Corsets may remind you of fashion a long time ago, but they are not really outdated. In addition to being a fashion accessory, they also offer the benefits of posture correction and support. Traditionally, a corset is made of cotton structural fabric and is rigidly deboned. There are several ways around how to lace a corset and how to put it on to look elegant, and you have to choose carefully so that it is comfortable as well.

What is a corset?

A corset was once used as a female undergarment, but today it is reclaimed as one of the sexists street-style outerwear. If you master how to wear a corset and lace-up corset perfectly you will look gorgeous. Therefore it is important that you learn how to lace up corset perfectly. A corset usually extends from the lower part of the chest to the buttocks and is worn to give the female body an image and shape.

A corset looks elegant and beautiful when worn properly. Do hair properly, wear the best makeup and look chic. You can also add your favorite skull earrings and skull bracelets to beautify your looks. 

How to Lace a corset

How to lace a corset

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While buying your corset check if it is already laced or you have to lace-up corset yourself. If the corset comes with lacing you don't have to worry about tightening of the corset, unless the corset is not properly strapped.

Throughout history, various laces have been used on the back of corsets. Even the lacing methods vary from one another. Some methods are longer than others but secure. While a few others are more prone to wear and tear. Make sure you choose the one which is easier yet secure.

Often people wonder how to lace a corset, we have mentioned steps in our article that you should follow: 

1. How to lace a corset starting from the bottom

Your corset only needs a single lace. Don't cut your lace into two pieces. Start putting laces into corset grommet at the backside of the corset.

Find the middle of the lace. Place it in the middle of the two holes. Start putting laces into alternating sides and holes until you reach the middle of the hole. There are often seven holes on one side of the corset.

 2. Start at the top grommet if you need to lace your corset

    start lacing your corset from top

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    Often corset comes with the laces. In case your newly purchased corset doesn’t have lace along with it, purchase one which is usually available at an affordable price. Avoid using ribbons, if you plan to securely fasten your corset. Always use high-quality lace for your favorite corset.

    If you have an even number of the grommets, first pull the lace over the bottom of the top grommet. 

    3. Create X’s with the strings

      create an x

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      Take the correct string and pull it to the left or right depending upon which side do you start with. The laces have to come out through the top grommet first, then pull the lace down from the top grommet on the other side. If the first grommet has the laces going down into the grommet at the other side, then pull up this laces through the bottom of the grommet on the other side. Start over and repeat from the center until you reach the end.

      Most outfit designers recommend tying the laces together. Another method is to tying a knot large enough at each end to prevent the strap from slipping back out of the hole. Both methods are equally good.  

      4. Lace down the center

      After X is completed, continue along the line until you reach the center. You should end up with an alternating X between the top of the corset and the center of the corset.

      5. Repeat creating X at the center continue till the end

      After completing the top, repeat the same process with the second string, but start with the middle. Repeat it over again until you finish creating an X at the bottom. 

      6. Stand in front the of the mirror and check it this good fits you

        Stand in front of mirror

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        Often it is great to have someone who can help you decide if corset good fits you. If no one is around, then stand in front of the mirror and check to see if it perfectly fits on you. It is great if you have a few numbers of mirrors around.

        7. Put an underlying

        What to wear with a corset to feel comfortable? If you are wearing a corset on daily basis, you need to wear something underneath it. This is to absorb the moisture and dirt on your skin and protect your corset. If you use a corset, it is always recommended to use an underlayer that is made up of cotton, polyester or any breathable material. Anything made of Lycra or spandex will make you sweat more so please avoid that.

        8. Fix the corset in the right direction

        When your favorite corset is ready to wear, make sure you wear it in the right direction. There are two sides of the corset, front and back. The front side is the one which has holes and knobs and the one with the laces is the back side.

        When you are ready to wear it, you should open it from the front while the laces on the back should be closed.

        9. Wrap it around your body

          Wrap it around your body

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          Often we get asked how to tighten a corset? In order to tighten a corset properly start by closing the front. You may need to make some adjustments. Make sure you are able to easily close the front busk, although some resistance is good.

          10. Make sure the modesty panel is properly adjusted

            Adjust modesty panel

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            Modesty panel is a rectangular fabric that is likely to be attached to the left side of the corset on your back. If the modesty is not flat, make some adjustments. When you open the corset, make sure that the modesty panel rests flat on the back and points to the other side of the corset. 

            11. Tighten the laces to make sure the corset is fully secure

            Tighten the laces to secure the corset. Keep the laces tight enough to keep the corset intact without being trampled. You just need to pull the sides together and pull it gently over the long end of the lace. 

            12. Readjust the tightness of X to make sure it good fits

            Now that you have completed most of the lacing, tighten all the laces as again if possible.

            • Pinch the center of X and pull it out from the back, moving from the end to the center. This is the easiest way to tighten your corset and to make sure it fits your body.
            • Often, the tightness of the corset is related to the quality and fit of the corset.

            When tightening, adjust the tightness of each X so that it remains straight and parallel on both sides. As X tightens, all four strings in the center are used for the final strong pull. This will attract the waist.

            13. Tie a knot at the end

              Tie a knot and make sure it is secure

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              After the lacing process is completed, you have to tie a knot to adjust the corset according to your physique or desire. 

              14. Recheck if you still need to make some adjustments

              Now that you're laced in your favorite corset take a look at yourself in the mirror. First of all, make sure that it’s perfectly comfortable

              15. Move around and see if the corset is comfortable and if you can easily breathe

              Since you have worn your corset, now look at yourself in the mirror. First, make sure it's comfortable. You need to be able to breathe.

              • The fitted body should have a gap on the back and the sides are completely parallel.
              • Either choose a large-sized corset or a smaller one according to your body size.
              • Once your corset is perfectly tied, you can trim excess tights to suit your needs. Be sure to leave enough laces to loosen your corset again when you are ready to take off.
              • To remove the corset, be sure to loosen the back strap before loosening the front.

              If you want to shop for beautiful and on trendy corsets, you can consult us today to get your favorite corset design. Fill your wardrobe by picking up some on-trend and beautiful corsets. You can also check out this guide to learn more about how to lace a corset.