Initially, the style of bikers was associated with stiff male characters and tough-minded people on bikes. It didn’t relate to the clothing of women altogether. Over time, this uncrippled has dissipated and women became able to adopt this unusual image. They tried to smooth out the intense stiffness and provide the biker style some romance and even sexuality.    

As before, the biker style clothing remains badass but simultaneously, they are quite authentic and appealing. By rock chick costume of this style, each and every girl/women can become an extraordinary and commanding person. You just need to pick the right outfit, perfect accessories, and shoes.  

There is a belief that girls are subtle, romantic and having a sensual nature as they prefer some airy or feminine clothes. This is true up to some extent but girls also have the daring to experiment with their look and in regarding this, they can beat some men also. Although we admit that men were the first who wear biker costume as initially, women had no rights to be a biker and even not a single biker’s club accepted women as their members.      

Girlfriends of biker could hang out with them but they didn’t have an official status. Although, the permanent existence in the community of bikers could be left its mark on the biker chick's styles. They directed dresses and skirts in favor of comfortable jeans and leather pants as well as impounded the famous leather Perfecto jacket adopting it for their wardrobe. Hence, this is how the women biker style has originated.      

Women’s Biker Jackets

Women's Biker Jacket

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The leather jacket is one of the best elements of biker chick costumes. As a rule, genuine biker outerwear is a jacket with a skew zipper. Traditionally, the leather jackets didn’t have embellishments except for straps and a zipper but later, under the influence of punks and rockers, bikers also started to decorate their jackets with different studs and metal rivets.


Variety of Women’s Biker Jacket

As we all know that the jacket is one of the stylish elements of biker girls' clothes. These fashionable biker chick costumes are far from the antecedently established canons when they were exclusively designed from high-quality thick leather and laced with spikes and metal rivets. Today’s stylish leather jackets for women simply absorb recent trends. For instance, there is a trend to lace clothes with embroidery and fur. Designers have extended the style of bikers by designing stunning models that connect traditional motorcycle jacket and characteristics of other types of outerwear like, shearling coats, trenches, vests, and boleros.  


Biker Shearling Coat

Biker Shearling Coat

It is convenient to create a stylish and fashionable look for autumn/warm winter by using such an attractive biker chick costume as a women's shearling coat. It is made up of faux or natural leather and is the better option for fashionistas who don’t feel comfortable in a long coat. Mainly it is a short sheepskin coat with a beautiful furring and a diagonal zipper along with the collar, cuffs, and bottom.   

Trench coats

Trench coats

During autumn, biker chicks are able to flaunt coats while keeping the authentic biker chic as is. The main feature of this coat is a diagonal zipper that makes a concise coat incredibly stylish. A famous trend is to combine and mix various materials. For example, a trench coat made up of blend wool featuring leather sleeves appears very fashionable. Quilted shoulder and sleeves patches can add an interesting flair in it.  

Suede Jackets

Suede Jackets

However, traditional jackets for bikers are made of leather; it can be possible to deviate from accepted canons in favor of suede. This biker chick costume looks softer, tender, and more feminine than its leather counterparts. Even romantic chicks who like to prefer lace, ruffles, and flounces can easily rock a velvety suede biker jacket. You can simply combine this jacket with various stylish accessories and clothes featuring elongated multi-layered skirts, fringe, and dresses. As for colors, you can neglect the ubiquitous brown and black shades in favor of the hues like muted green, burgundy, beige, and gray.        

Denim Jackets

Biker Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are never get faded in style but this year they boast diverse designs and styles. It will equally fit with short sexy shorts, an airy chiffon dress, or with skinny pants. Appliqués, eye-catching patches, metal studs, and scrapes can turn a simple jacket into a head-turner. Models use to carry denim or other fabrics of a different shade are extremely famous as well.     

Traditional Biker Jacket

Traditional Biker Jacket

Those women who love to wear only the classic cut will surely like models identical to traditional bike leather jackets for men. They are differentiated by extended shoulders, thick leather, and large zippers on the sleeves. An authentic leather jacket of bikers has a loose fit and is perfect for emphasizing a tough look.  

Spiked Jackets

Biker Spiked Jackets

One of the renowned trends is embellishment with studs or spikes. You can lace stylish shoes, clothing, and even fashionable accessories with it. This type of decorated items is well-matched for pants but you can try them with delicate skirts and dresses. Spikes are able to decorate any part of outwear like shoulders, collar, pockets, sleeves, etc.  


Bikers Boleros

Short leather bolero for women is a great addition to a bold and stylish image. It can create a perfect combo with fashionable pencil skirts or high waist pants. With elegant silk or chiffon dresses, a black bolero with a slanted zipper creates a stunning look. Unlike a full-fledged jacket, this can feature short sleeves, so you can easily rock with it in summer.    



Pants are the second essential element of a biker wardrobe. More often biker pants for women are of leather, narrow, and black. However, leather pants go well with a bright t-shirt, a vintage blouse or shirt, and a tank top. These pants are generally black but you can experiment with the style and look with rich burgundy or brown items. If you do not like to wear pants, there are plenty of options, you can carry Capri pants, fashionable skirt, or even leather shorts.



Traditional biker footwear's are coarse boots and slightly tacky with thick soles. Being to put on female foot, these shoes have the other way around; they are original and very cute. The vital thing is the biker shoes are black and laced with metal studs and buckles. One of the main aspects of a tough bold biker style is large metal buckles and wide belts. The other trend is the plenty of metal- all kinds of zippers, rivets, and strap tips are welcome.


A biker is incomplete without accessories. Give a stylish way to your look with a thick black belt, spiked jewelry, and a dark-colored leather bag with studs and fringe. Fingerless gloves also go well biker chick costume. For the women biker look, you can also add all kinds of beautiful rings, stylish bracelets, earrings, necklaces, stunning pendants, etc.     

Always keep in mind that the risk is a noble thing. Take it when experimenting with your style and clothing and the result won’t disappoint you!