Prom is coming up and girls are looking for the best black gothic prom dress. Girls often wonder how they would find a prom outfit that matches their personality but also fits the formal dress code. This is the questions that kick off among girls when prom is around the order.

Black dress is a go

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Prom is one of the most awaited events at your high school and it is a perfect chance to show off your unique style and love for the gothic dress, particularly if you happen to wear your school uniform. Luckily, most of the gothic accessories fit well to prom attire, as there are a variety of form skirts and gothic dresses, gothic ball gowns, gothic formal dresses, corset tops, dramatic jewelry and Victorian-inspired corsetry available.

Black gothic prom dress ideas

Black gothic prom dress ideas

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You will find a bunch of advice over the internet regarding gothic prom dress and accessories. It is always recommended that you find the one which best fits your personality. Below are some of the tips that will help you stand out at the prom party.

It is always a great idea to start with the gothic lace dress. Made up of the satin and lace, this outfit features a fitted corset top and adjustable straps which are decorated with roses and chiffon lace.

You can try pinup dress in plum if you want more rockabilly than a princess. It has a number of layers of tulle underneath and is made of satin. When you dance this lovely skirt catches the light and brightens vibrantly.

If you are on a budget, choose a combination of skirt and corset top instead of the formal prom gothic dress. You can match them with your favorite accessories and mix them with other pieces of your outfits for a more versatile wardrobe. Try out a 3-way tiered skirt and mix certain elements of steampunk.

Dress style

Black gothic prom dress style

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Always choose the style of your prom dress that matches your personality and figure. Take some time and understand which style and type of dresses best fit you. If you are sensitive about some areas you can choose anything among bustles, A-line skirts, or fitted corset-style tops. If you want to show off your legs choose a bustled cabaret-style skirt or a tea-length skirt. If you get cold choose cape or stole or a jacket to save yourself from cold weather.

Accessories to go with black gothic prom dress

Accessories to go with black gothic prom dress

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Never restrict yourself to black color. Prom dresses can be gold, blue, purple and red or any of the colors that you love.

Look for dramatic big pieces of big accessories for your prom jewelry. Earrings and necklaces are the standard pieces, however, to harness your look you can always add various accessories like skull bracelets, skull rings, skull purses, and skull bags can transform your style to a gothic masterpiece. Pair your outfit with a beautiful and color choker. You will love the burlesque Victorian beaded choker or the Dark Desires Victorian Chokers that are trendy.


To stand out at the prom party make sure that your shoes should match your black gothic prom dress. Do not worry if you are unable to find heels in the same color as of your dress. Often black heels look perfect with most of the dresses. Before you could buy your shoes for the prom night, bring your dress to the shoe store and try to buy shoes that work perfectly with your dress.

Shoes to wear for prom

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Before you could wear them for the prom night, try them out at home and walk in your new shoes to make sure they are comfortable. If you are not used to wearing heels which might start to hurt, try to bring backup flats.

In order to give your prom dress a finished look, choose funky evening bags to carry your items, your phone or wallet. You can check out a variety of skull purses that we have in stores. The skull purses go perfect with your gothic dress and leather pants.  Consider adding a pair of killer pumps for the final look. If you want to make a bold statement, choose metal trim high heels that can help you stand out on the dance floor. If you do not wear a high heel, purchase some flats and make sure you wear them before the actual prom night. Otherwise, you will spend the night limping around the dance floor.

Decide to whom you want to go with

When you are all set to go, decide carefully who do you want to go with. Most of the people love to go with a date, and few of them love to go single. However, it is always fun to go in a group of large people with whom you can have dinner before the prom and have fun during the party.

A good group usually consists of 10 people. If you want to have a larger group, it will be hard for you to make reservations for the dinner. Once your group is ready you are all set to go. Now you can decide how are you going to handle prom photos, who will be in the pictures. Discuss with your group members whether you are going to have a professional photographer or not. It is now time to make amazing memories down the line.

With your favorite dress and accessories sort, all you have to do is to wait for the perfect prom night. What are you wearing for this prom night? Do you have alternative prom inspiration ideas for this prom? Let us know!