Outrageous and bold, the fashion trend of grunge comes back from the ‘90s, with the intention to stang stir and long a new fashion fever. If you were a teenager in the 80s and 90s then you definitely know the grunge look was everywhere. Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young (commonly known as the Godfather of Grunge), Soundgarden, etc. had gained vast commercial success and their style was influencing fashion. Moreover, the grunge style has become so plausible in today’s era that it features some sub-genre looks, like neo-grunge, grunge indie, or glam grunge that is more sophisticated and girly. People who dressed like grunge seemed like the ultimate rebels of their generation.

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As the trends of fashion know the tactics of attracting attention which is best of all and the trend of grunge is no exception to this end. Here in this guide, you came to know what is grunge style, how to dress grunge, and its features or characteristics to look sexy and glamorous at the same time.

What is Grunge style and its history

Grunge Style And Its History

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Grunge fashion belongs to ‘90s and was developed by Generation X. it is a reflection of their frustration from the side effects of the 80s economic upswing. It explains why grunge is fashionable in first world countries. Most people were beginning to see the effects of capitalism and did not support it. They denied to believe in societal classes and were annoyed by the idea of human value which is defined by the property and money. They did not approve “serving the machine” aka career-oriented lifestyle. According to their opinion, human life was being sacrificed too much for something pointless like 9 to 5 jobs.

Grungers found a disregard for overt and labels displays of wealth and logos, marking a look which can only be described as “non-fashion”. Army surplus outlet and thrift shop find such as t-shirts with old floral print and outdated logos dresses were thrown together in an unkempt, edgy way. Hair was dirty and messy and came in weird colors which were maybe covered with a knit toque or ironic trucker cap. The cold temperatures of the cities connected with the origins of the movement like Aberdeen and lumberjacking Seattle meant that woolen button downs, layers, and borrowed lumberjack outfit were unfussy and practical enough to fit the bill. Ripped, faded jeans, often cut into shorts and worn over black tights with flannels, Doc Martens boots, and your mom’s old sweater was a favorite too- everything you could get your hands on that obeyed a more empathetic ethos.   

Fashion, Music, TV, and movies; all reflected a sense which the generation had no desire to take part in the status quo.

Characteristics of Grunge fashion

Grunge Fashion

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The disdain of conformity of generation X shows itself via grunge fashion. Careless makeup, messy hair, flannel shirts, and vintage items are staples of the grunge wardrobe. Skull dresses paired with combat boots was the uniform of Riot Girls. Fashionable t-shirts or shirts with slogans and band t-shirts images were paired with torn jeans. Grunge fashion is all about opposing the norms.    

The lifestyle of Grunge is about individuality. It is filled with people who want to be known by their work and words instead of adhering to what is expected of them. With their style, they can express this philosophy. They always avoid spending too much time on favor and grooming looks that break the molds of society. They mix new pieces with vintage or retro styles and avoid chasing commercial trends in attempting to remove themselves from the pitfalls of capitalism.

How to dress Grunge

How To Dress Grunge

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If you are getting bored with all the business-style and glamour fashion then you need to know what is grunge style as it is a cool style to adopt. Just follow these simple grunge fashion tips.   

  • In this style, give preference to dark colors as the color of grunge is black. The stylish and modern grunge also permits to wear neutral tones, gray, and other colors than black, essential grunge loves darkness.
  • You can update your wardrobe with denim. This can be a denim vest, denim jacket, denim shorts or jeans, preferably worn-out, ripped, stone-washed or dark.
    • Lace and leggings, patterned or ripped tights in darker hues become essential elements in a grunge-style wardrobe, replacing denim. If you do not love baggy jeans, you might like to embrace the tendency.
      • Flannel shirts play an important role for a chic grunge look. If you want to look more feminine, you can opt for flannel shirts.
        • It is tough to imagine the grunge style without the crop tops and band t-shirts, or ones characterizing interesting graphic print and patterns tee. You can also opt for a t-shirt with a flag motif.
            • Opt for chunky shoes instead of heels! The grunge style is all about insouciance and comfort. Doc Martens, Chuck Taylors, or combat boots can help in providing a chic grunge look.  

              Grunge makeup tips

              Grunge Makeup

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              Grunge style makeup has little value. It is either completely not present or uses dark shades. Grunge makeup does not need eyeshadow sparkles or mixtures. You’re suggested to try preferably, natural with darker tones. The best idea is to create bushy eyebrows and can also add a bold touch to your lips by carrying some deep color, making wine-stained lips, for instance.  

              Grunge hairstyles

              Grunge Hairstyles

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              Grunge hairstyles do not need any special care. The messier, the best is the trick. However, grunge hair is almost greasy, yet still looks good. Relaxed “bed hair” is all you need, instead of overly feminine hairstyles!

              I hope this guide on what is grunge style and some of fab grunge fashion tips can help you to adopt a chic look and style in the most interesting manner.