A pastel Goth combines the Gothic items with colorful and cute elements to make a pastel Goth style. Often people mix pastel Goth with soft grunge, which is associated with Kawaii fashion subculture.  Soft grunge refers to a style which mixes the soft pastels with the hard edges of traditional Gothic fashion.

How To Be Pastel Goth

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How to be pastel Goth

Unlike traditional Goth style, the pastel Goth clothing is a new concept. This seems to be a lasting one, therefore it is important to learn how to be pastel Goth. If you want to find some trending Goth styles, run research over Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest and you will find tons of inspiration to create your favorite pastel Goth look. Latest alternative trends often come and go, but the pastel Goth is here to stay forever. So you have a great opportunity if you want to update your style in 2019.

Pastel Goth outfit

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Read on this article to find out how you create a kickass trendy Goth look this summer. With these easy to implement steps, you can look like a pastel Goth in no time.

Choose your favorite pastel Goth colors

Pastel Goth outfit ideas

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Pastel Goth styling is all about choosing the best color.

Unlike the historic Goth style, the pastel Goth styling has a blend of vibrant colors. There is still plenty of black colors as it is the basic color of gothic clothing. You can add in some pastel green, purple, blue and inks and feel free to match and mix with various hues. A combination of vibrant pastel colors and the unique skull accessories make a great pastel Goth. Skull bags, skull belts, corsets, and silent ghost face mask are some of the great accessories you can add to glorify your look. Most recently one of the great additions to the pastel Gothic clothing is holographic fabric. So check out these items closely in order to get to do the pastel Goth styling.

How to be pastel Goth - Play with patterns

Pastel Goth - play with patterns

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Your patterned clothing can be a great addition to the pastel Goth style. They add a great detail, color, and texture to your outfit. Some popular prints that you can use are crosses, bats, sugar skulls and even cat and candy prints. You can wear your favorite graphic tee-shirt over patterned leggings to build a soft Gothic look.

If you are not a pattern clothing fan, you can try out some more subtle items with fewer patterns on it.

How to be pastel Goth - Always accessorize

Pastel Goth ideas- always accessorize

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When it comes to pastel Goth, accessories are essential. They often add color and vibrant look to your darker outfits, and if you already have a colorful and cute outfit, it helps you to darken it.

The most common items used in pastel Goth styling are hair accessories. A pastel color bow in your hair will look perfect. It will look stylish particularly if you have a cute dark hair complexion.

Chokers are also very famous among pastel Goths. You can choose a very vibrant colored choker or a classic black one. Again choosing the color is a personal choice. Skull rings, Gothic and skull necklaces, chunky or beaded bracelets are very popular. In order to stay warm, you can also choose arm warmers, and look perfect with short-sleeved dresses.

Styling your hair

style your hair

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I have never seen a pastel without having dyed hair. Popular colors are blue, pink and green. When it comes to styling there is no particular rule that needs to follow. You can choose short or long hair depending upon pastel Goth aesthetic. However, it is safe to say that a choppy long hairstyle is often very common among pastel Goths. You could dip dye your hair if you do not want to dye all of your hair simultaneously. This way your hair will remain safe and they won’t damage at all. If you do not want hair dying or coloring at all, you can try wigs. You can get several colored wigs with striking colors; it is less expensive and affordable. You can try out synthetic full lace and costume wigs that come in a variety of colors.

Hair accessories are a perfect choice that can add vibrant colored tones and going to give you a pastel Goth look. Try out raven or skull clips, or you can even use bows and flowers to look great. If you mix softer colors with hard tones it will look perfect.

Wear contrast makeup

Just like traditional Goth makeup, pastel Goth makeup has a very strong foundation. Black lipstick is very popular among pastel Goths. However, it is often offset with bright eye shadows. Pastel Gothic style is all about keeping a balance between dark and bright colors. For example, having a heavy winged eyeliner with pink makeup will stand out.

You can also do some twist with more natural colors and Gothic makeup. Try to wear a rainbow highlighter, neutral eye makeup, and bright colored lipstick. You can also choose colored contact that will give you a striking effect.

Find some stunning shoes

Pastel Goth shoes

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Choose your favorite Goth shoes. Anything between leather skull boots, chunky heels, platform shoes, and creepers will work the best. You can have a lot of fun with shoes. Colorful skull sneakers will work too. You can add vibrant shoelaces to the black leather boots you have. Of course, you can always to choose to get your favorite pastel colored platform boots. It beautifies the look when it comes to pastel Goth aesthetic. If you are not a huge fan of chunky shoes, you can always go for flats with a skull on them. 

If you love the bold statement, then look no further than leather products.  Pair your favorite leather shoes with leather motorcycle jackets. Add some cute patches to create a pastel look that is truly unique.

What is your favorite tip to make the pastel look? Let us know in the comments below.