The relationship between two best friends who live apart. Recommend great gift suggestions on Designfullprint 

If you have a long-distance friendship and are searching for ways to keep in strong, you’ve come to the right place. The global pandemic has unfortunately caused travel restrictions around the world, and this has split up many best friends and buddies. While true friends are always together in spirit, staying in touch after weeks or months apart will take time and effort. When you’ve out-grown the friendship bracelet, it’s time to find a more unique best friend gift and figure out new and exciting ways to spend time together.

To help you keep your long-distance friendship strong until you can finally reconnect, here are 10 long-distance friendship ideas and personalized gift ideas.

1. Plan Time To Socialize Online

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are. To honor yourlong-distance friendship, you will need to prioritize time to catch up. This could be a weekly chat, a frequent video call, or a coffee date with your best friend every other week. Leaving behind a friend, whether your friendship is fairly new or you’ve known them since you were young, can create a hole in your life. Planning quality time together will help fill that void until you can meet up again soon.

2. Virtual Girl’s Night In

There is nothing quite like a girl’s night in, but what can you do if your best friend is miles away? Well, say hello to the virtual girl’s night in. This is the ultimate way to enjoy a self-care night with your best friend! Plan a time that suits you both, time differences are taken into consideration and order each other a food delivery surprise. Then you can jump into your pyjamas, pop on a face mask, pour yourself a glass of wine and video call. Don’t worry if it’s not quite at night, you might need to make a compromise. Apps such as Zoom and WhatsApp make a girly virtual night-in easier than ever. So bring on the cocktails, catch up and self-care.

3. Don’t Forget Their Birthday

Make your long-distance friendship stronger than ever by making birthdays and special occasions more personal! Making the effort to physically send a personalized gift is going to remind you both of how much your friendship means. Some of the best birthday gifts are those that remind you of good times, so go and explore our online collection of best friend gifts such as this adorable personalized gift mug. You can make your present completely unique by changing the skin-tone, clothing, accessories, names and quotes! Putting in this extra effort to make a personalized gift is not only super fun, but it also helps to strengthen your bond and shows your friend how much you care and miss them!

4. Reminisce On Your Friendship Over The Years

While there might not be much to talk about recently, due to the global pandemic and weeks of social isolation, remember to reminisce about the past. Discuss fond memories together, talk about adventures you’ve been on and funny moments from the past. Reminiscing about your friendship over the years will help lift your spirits and focus your energy on the good things you’ve done so far. A great way to do this is by posting pictures on social media every Thursday using the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday.

5. Write Each Other A Letter

In this digital dominated world, the art of letter-writing has unfortunately been long forgotten. So use this time apart to send your best-friend a hand-written letter and bring back this beautiful tradition! This is a creative and thoughtful way of maintaining a long-distance friendship, whether you’re in different cities or worlds apart. Update them on what you’ve been up to, your thoughts, feelings and hopes for the future. This will instantly build a closer relationship and so them that you trust them!

6. Send Them A Snack Box

Snack boxes are delicious gifts for best friends that will also give them a taste of your current location. If you both love trying weird and wonderful candy and snacks from around the world, get creative and design your own snack box. This is such an interesting idea if you are in different countries and they haven’t tried your local cuisine or style of snacks. A DIY international snack box full of tasty treats and surprises is a wonderful idea! Add some cookies, coffee and a personalized gift mug that actually looks like you both for the ultimate long-distance gift package.

7. Motivate Each Other

As part of the online #selfcare trends, it’s now a ‘thing’ to virtually workout together! So, it’s time to work up a sweat and motivate each other to get in shape, virtually! You can sign up to online workout classes together, a couple of nights a week, or use an app to challenge each other to start jogging. A friend that motivates you to become a better person in a blessing.

8. Indulge In Your Passion Together

If you’re familiar with the Airbnb app, you’ll be excited to hear that they are now offering a wide range of international online activities for groups that may be apart due to travel restrictions. These online experiences are hosted by an expert and range from dance classes, cooking lessons and even virtual games. So if you’re looking for an interactive way to spend quality time together virtually, this is perfect for you!

9. Pinterest Future Plans Together

For those who are travel mad, use this time apart from your best-friend to plan and prepare for the future. Collaborate on Pinterest, a social media platform that allows you and other users to pin images, infographics and ideas. Work together and pin travel destinations, things you hope to do together, and bucket-list ideas. Start by creating a Pinterest board and give it a name such as ‘Future Adventures Together’ or ‘Places We Must Visit’. Invite your best-friend to collaborate with you. Now you can both start manifesting your future together. This uplifting activity will minimize the frustration of being apart, and will make the time away from each other seem easier to bear. Let’s be honest, nothing passes time faster than a countdown clock for your next big trip!

10. Create A Spotify Playlist Together

If you are the type of friends to just vibe together, why not create a Spotify playlist that reflects your unique friendship. A collaborative playlist allows users to team up and add and remove new tracks, to create a completely unique set of songs. Music is one of the best ways to connect and listening to an old song can bring to mind old memories of each other. Listening to music can also help lift your spirits and motivate you to become more productive too. By taking the time to listen to your best-friend and find a song that you think will give that an emotional boost, will help to strengthen a long-distance friendship.

True friendship will overcome any amount of time or long-distance, but keeping your relationship alive will take effort from both sides. If your best-friend’s birthday is coming up, take a look at our online collection of customizable gifts for best friends.