated with a gold vintage floral design, for a reminiscent 1950’s glamour. You can dress them up with any of your favorite tops because this little number is seriously versatile.

Gothic Geometric Style Print Leggings Pants

Do you want to make a statement? Then why not wear these ante with gothic geometric leggings decorated with bold black and white geometric designs.

These simple leggings in a two-tone color scheme can make it easy for you to pair with a variety of styles, inspired by Goth Punk to 80’s glam.

Colorful Geometric Pattern Leggings Pants

Do you dare to be different? Then these fabulous leggings by Smart Boutique are not for the faint-hearted. You will make a statement when you step out in this lime green number.

Colorful Geometric Pattern Leggings Pants

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Pair Banded Animal Detailed Leggings

Wear these reptile detailed black leggings for a sleek and sexy look. This will through a positively primal vibe where ever you go. Pair them with black wages or high heels to rock the entire look.

Denim Shirt Dress With Leggings

Pairing a denim shirt with black leggings is every girl’s choice to get a casual look. This would be the best look that you can put on when traveling or you are just running around the town.

No matter what, printed and patterned leggings will always stay in fashion. You can always rock any of your favorite tops with single printed legging.