Often it is very easy to put on your favorite outfit and get it going. However, when you want to take your outfit to the next level, you may definitely be at a loss of how easily you can pump up your look by a notch or two without spending too much time in accessorizing yourself.

There are many things which you can add up to your outfit that are unique yet easy. One of the easiest ways to accessorize your outfit is by adding chokers. For this, you should master how to style chokers in the best way. While a standard skull pendant or necklace may do wonder but a choker will assist you to uplift your outfit and give an appeal of the personal style. Learn how to wear a choker necklace to look perfect. Chokers do not only look unique but these accessories also look great. Try pairing up your chokers with bold skull bracelet, skull earrings or even you can try a skull belt. They can glorify your look extraordinarily; therefore make sure you know how to style chokers perfectly.  

master how to style chokers

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Chokers are sleek necklaces which are worn tightly around your neck. They are in fact tighter than you common chain necklace. From simple styles to ornaments, you will find them in different styles. You can use them as a casual accessory or any special event that you want to attend. Let’s dig deeper into how you can actually accessorize your choker.

How to style chokers to glorify your look

Choose the right size

Choose the right size

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If you have a shorter neck, a thinner choker will look more appealing on you. However, if your neck is longer and leaner then you have to choose a thicker choker band.


Chokers are available in a variety of styles. You can choose a simple band around your neck which has embellishment to the sophisticated drop necklaces that look like lace over your throat and downwards your chest. You can choose whichever feels right for you because each of them has its own benefits.

Keep in mind the neck design of your top

Choose choker based on your outfit

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If you are wearing your favorite graphic tee, you may choose a less ornate and thinner choker. However, if you are wearing your favorite little black with your favorite skull earrings, you may choose a choker with strands and more details. It will definitely accessorize your outfit to the next level.

Pick up the right color

Choosing your choker based on the color of your outfit will make sure you look elegant and graceful. If you really want to wear a choker, closely pay attention to the color of your outfit.

Types of chokers


Ribbon chokers are very common among youngsters. They are often lacey fabric or silky. A ribbon choker can give your outfit a very classic look and you will definitely stand out.


Hemp is the powerhouse of all chokers. It beautifies your looks, particularly in casual outfits. They often come with beads and they typically last longer than all other chokers.


A leather choker lasts for a very long period of time. They come in various kinds of looks and they go perfect with any kind of dress whether it is stylish for a special occasion or a casual dress.

Precious metal

Precious metal chokers are most popular in our list. They are trendy during recent years. They are made up of silver, solid gold or any other metal. Precious metal chokers are available in a variety of styles. They can dangle across your chest or snug fit. These pieces of neckwear are the one stunning accessories.

With or without jewels

Chokers are often available with or without jewels. You will find some which are entirely made up of the precious stones or jewel embellishments. A pearl choker is such an example. Ornate chokers often have artistically designed beads.

Chokers with trinkets

 Chokers with trinkets

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A variety of chokers are also available with a rose, key or another item dangling towards your neck. These items often sell your personality.

Why you should choose chokers

They can pair with any outfit

Whether you are just lounging around your home or you are going to attend your best friend’s birthday party, chokers can go perfect with any of the outfit. Always wear cute outfits with chokers if you want to stand out.

A variety of sizes and styles available

There are a variety of chokers available in the market, based on choker style, material, and additional items. You can choose the one that best fits your personality.  They can be found in tens of the lengths and they are pair well with all of the necklines.


These easy to style necklaces are affordable. This makes them an easy to afford accessory.

Historically, chokers have come and gone throughout fashion. However, these accessories have always made a comeback. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the styles, designs and the trendy chokers. This will allow you to accessorize any of your outfits and help you look chic.

Are you a choker fan? Do you know how to style chokers? Which color and style do you love the most? Let us know.