A brief look up to the origin of biker skull rings

In today’s era, for most of the people, being a biker is not just a hobby or an activity. It is far beyond that for them. It is a lifestyle, a culture, and a prime indicator of an individual’s personality. When the revolution of Mexican consummated, their peso stance didn’t hold that much value. In the result of this, Mexican ironsmiths started to find some better use for their melted metal and they detected how valuable these skull rings were especially for the bikers trend in Mexico. The biker clubs of America established them on their frequent rides to the borders and for about $4, you can buy these biker’s skull rings easily that is a sort of legal brand of brass knuckles.          

Biker Ring


Brass knuckles were the most favorite among bikers for some time and probably you could almost never see a biker who didn’t wear the one. But, unfortunately, to wear a brass knuckle has become one of the causes of sending one to prison, so its popularity gets dwindled after some time. The trend of brass knuckles was cut short when it gets banned and the biker skull rings sprang up and provide a new way to the dimension of identity as a badass biker. No matter, how these rings are smaller in size, exude the gist of being a biker and the aura that comes with it. The benefit of these rings was that contrasts the brass knuckles, you can’t pin a crime on a person for wearing or owning these rings. In the beginning, it is referred to as the “Mexican Biker Rings”, and later on the popularity of these rings have spread far beyond in the world of bikers into the general world where these rings have become items worth collecting.    

What are they made of?

Stylish Biker Ring

The most common and key ingredients of making these plausible skull rings are basically silver and brass that makes them indeed attractive to people who want them to wear not only as converted and improved brass knuckle but as collectibles and for the fashion purpose.  


Themes Associated With Biker Rings

The motif of these biker rings is quite simple to identify because they all bear the same concepts of skulls and crossbones, Indian heads, horses with horseshoes, anchors, hooded skull faces, Aztec warriors, snakeheads, eagles, tiger heads, fangs, and so on. These rings are quite big as of the size of the men who wear them, so if you must carry them, you should take a look on your hands.


Tips on selecting the perfect bikers’ rings

Cool Biker Ring

Usually, skull rings for men are not that much popular as skull rings for women because most men don’t have the patience and flair to wear them. Aside from being idle and quite uncomfortable to wear, most of the men avoid wearing rings. They do so as they are unable to find the one that suits best on them. To select biker’s rings also has difficulties even though it would seem like all you need to do is simply buy the husky, edgy and badass looking ones. Is it sufficient? Nah! There are more to consider:  

Purchase the ring according to your size

As said earlier, biker rings are created to be relatively big in size because they were actually made for big men. You would generally find these rings in big sizes. So, it is better to look carefully and try them on to see if they are comfortable or not before purchasing them. This is because, although nice they may look on fingers, if you purchase a big ring that didn’t suit or fit, it would be saddening when it slips off without you knowing. Also, to avoid loose and not so smart ring on your fingers, purchase rings of your perfect size matters. It is vital not to purchase the ones that fit too tightly. Else, they might need extra and medical measures, to take them off. They can also be noxious to the fingers as they may decrease or stop the blood circulation around the finger.   

Pick the themes you like

The other thing to consider when you purchase the biker’s rings is that they are available in the vast variety of designs on the heads of these rings and so, picking the one of your choices might be a bit confusing. Thus, the best thing is to do is to select the design which you like most and in which are comfortable, that goes perfect with your style. And if you’re not a biker but love to rock with these rings and you’re in the corporate world, it can be difficult for you to adorn all your fingers with the skull heads to work. This is where these tips come in. You have to select the rings that actually match your style and don’t come off as you trying to be overly tough.

Consider your skin

It is not uncommon to find those kinds of people who completely refuse to wear jewelry just because their skin has an eerie reaction to it. The same applies to fingers and rings. Some biker’s rings are made up of brass, gold, Titan, silver, platinum, and other metals, recently ceramics and so on. So, if you find your skin has zero tolerance for any of these metals, it is best to put your skin first when selecting biker rings. To avoid infections, permanent scars, peeling skin, skin bleaching, first, examines the biker ring wisely that you have selected then purchase them.   

Fashionable Biker Skull Ring 


Designs your desire

There is a huge range of styles, figures and shapes are available in the biker’s rings for you to opt from. Thus, feel free to experiment and buy as more designs as you desire. Particularly, some people love the skull heads but they can actually try other designs and find they are awesome to wear. As they all exude the same effect, you can purchase biker’s rings of various designs and types for different events and occasions. You can also buy the ones that go perfect with your style at any time!

I hope these tips would help you in choosing the right and perfect biker ring. Share your experience with us in the comment section below!