Do you know what is scarier than Halloween? Trying to find the perfect costume to wear on Halloween. Every year, there is so much pressure to design the best costume.  Creativity increases on the internet every year with hundreds of different ideas.

Of course, you can look for something cute, but why not to shock your friends with the most horrible costumes? If you want to look cute yet scary, you can get your gothic clothing and accessorize yourself with skull bracelets, skull rings, and skull pendants. However, if you aim to shock your friends, you can follow Marilyn Manson Halloween costume. Whether you want to realize your dream of playing your favorite villain, or just want to look completely dead, you can play with all the terrible costumes.

Where can you get Marilyn Manson Halloween costume

Marilyn manson halloween costume

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Halloween costumes are designed to mimic supernatural and terrible creatures. Try to bring out your creative self this season and surprise your friends with your creepiness. You can get Marilyn Manson Halloween costume from any of the online stores.

If you want to add more theaters to your Halloween wardrobe this year, consider making your own DIY Halloween costume. More likely it will be the same as Marilyn Manson Halloween costume. Check out all the spooky costumes you can find and get inspired - or blood or a mummy character?

These are creepy, horrible and even cheeky! These creepy horror Halloween costumes - all homemade - will make everyone frightened, from children to adults.

Marilyn Manson is a famous TV icon who is known for her gothic appearance and her gothic clothing. She becomes unrecognizable when you see Marilyn Manson without a gothic costume.  

  • Vampire

  • Marilyn Manson Halloween costume

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    If you are an avid reader and love watching shows you must have the idea that books and movies are full of vampires. You can customize your favorite vampire costume accordingly.

    What you need to do: Whether it's a black blanket, curtains or sheets, tie around your neck to create a sinister cloak. Make fake blood at home by mixing water, corn syrup and red food dyes. Just like you have lunch, let it flow out of your mouth.

  • Evil clowns

  • Your childhood nightmare has been resurrected!

    What you need to do: Put on all the colorful clothes you have and use the sprayed hair color on your hair. Use makeup or topcoat to create a mouth and a red nose. Just add blood to get extra panic.

  • Ghosts

  • Marilyn Manson Halloween costume

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    This may be an obvious idea, but how frightened do you become, seeing your friends dressed like this?

    What you need to do: Pull the sheets off your bed and use Sharpie to draw the creepy eyes on your face. You can also cut your eyes with scissors.

  • The tooth fairy has passed away

  • We don't want her to gnash his teeth.

    What you need to do: Use the wings of an old fairy or angel as your main prop. Add a large white tooth (cut paper) to a simple T-shirt. Sprinkle fake blood on your shirt and face and make it look as if you have recently pulled some teeth.

  • Dagger

  • Your head is gone; it is no scarier than that.

    What you need to do: Wear a shirt that is big enough to hide your head when you wear it often. If you don't want to buy a fake head, you can always use your pulp and newspaper to create your own head. When it is dried, paint on the face with paint.

  • Skeleton

  • halloween costume

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    This dress is creepy.

    What you need to do: Paint the bones on black shirts and tights with white fabric paint. Paint your face white and cover your eyes with black eye shadow.

  • Mummy

  • This is a classic of regular entertainment.

    What do you need to do: Get toilet paper. Start rolling on your body until you are completely covered.

  • Deadly butcher

  • Warning: Never complain about his steak.

    What you need to do: Put on an old cooking apron, punch a hole in the pillowcase and put it on your head. Apply fake blood to your hands and wipe on the apron. Use a toy sword as your big knife.

  • Zombie dance queen

  • She has never enjoyed her victory.

    What you need to do: Mix the mascara with water, and then make a dark eye with a cotton swab, and tears roll off your face. Apply lipstick to the mouth, use hairspray to make the hair unkempt, and add a crown to the top of the head. The prom queen's belt made of paper or old fabric completes the look.

  • Carrie

  • It is super to make this cult classic a reality.

    What you need to do: Dig into your old-ensemble and make sure you don't mind dyeing the dress. Mix the red food dye and water into a bucket and pour the solution onto the head (we recommend doing this in the shower so you don't make a mess).

  • Zombie

  • Zombie

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    Whether you are a Walking Dead fan or a fan of old-school zombie thrillers, this outfit is guaranteed.

    What you need to do: Tear off your old clothes with scissors, soak some of the clothes with red food dye and water solution. Put one of your arms in your shirt as if you have a missing limb. Don't forget to apply blood to your face.

  • Child snatcher

  • If you have seen Chitty Bang, you know that this evil villain is the weirdest person in town.

    What you need to do: Create a black top hat with construction paper and scotch tape by making a cylinder with two sheets of paper and a rounded edge with a third piece. Make a large, fake nose with brown construction paper and rope or modeling clay that sticks to the face (and of course cosmetic).

  • Dead Bride

  • The bride of life is so clichéd.

    What you need to do: Wander around your closet in an old white dress, with fake blood in front. Make sure to draw a bloodline on your throat to cut it and make spots of blood all over your dress. Use black eye shadow to make your eyes look horrible. Make fake blood spots on your face.

    Halloween is all about bringing on, creepy, thrilling and horrible characters. If you want to look extra special, horrible, creepy plus cute the next Halloween season, follow the most popular Halloween costume ideas. Or you can also create your own creepy and horrible character.  Are you a huge fan of Marilyn Manson Halloween costume? Let us know in the comment section below.