It’s time to say bye to iconic red lips, and rock in black lipstick. Black lipstick can effortlessly turn the most basic outfit into a fantastic and bold look. Black lipstick makeup can give you a cool black smile with an incredibly glamorous look.

By following these key tips on how to wear black lipstick you can keep your black lipstick all day long and prove to yourself a badass.


Black lipstick helps you stand out

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Exfoliate your lips

Before you consider applying black lipstick, you must prepare your lips for it. Dark lipstick makeup will amplify any dryness on your skin or lips, so you need to exfoliate.

For smooth flaky lips, gently wipe the old dry toothbrush on your lips to remove any dead skin. If your lips need more exfoliation to remove dry skin cells, you can buy a lip scrub from a beauty shop or pharmacy. You can also use your lip balm and raw sugar to make your own lip scruber.


After exfoliation, it is time to moisturize your lips. Matte lip products are easier to dry than other more glossy beauty products. Apply moisturizing lip balm and wipe off excess product on your lips with a paper towel. Wait at least five minutes before you start applying lipstick.

You can also invest in some lipstick that can hydrate your chapped lips. If you plan to use your black lipstick more often, be sure to keep your lips moisturized on a regular basis. Staying healthy and moisturizing lips is always easier than competing for a quick cure in the last second.

Use a black lip liner for more perfection

When your lips moisturize enough to apply lipstick, then you only need one more detail, a black lip liner. If you are using a lipstick, you don't necessarily need a lip liner, but it can help you achieve perfect application accuracy.

If you can find a black lip liner, grab it, but they are not common. Also, if you don't plan to wear black lipstick more often, a black lip liner can be a waste. A lip liner will keep your black lipstick in place and you will be ready when you want to try a new lip color or a different beautiful look.

How to wear black lipstick perfectly

Don't worry if you find your new black lipstick looks disastrous on you, you are not alone. Because so many people think black lipstick is not for them.

You need to be confident to wear black lipstick


how to wear black lipstick-Be confident

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To be honest, it needs the confidence to wear black lipstick. It can give a very different look than your regular makeup. Don't give up on the hope of achieving the latest and greatest trends in fashion, persevere and stick to it.

First, get used to other dark lips and try to work with dark lips. If you have never painted dark shadows on your lips before, first start using a red lipstick or lip liner and then go into a deeper mahogany color.

Once you've mastered these tones, try out some more out of the box, such as purple or blue - these two colors are also the fashion lip color of this year.

Black lipstick goes perfect with dark skin

No matter what skin color you have, you can always use jet lipstick and rock it. Few people think that the dark and bright shades of lipstick look good on white skin only. Beauty experts say that the extraordinary light and dark shades look even more shocking on white skin than dark skin.

So, wear black lipstick confidently if your tone is dark, you can choose a black lipstick and rock the party like a badass supermodel.

How to wear black lipstick that meets your needs

If you really want to have a dark lipstick, choose a dark glossy color or a matte can also be a great option. Remember that all these lip colors do require some maintenance. It is highly recommended to stay on hand. Take a tube of black lip gloss with you where ever you go, because your lip color will completely fade or fall off due to eating or drinking.

how to wear black lipstick to fill your needs

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How to wear black lipstick with eyeliner

It is a simple fact that the black eyeliner is a perfect lip liner. When people really started experimenting with dark lipstick colors, they dragged the queen-style makeup, this traditional starter gained popularity. It is impossible to find a black lip liner but to use as eyeliner. But you can do it with your eyeliner.

Know your hints

Black lipstick has a blue background, also known as a cool base color, which means it tends to look better for people with crisp and neutral tones. This does not mean that if you have a warmer tone, you can't wear it. There are many ways to fake it. You can choose a very dark red hue instead of black or you can use concealer to neutralize your face.

If this color does not look good on you, then who cares. If you like it, wear it anyway!

Do not be afraid of branches

Black lips are a simple staple, it doesn't mean that you can't branch out. A classic makeup rule is never to use a lip liner that is deeper than your lipstick, but this does not apply to your own styling.

Try mixing the black lip liner into the red to get a classic Goth look, or use a Korean-style super pop, because the moment you mix black from the inner lip creates a stiff look.

Rock it with the some gothic look


how to wear black lipstick to look perfect

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Black lips are very versatile. They are both soft and romantic, or they can be eye-catching. If you are looking for a rounded gothic look, wear black lipstick and paired with your gothic dress, gothic shoes and flannel for a low-key badass look. If you are looking forward to rock during a winter night out wear a gothic coat instead of other jerseys.

So how do you wear black lipstick? All you need is confidence to wear black lipstick. If you get that, you can rock the party with your glamorous black makeup look.