Wearing jewelry has been a taboo for many years for men. But now, people are more likely to accept jewelry like skull bracelets, skull earrings, skull pendant, and any other skull accessories that help them stand out.

Some types of jewelry are made keeping in view masculinity, such as tie bars and cufflinks. Then there are some jewelry items like earrings that are mainly for female.

earrings for men

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This article is all about earrings for men and how they can wear without making a mistake:

Styling earrings

In general, when choosing earrings as a man, you should stick to studs or small hoops unless you are of the pirates. Then you can get rid of big hoops, dangling earrings and anything else! But for the purpose of this blog, let us assume that you are not a pirate, but just an ordinary person.

If you want to wear a hoop earring, stick to a small hoop that won't hang under your ear. In a more casual situation, basketball is the best. Pair with graphic tee-shirts and leather pants because they offer a less formal look.

The recommended color of earrings for men is silver or gold because anything else may look too weird and attract unnecessary attention.

When to wear and how to wear earrings

When to wear and how to wear earrings

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Earrings are an accessory that is not suitable for wearing everywhere. Determining the time without wearing it is working - unless you work in a laid-back, accessory-friendly environment.

During your office hours or any other official gather please put the earrings at your home. If you wear a sharp suit, the diamond studs on your ears will distract your appearance and make the entire equipment less formal. It's like wearing an over-exaggerated buckle belt.

There are some smart casual occasions where you can wear earrings. Eating out is one of them, or going to a musical show, or another type of activity. Basically, anything you don't need to wear in some way means you can decorate the way you like.

Choosing whether to wear earrings is like choosing between black skull sneakers or brogues. According to experience, if you wear sneakers, you can wear earrings. If you are wearing brogues or other smart shoes, then deciding whether to wear earrings depends on your other gear.

Finally, whether you decide to wear one or two earrings is entirely up to you. It depends on your personal style, but whatever you choose; the same rules apply to both.

Here are ten reasons why men wear earrings:

why men wear earrings

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Here are ten possible reasons about earrings for men and we will found some inquiries about the typical issue either man should wear an earring or not. Here are some of them.

  1. What kind of clothes do men wear with their earrings?
  2. Should men wear earrings?
  3. Which is the straight man wearing ear?
  4. Does the Bible encourage men to wear it enough?
  5. What does the Bible think about men wearing earrings?
  6. When a man wears two earrings, do you realize what it means?
  7. What is the pattern of men wearing an earring in basketball?
  8. For how many time a stud earring should be worn?
  9. What do men really say when they wear it?
  10. Is there something wrong with wearing earrings?

Here are the top nine reasons why men might wear earring:

top ten reasons why men might wear earring

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They are vogue

Many men wear earring as a fashion. Many young people wear earrings or circles as a style statement because they need or think it's attractive or polished or upgrade their appearance.

Cool mens earrings are trendy and look good too.

As a custom or convention

Others use it as a convention or convention in religious beliefs. Wearing the ear is one of the Hindu exercises performed by a small number of children in the third or fifth year. This feature is praised by welcome individuals and devourers.

As a symbol of a grown up

Some people wear gem studs or gold hoops as a way to show their wealth, and even treat them as protected guesses, they can rely on them in harsh situations.

Playing a role

There are many performers piercing their ears, the goal being that they can adapt to the character they are playing.

Attract women

Some people pierce their ears because they believe that young ladies find studs to be attractive.

This is a blessing

Usually, this man may have used his earrings as a blessing from a sweetheart, spouse or partner. So he may have pierced his ears or ears with the target he can wear.

Mark your sex or style

Wearing earrings on one ear (on the correct flap) is often considered a feature of homosexuality. However, this may also be just a mess, because there are also offenders who use basketball to mislead individuals.

Some guardians also imagine that wearing a nail means that a person becomes a fashion.

Exercise-based rehabilitation

Many people wear an earring in view of remedies. It is credible that the purpose of vision in needle therapy is arranged in the focus of the projection. Subsequently, the act of wearing basketball was considered to have some beneficial respect.

For the spirituality of a person

It is trustworthy that long-eared cartilage like Buddha is a symbol of extraordinary improvement and dominance. Young yogis now even seek to extend the piercing action to activate the mysterious nerves associated with the ear.

In the end, many men have also encouraged or attracted everyone. Individuals like to do a clear education about what they don't do. In general, many people will believe that wearing it will isolate themselves from most people - becoming a maverick.

As mentioned above, I firmly believe that earrings for men are not something bad or taboo, everyone has the right to choose what he/she should or should not wear. So go get your favorite earrings and stand out among your friends.