We all have that Gothic friend who loves to wear gothic clothing and gothic accessories, including skull rings, skull bracelets, and skull pendants. It is important that we choose the best gothic gifts for her, whether it’s her birthday or the holiday is arriving. If you don't know about their dark and ghostly propensity, it's hard to find a gift for your Goth friend.

Finding gifts for Goths is a bit tricky, however, if you keep in mind what goths often prefer, it will be pretty easier for you to find the best gift. Here is a list of Gothic gifts that you can give your Gothic friends, I am sure they will definitely love them:

Gothic jewelry

Gothic jewelry

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One of the most popular gifts is jewelry - but for your Gothic friends, you need to find something beyond the routine.

We are decorative folks, we usually like to decorate our home, our belongings and our bodies, we find beautiful things - sometimes it can be very different from other people's beautiful ideas. One of the best ways for Goths of all genders is to pass jewelry.

The more your Goth friend has piercing, the more opportunities are there for gifting them jewelry. If you don't know what type of jewelry exactly to gift your Goth friend, you can always choose skull rings and skull pendants.

If you are still looking for a Gothic gift for her? Check out the jewelry list below:

Skull Necklace:  You may be surprised at how elegant they are!

Skull rings:  You can anything between armor rings and a variety of skull rings. 

Skull bracelet:  You can choose a skull bracelet with a chain attached to the ring on the finger.

Gothic home décor

Gothic home decor item

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One of the most difficult things to do being a Goth is to find a way to express yourself at home without having to take a change that prevents you from taking back the deposit - the best way is to find the decorations that will let you show the dark side of your personality!

If you know the style of your friends, you can buy a piece for their house.

Try to get them:

Gothic mirrors, usually with a beautiful frame. It’s one of the best Gothic gifts for her.

Gothic sculptures are usually themed around bats, crows, and other unusual themes.

A small jewelry box is perfect for keeping an alternate dungeon key or pocket watch.

Gothic accessories

Gothic accessories

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Other small accessories are also perfect gifts. Like many other subcultures, it is usually the details of the production equipment. We have some special suggestions for friends you think have everything.

For a truly unique gift:

Today, pocket watches are a very unusual product and a good accessory for more formal gentlemen.

The spiked bag is one of the excellent and great Gothic gifts for her.

Hair bows and hair clips come in a variety of styles, from fluffy feathers to colorful horny. There are definitely some things that can match their style!

It is very important to look at your friend's Gothic style. If you are not sure, do some research and check out online stores which provide amazing gothic collection for goths.


gothic gifts - makeup accessories

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Continuing to decorating the theme, makeup is another great Gothic gifts for her that are often appreciated. Both of the Goths genders will love this. If you are looking for a practical gift, we will burn those black eyeliners soon.

If you want something more personal, many of us also like to try bold dark lips. The ColourPop brand comes in a variety of high quality (and cheap!) liquid lipsticks, including deep purple and black or silver.

If you are not sure what your friend's style is, then check out our gothic collection available on your website.


Gothic gift - books

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Gothic is a special literary subculture, and many of us are fanatical readers. People often like a book given as a gift. Why not give your favorite Goth a gift of a good horror novel or some sick non-fiction? (I especially recommend Caitlin Doughty from here to eternity.)

If you don't know what kind of book your Goth friend likes to read, then sticking to the classic is a safe choice. Does Barnes & Noble have a beautiful, new gold-plated edge, Poe? People will never have too many Poe collections.

Or what about some pretty illustrations of Edward Gurry? The possibilities are endless.


Perhaps this is the nostalgic sentiment of our centuries, but most Goths like to hang out under the candlelight. Candles make a good gift for everyone, but you know that Gothic will make good use of it, not just stick it in the bathroom for decoration.

The person you love may already have a lot of your own candles, but in my opinion, there are not many candles! You have a lot of choices - created by color, shape, and smell.

For Gothic living at an aesthetic level, tall, tapered black or red candles are perfect for candlesticks or gorgeous candlesticks.


Music is at the heart of Gothic subculture. These days, not all Goths will listen to the same band, but in general, the possibility of music is still an important part of their lives.

If you know what they heard, continue to get the latest album from their favorite band. If you really love them, you might even give them some concert tickets - there are a lot of great bands that are on tour now! (I will bring two tickets to Nightwish....)

Even a single iTunes gift card will make a ghostly mood warm.

But most importantly, don't forget to give love and accept gifts during this holiday season. You don't have to get the whole Gothic thing, but you can still appreciate the people your brother loves.

What you have planned to gift your Goth friend for her birthday? If you are Goth, what else would you add to this list? What is your opinion about the listed items? Let us know!