You may have been reading a lot of things about pinup fashion. This fashion is actually a feminist hairstyle. If you are a long-time fan of alternative and rock styles; pinup fashion is also one of those vintage trends.

For centuries, the image of women has been regarded as one of the most classic and important manifestations of natural beauty. Women often love to accessorize themselves using jewelry particularly, skull jewelry including skull rings, skull bracelets, skull pendants, and skull earrings.

How to do pinup hair to look elegant

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Our elegant and soft body has revealed many canvases throughout human history and inspired the greatest and most mediocre artists - all trying to pay tribute to the affirmation of life and the femininity power.

Fashion and style trends are a recurring process. The retro glamorous girl looks like it is recovering from the 1940s to today! In the 1940s and early 80s, the Burlesque model was promoted.

There are so many pin-up hair tutorial you can check out to get your favorite pin-up look. The following article will help you with some vintage pin-up styles.

How to do pinup hair

Pin-up fashion is a synonym for Burlesque, Rockabilly and Old Hollywood Glamour in clothing, hair, make-up, shoes, and accessories. It's all for elegance and sexy look without being ostentatious.

Bless your lucky stars with the obsession of all things vintage! While these styles may seem complicated, with a little practice, our pins up hairstyles are actually quite easy to master.

how to look chic and do the pin up perfect

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This article will give you a brief introduction to some easy pin-up hairstyles and how to do pinup hair:

Sassy and sexy beehive

This is a sassy and sexy pinup hairstyle you can do at any retro themed party and rock the night.

You only need a lot of hair spray to make your hair manageable and gorgeous.

Classic 50s style

This is so simple yet so classic pinup hairstyle. You can see so many poster girls in this type of hairdo.

This style looks perfect on freshly washed hair because it holds the natural curly look and creates a victory hairstyle.

Modern victory roll

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Modern victory roll

There are several easy pinup hairstyles but this is a modern twist of 1940s hairstyles. This rockabilly hairstyle is classy enough to wear with any type of casual dressing.

Modern flap

This style gives a soft traditional vibe; it is formed with 3/4 inches of iron rod to make a wave. It looks so classy and glamorous.

Classic Retro Glam

This is so easy to make and quick pinup hairstyle. This gives a versatile retro look. This style can be created with gowns and cute tops.

Double Victory Roll

This classy and vintage look goes best with your dresses. You can change it according to your dress type. This suits well with every face and makes you look like a pinup goddess.

How to do pinup hair for a classic chic look

A simple pin-up hairstyle has to be neat and sexy, from pin curls, victory rolls, bangs and more. All you need is a large barrel curler, a good hair gel, some hair clips, and more and more hair spray to hold your curls together.

You can also use pin-up hair accessories such as headbands, headscarves, flower needles and hats as a focal point and emphasize your neat and complete hairstyle.

Regarding the color of the hair, it is said that the blonde has more fun, but now it doesn't matter. You can choose stripes, ombre, soft and dark hair dyes.

How to do pinup hair for a classic chic look

Makeup with pin-up style

The eyebrows should be neat and tidy, arched, and the eyes not to be wrinkled with a soft brown eye shadow. The eyelids lined with liquid or gel eyeliner to create a signature cat's eye or winged pad. Adding the eyelashes of your choice, even looking down, create the illusion of full eyelashes.

The contours of the cheeks should be large enough to create the illusion of high cheekbones and thinner faces, while for lips, long-lasting matte red lipsticks are more popular than smoother lipsticks. First, hook the lips with a deeper red lip liner.

If you are too lazy to make cat eyes, put on red lipstick and then pair with dark sunglasses.

Styling Nails

General rules: bright red lips should be paired with bright red nails. If the pure red ass leaves you, you can try hot nail art or even high-heeled nails.

Your hands are almost as expressive as your face. Just in case, don't forget to use your manicure to protect your front map or even pedicure. But sticking to color choices will compliment your wardrobe choices and style preferences. If you want a real vintage, you may not want any trendy colors or nail changes.

You can also choose a classic French manicure that looks luxurious and polished and it glorifies your look. 

Tops and Dresses

As for the typical pin-up women's wear, there are different and iconic styles. There are dresses, sailor-style pieces, skirts, and gothic corsets to choose from. You can even choose the skull hoodie dress to stand out. Most have checkered prints, stripes, leopard prints, polka dots, and cherry prints.

The same is true for backless tops, tube tops, buttoned shirts, and even cardigans.


Girls wear high waist pants to emphasize their curves and hips. It can be high-rise skinny jeans and leather pants with buttons on the sides, capri pants, high-waist shorts or a pencil skirt.


Classic women's shoes are another important pin fashion requirement for couples because their common photo poses to show the legs. 2 to 4-inch pumps, platform pumps, wedges with wedges, cherry prints, polka dots, leopard prints, and lace to talk to pin-up fashion women.

Elegant swimsuit

Elegant swimsuit

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Show off your best assets in vintage swimsuits. Usually, polka dot prints or stripes are used with high-waist bikini bottoms. The eye-catching bikinis look a bit conservative but complex, showing that they should show less, still enhancing the curve and screaming "SEXY."

So how to do pinup hair to look stylish? If you are also a fan of vintage pin-up hair styling, you can try any of pin-up hairstyle. Just remember to accessorize it with the above-mentioned things to get a vintage.