Today video game inspired clothing is trendy, particularly among youth. Those days are gone when games were about stereotyped nerd players who lock themselves in the basement and prefer the light of the computer screens. The player culture has emerged with time and now people take pride to have their favorite video game clothing. It was considered annoying or "nerd" back then, now widely accepted in mainstream culture.

Long story short, the rest of the world seems to finally catch up and realize that the game is awesome! There is nothing to be ashamed of being a gamer and wear the best gaming apparel. It has become a mainstream part, but the great thing about the game player culture is that it still retains the "anti-cultural" advantage of rebellion - that's why people like it.

Video Game Inspired Clothing

Can players be free to fashion? Can you show your love for games and video game inspired clothing instead of cosplay? Of course, you can. It's all about finding out the costumes and accessories that are found in your favorite video games, even metaphors, and patterns.

Video Game Inspired Clothing

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Following are some of the famous games of all times with their character customs:

  • Fashion inspired by the Resident Evil

  • You can never forget the Resident Evil if you have played it on your PS1 when you were young and scream in horror. Let’s talk about the moment when the dog jumps over the window in the L-shaped corridor, the real panic and buttons follow.

    In any case, the Resident Evil is worth mentioning because some costumes are great. Of course, you can pay tribute to S.T.A.R.S to the franchise by choosing militant clothes, gothic coat, and inspirational works, but I will go further.

    Gil Valentin's clothes worn in Resident Evil 3 can be easily copied - simple dark blue tube tops, miniskirts, and knee-length brown leather gothic shoes. It may look a bit like the retrogression of fashion in the early 2000s, but you can easily put on the gear and update it at the same time by adding some tights and a cute fitted leather jacket.

    video game inspired clothing

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  • Final fantasy character fashion

  • Getting inspiration from the ultimate fantasy franchise is easy; after all, it has been around since 1987. Since then, this franchise has continued the sequel, anime, comics, complete CGI movies and even novels.

    Since the founding of the 1980s, one thing in the "Final Fantasy" series is still the same - a cool character with a fun aesthetic.

    Final Fantasy fashion is a favorite role-player, but we can get more subtle hints from some key characters to create a low-key look for everyday video game apparel.

    Let us take the role of Serra as an example. Her look can be easily replicated by matching a tartan miniskirt with knee socks, boots and a steampunk vest with a sleeveless waterfall cardigan.

    Or you can inspire the cloud (final fantasy cosplay favorites and pillars) - using urban fashion, combining combat pants with vests and a pair of knight boots.

    video inspired clothing

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  • Assassin's Creed inspirational fashion

  • You may have seen the Assassin's Creed fashion and you can't deny that the assassin has an impeccable style!

    When it was first released in 2007, Assassin's Creed attracted much attention in the gaming community. And there is no denying that the costumes in the game look great!

    Altair's jackets are a source of inspiration for hoodies and complexly layered outerwear - and hat-like covers have become a major part of street fashion. It can be said that assassin's creed hoodies and jackets are becoming more common in men and women.

    If you want a casual Assassin's Creed decoration, check out the choice of Assassin's Creed clothing with a hooded top, jeans and a pair of work boots.

    Video Game Inspired Clothing

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    Silent Hill Gothic Clothing - the popular video game inspired clothing

    Due to the disturbing storyline, the creepy monsters and the out-and-out wild aesthetic, Silent Hill may not be the first dress and style you think of. But after reading this, you can think about it here.

    Take the role of Alessa Gillespie as an example - especially she appeared in the original game and the first Silent Hill movie. She is a miniature of Gothic, a little shameful for Adams on Wednesday!

    To get this look pair with a vintage Peter Pan collar dress (navy blue or old black), some white socks and some black loafers, and gothic clothing. Add a skull pendant and some skull rings, as well as some carefully applied Gothic makeup to complete a subtle but still very avant-garde Gothic dress.

  • BioShock Inspiration Steampunk Costume

  • The BioShock waved when they were released in 2007. For those who don't know, this is a first-person shooter game in a creepy Rapture city (an underwater metropolis designed by the game villain - Andrew Ryan).

    The original BioShock draws inspiration from the art deco and steampunk style, all of which are blended with the techniques and fashion of the 1950s and 1960s (with some super futuristic elements to choose from).

    To express your love of this wonderful game, why not try a "little sister" style outfit with a hooded skating dress or tea skirt, waist tights and oversized bow hairstyle. Use some steampunk-style props and accessories to complete the look, or keep it more subtle by simply adding a steampunk brooch to the mix.

    Or, if you're more like a Big Daddy fan - by mimicking the character's rustic look, combine military style pieces with dark, old-fashioned accessories to create a BioShock theme.

    Wearing simple outfits like a gameboy dress and military shirts and steampunk style cufflinks, this is a clear nod to the BioShock series, not beyond the top.

    The key to remember when creating a Biohive-inspired look is to find accessories that pay tribute to the Rapture era.

    If you are a huge fan of any of these game characters (or any other game you love), you can try creating your favorite characters costumes. You can wear your favorite character costume and show your love to your ideal character.  Follow this simple guide console to closet and learn to create your character costume all by yourself.