Last July 13 was Designfullprint Day. Besides the 50% sale we had for our members, we organized a sharing contest to see how our members are rocking. And guess what? We couldn't imagine that it could become so viral!

Let's see how these amazingly inspired people creatively express their styles (You might have followed some of them!)

 Gift For Dog Lover No Need To Knock You Know You Were Here Custom Your Dog Picture Personalized Non-Slip Rubber Backing Doormat HG

growinotis  and amospearce have product reviews on Gift for Dog Lovers

LGBT Pride Gift Idea LGBT Pride LGBT Rainbow Tropical Hawaii Button Shirt CM

kisha.omeara  has a product review on LGBTQ

 Deer Hunting Gift Hunting Gifts Gifts For Hunters Deer Hunting US Flag Unisex  Hoodie LN

bradyn_pogue  has a product review on Hunting Collection

Gifts For Nurses Nurse Personalized Tie Dye Flag Zipup Hoodie Sweater

thatnursemissy has a product review on Healthcare Workers Collection

African Gift Black Pride Multitype Black King Most Important Piece In The Game Personalized Pullover Zipup Hoodie Fleece Hoodie And Long Sleeve Shirt Black And Proud 365

sirestodance has a product review on Black Pride

Gift For Gamer Play Station Personalized Unisex Hoodie

officialjadenwilliams has a product review on Gift for Game Lovers

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