When it comes to hair trends, oil slick hair color is leading recently. It started making a buzz around salon space in 2016. The better is the price of the oil slick hair color, the better will be the result. It gives a beautiful pattern of rainbow colors to your hair without even damaging your hair.

The oil slick hair technique is making its way into hair salons all over the world. It involves coloring multiple hair flocks with diverse colors. Color includes pink, blue and green, it lends a shiny look to your hair. So, if you like goth people or want to make your hairs like rock stars then you should know the oil slick hair color. 

The trending oil slick hair colors

Every year subtle slick hair oils are introduced in the market. The light colored hair changes from bright teal ombré to full on pinky hair without using a bleaching agent completely. Now getting your favorite hair color is possible without damaging your hair. The oil slick color works best on light hair. 

lighter oil slick hair color looks perfect

If you are a brunette with dark brown hair, you will feel a little left out on the rainbow oil slick hair trend. Because turning your darker strands an opalescent color is way more process than it is for blonde hair.

Stylists need to think out of the box and be creative as to best satisfy his clients. Some of the experts make their own color by mixing different colors, in this way every client can get his customized hair color.

Prices of customized oil slick hair color

Unique oil slick hair colors are available in market at an affordable price. However, the price of the oil slick hair color always varies with quality. The higher the price, the better the quality. A high-quality oil slick hair color usually ranges from 200-250$, which is enough for your head. 

Applying the oil slick hair color needs attention, and it is more complex than traditional coloring. Therefore, the total service charges will be higher. This technique requires a lot of work but in the end, the result always comes out satisfying.

The overall process is so much fun. And yes, if you are a rainbow hair porn lover you are going to love this process.

How does oil slick hair color works

The effectiveness of oil slick hair color depends on the darkness of hair. If you have light to medium hair, this technique is best for you. However, if you are a brunette with dark brown color hair, you have to bleach your hair to get your desired rainbow hair color.

best oil slick hair color helps you standout

Experts suggest using Pravana, Pulp Riot, and Manic Panic color brands for achieving the best results. These colors carry a wide array of bright and saturated pigments. Combing your hairstyle with a day of dead clothing will help you stand out on special events. Stylists often use a tint brush for applying the hair color. It allows each stand to be fully saturated in color. The color is then put under heat for 20 mins. After cooling for 5 mins, you will get perfect oil slick hair color.

Always choose quality oil slick hair color 

Quality depends upon the price of oil slick hair color. The higher the price the better will be its quality. Oil slick hair color makes hair colorful and shiny. It is due to the reflection of different colors used in making oil slick color. The different wavelengths of colors result in a rainbow-like color pattern, which looks amazing. Combining your look with jewelry including skull bracelet and skull ring will help you look chic. 

How to use the right products for oil slick hair color?

Like any other hair color, the oil slick hair color also requires a mix of the right products and a daily maintenance routine. If you want to give your hair a rainbow look, there are several rainbow hair tips available.

Experts recommend using any shampoo and conditioner that is for color treated hair and it should also be sulfate and paraben free. This will help to avoid stripping out your oil slick color while shampooing. A tip for the longevity of oil slick hair color is that don’t wash your hair very often.

Maintenance of oil slick hair color

As we all know that rainbow or any type of pastel colors are not permanent and they will only last for one to four weeks. To keep your color for a longer period of time, ask your colorist to give you some home color depositing conditioner mix. In this way, you can do touch-ups at home by yourself and you don’t have to visit the salon every week.

What shades work best?

The technique will help you get rainbow strands without undergoing the bleaching process and toning. But some darker hair doesn’t take color, so they have to be bleached before using the oil slick technique.

If your hair is light to medium brown, you will get higher shade. If your hair is dark brown and has never been lightened before, there are chances that they will pastel out.

Always choose the color which you love the most.

If you want to get on board with the oil slick trend, make sure that you use the best products. The products like essence ULTIME Diamond Color and Radiance line are especially for treating hair.

The radiance line not only nourishes your dry hair after the color process, but it will also protect your beautiful blues, greens, purples, and pinks from fading away sooner. If your hair still looks dry, use your styling products from ULTIME Crystal Shine. Hold the lines to give you locks that are glossy sheen as you desire.

Tips for you to rock in your oil slick hair color
  • Beautiful hair colors lets you fall in love with you

    • Bring pictures

    If you want to get your favorite hairstyle with varying colors, it is best for you and your stylist to start working on common ground. Show your stylist what oil slick colors inspires you and how do you want your hair to look.

    First, decide which color do you want, it can be green and purple, like a duck, or favor a heavier concentration of blues, like a storm-tossed sea. Let your colorist work on your hair with her skills and creativity. She is more likely to bring in creatives ideas, adding some other colors like steely gray or pale pink strands to the mix and make your color unique and classy.

    • Make sure your hair shine 

    The essential of the oil slick is it gives you a shiny perfect hair. Using cool water to rinse your hair after shampoo and condition will help your hair color last longer.

    You can use boar bristle brushes as shine enhancer for your hair coloring. Applying hair oil to your dry hair can help your hair to look shinier than before.

    • Use products for color-treated hair 

    The oil slick hair color doesn’t require too much chemical, but your hair always needs special care. Choose gentle shampoo and conditioner that are free of salt and sulfate and designed for colored hair.

    Finally, these trendy hair colors need the proper outfit to match the styles. Dressing up with skinny jeans like high waist Mujer black skinny jeans will definitely help you look stylish. 

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