Selecting the right skull blanket is more than choosing your best size and color. It goes a long way in picking the one that suits your lifestyle and the one that will promote a good night sleep. More often than not we’re likely to select the one with a bigger size and bright color without considering the quality.

Blankets make everything comfortable and cozy, especially during the coldest nights. The main thing is, it is not the producing the heat; actually, it is your body. With the process of convection, these skull blankets act as a protective layer against the fulgent heat being lost, trapping it instead in the user’s body.  

Sugar Skull Blanket

In this guide, we have evolved from using blankets to duvets. How do you choose the one which suits you? Would you go for heavier one or a lighter one, woolen and soft or rough and prickly? So, read on the article and explore the options we have got.   

Factors to consider before choosing a skull blanket

There is a possibility that skull blanket that suits on you may not suit on someone else. We have all preferences so below are some essential factors to look at:   


When it comes to sleep temperature, always follows the Goldilocks principle which states that “not too hot, not too cold, but just right.” When the temperature of your bedroom falls too low, your sleep will be disrupted. So pick the one which comfortable and provide you a good sleep.

Size according to beds

Purchasing a skull throw blanket just enough for your bed means you have a select a large product which can easily cover your mattress and must have a few extra inches to tuck in around the edges. Although exact bed sizes are varying from manufacturers, here are some typical blanket sizes (length by width) perfect for your bed:    
  • Single: 90cm x 200cm

  • Double: 135cm x 200cm

  • Queen: 160cm x 200cm

  • King: 180cm x 200cm

  • Super King: 200cm x 200cm

Stylish Skull Blanket



Purchasing the right sugar skull blanket can be a bit tricky task as each fabric has different benefits which are depending on the weather. Below are various types of blanket material to endow you with just the perfect amount of warmth for good night sleep.


  • Cotton

Cotton blankets are ideal for spring, summer, and autumn seasons. They are relatively slow to burn and may also be used for surplus warmth in cold weather when used in conjunction with a microfiber blanket. These blankets are suited for when a sheet alone does not offer enough warmth. Cotton blankets hold up well when repeatedly washed as this material reduces the number of allergens building up.


  • Wool

Primarily, wool blankets are used during the chilly months; a traditional blanket that provides better thermal regulation. They are warmer, thicker, and have a more substantial fabric to them. Being a natural fiber it breathes well. The blankets made up of wool can be heavy or lightweight and is often used to insulate and warm during the cold days. Some wool may be itchy but there are some that have been designed and are smooth.


  • Microfiber

The blankets made by microfiber are mainly used on cold winter nights and come in different GSM. It is made up of synthetic fiber that is finer than a thread and smaller than the diameter of silk.


  • Down

The down blanket is similar to a down comforter, but it is lighter and thinner. Such kinds of blankets are warm and are not a good conductor of moisture, and this can cause nighttime sweating easily.


  • Synthetics

The main synthetics used are polyester and acrylic. Synthetic blankets are warm but they attract a good deal of static electricity and tend to hold dust, and loose threads and they do not permit moisture to escape.

  • Fleece

Skull fleece blankets are extra warm, cozy and not too heavy and the best type for children. It is better at wicking away moisture when used on a child’s bed. They are best fit for you if warmth is at the top of your list.


  • Vellux
Sometimes, Vellux is referred to as “hotel blankets” that contain thin foam which is core surrounded by soft nylon plush with a velvety texture. These blankets are hypoallergenic, i.e., they are an ideal pick for someone with allergies. They can stand up to multiple washes even at high temperatures and are very soft and warm.
Skull Throw Blanket
Other than these fabrics, blankets are also available in woven acrylic, knitted polyester, cashmere, and mink. Also, they may come with exotic crafting and material such as silk or crocheted afghan covering.
And along with the perfect size and material, blankets also have various weaves that will endow your preferred level of weight and warmth. You can select thermal weaves that are lightweight and loose, warm and heavy knitted blankets, the quilted weave which keeps the blanket from shifting, or the conventional weave that is very close and tight, producing excellent insulation for body heat.
Now, whatever blanket you may pick, what matters is how your body gets enough warmth during night time. It is not the design, price nor the brand that is essential, but the comfort you will experience as you get a good night sleep.
So, do you want to change your skull blanket? Measure your mattress and bed then go ahead and select the one that suits your preferences. Select the one which is cozy and comfortable and enjoy your night sleep for a fresh day and a healthy lifestyle.