Punk once represented freedom of speech - a unique form of rock music that influenced generations of metalheads, hip-hop heads and fans of New Wave. In retrospect, during the punk formation of the late 1970s, it was easy to pay tribute to those ahead of women before there were too many sports, themed labels or social media.

Historically, iconic female bands are always seen in a girl punk rock outfit and punk clothing. Famous bands including The Runaway and famous punk rock icons like Alice Bag, Dinah Cancer, Nina Hagen, Patti Smith, and Debbie Harry represent what a girl punk rock outfit looks like.

girl punk rock outfit

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These women also joined the feminist movement and described the problems they faced in the song. Over the past two decades, several well-known women have been playing on punk patriarchy, with a lot of beautiful tunes and a punk-like belly.

Often people wonder what punk rocker looks like. Here are the best female-fronted punk bands from the 1970s to up-to-date, who always loved gothic clothing, gothic dress, and gothic outfit. This list can help you out to learn how a girl punk rock outfit looks like exactly.

Patti Smith, Patty Smith Group

Active years: 1974-1979.

Who are they: one of the most influential bands in the punk rock scene in New York City. Under the leadership of Patti Smith - the so-called "punk poet winner" - the group released four albums and dominated punk in the United States. Smith and her band Horses' debut album are widely praised as one of the greatest albums in the American punk rock sport.

Best track: 'Gloria: at Excelsis Deo'.

Debbie Harry, blonde

girl punk rock outfit

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Active years: 1974-1982, 1997-present.

Who are they: the pioneer of American punk rock and the new wave scene of the 1970s. Founded by lead singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein, the band is known for its mixed genre, including punk, pop, disco, rap and reggae music. With the release of the internationally successful "parallel line", they were considered an underground band until the mainstream, the band was dissolved in 1982, but re-established in 1997 - touring at major music festivals such as Glastonbury - And released a total of 11 studio albums.

Best track: 'The heart of glass'.

Siouxsie Sioux, Siouxsie, and Banshees

girl punk rock outfit

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Active years: 1976-1996, 2002.

Who are they: the informal founder of post-punk. It’s one of the best female-fronted punk bands who rocked the stage laced in gothic clothing and gothic shoes. If you are a huge fan of this band, you must have the best punk outfit ideas. After the singer Siouxie Sioux met with the future band member Steven Severin at the Roxy concert, Siouxsie and Banshees were initially mixed into a scene called "Bromley Contingent" by the reporter.

That is to say, in addition to the boundaries of geography and driving music, the band has little in common with Sex Pistols.

Although all the punk bands around them caught the attention from the beginning, Siouxsie and Banshees did not sign the record until 1978. With the support of Polydor, they finally released their first single "Hong Kong Garden" in the same year. At the time, in the New York Stock Exchange commentary, Paul Rambali praised it as "the most primitive and intoxicating guitar performance I have heard for a long, long time."  

Until the band disbanded in 1996 (Siouxsie and the band accompanied Budgie and later turned their attention to the creature), Banshees continued to release innovative music; pushing the limits of each version.

Best track: 'Spellbound'

Beth Ditto, Gossip

Active years: 1999-2016.

Who are they: a trilogy from Washington, USA, Gossip has achieved international success in their highly acclaimed debut album "Standing on the Road to Control." Actress Dito - self-proclaimed "obese from Arkansas, feminist lesbian" - known for his energetic, fanatical and sweaty performances.

Ditto is currently pursuing an independent career and working in the fashion world, has been blunt about LGBTQ + equality in her career, and has done a lot of work to promote the enthusiasm of body image. She didn't shave her armpits or use a deodorant - it is said to have said "I think the punks often smell" - when she told NME in 2006 that she had a slight controversy when she was eating squirrels.

The best track: "Standing in the way of control."

Poly Styrene, X-Ray Spex

girl punk rock outfit

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Active years: 1976-1979, 1991, 1995-1996, 2008.

Who are they: a punk band from London. Claiming to be "intentionally unsuccessful," the band released only one album, the punk rock classic "Germfree Adolescent", and the unedited saxophone music section from the kick band member Lora Logic, before breaking up in 1979. They reorganized a variety of one-off shows, including a blockbuster show at the Brixton School of Music in 1991, and re-combined the second album "Conscious Consumer" in 1995. They are considered to be one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the UK.

Punk rock scenes have progressive and feminist views and are known for their anti-consumption themes in their songs. Poly Styrene was, unfortunately, suffering from breast cancer in 2011, aged 53.

Best track: 'Oh Bondage Up Yours!'

The Slits

Active years: 1976-1982, 2005-2010.

Who are they: making feminine punks with feminist tendencies, The Slits' music is defined by happy chaos; accompaniment to the French yé-yé band, heavy dubbing, and a general attitude towards greedy do-it-yourself. Their 1979 debut album 'Cut' - featuring Ari Up Viv Albertine and Tessa Pollitt, in a rose garden covered in a loincloth and earth - both playful and sharp, refusing to play the "typical girl" often overlooked Or missed in the punk scene. Listening to 'Cut' today, its great influence on the Riot Grrrl movement of the 1990s is obvious, and it is correctly regarded as the classic of the times.

Best track: 'Shoplifting'

Kim Shattuck, The Muffs

Active years: 1991 to present.

Who are they: the punk band founded in Southern California in 1991, led by singer and guitarist Kim Shattuck. The band broke up in 1999, but re-established the fifth album "Really Really Happy", split again. The band's three core members, including Shattuck, later regrouped the band and launched their sixth album 'Whoop Dee Doo' in 2014 and played. Shattuck played bass for Pixies for a short time in the 2013 European tour.

Best track: 'Kids in America'.

Which girl punk rock outfit do you love the most? Are you a huge fan of punk rock dress, gothic shoes, and gothic clothing? Let us know in the comments below.