Whether for daily wear, larping, cosplay, or any other event, men's steampunk accessories are somehow intricate as compared to the ladies accessories. Your steampunk will give a perfect Victorian look with your skull accessories including skull pendants, skull bracelets, skull rings, skull earrings, skull boots, and skull hats.

All the steampunk accessories for men are made artistically and skillfully. Here is a list of the best steampunk accessories for men.

Brass bracelet cuff watch

It is perfect for you if you are a Gothic fashion fan and looking forward to adding something new to your outfit. A brass cuff design watch is one of the most popular steampunk accessories. It comes with intricate cog design which helps you stand apart.

Leather studded goggles

Leather studded googles


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A great item for larping or cosplay - leather studded goggles are loved by youth and children equally. Accessorize your outfit with leather studded goggles for an amazing car rid or a steam train ride. It has a buckle that is strong enough to stay put on your head.

Is your Halloween outfit ready? Add leather studded goggles to stand out among all. They are crafted of studded vinyl and hard plastic and sized to fit most adults and teens - a perfect choice for festivals, Halloween costumes, and stage production.

Dragon skull buckle belt

Dragon belt buckle

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A dragon buckle belt is an amazing accessory featuring steampunk filigree elements and a dragon. These are sophisticated and original belts for the people who love to show off a little uniqueness.

The buckle depicts one of the most famous fantasy monster - the dragon. Oh, sorry it is not the dragon but its head. This can be the best gifts for fans of the “The Game of Thrones” or “The Hobbit” or the Fafnir dragon in Scandinavian mythology.

Steampunk men top hat

Steampunk men top hat

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Whereas most of the people love to wear leather hat decorated with buckles, gears or brass, but few others love steampunk hat for its a unique character. And few people who love to wear undecorated Victorian men’s hat such as brown derby, a black top hat or western gambler hat.

A solid colored hat with a skull is perfect for a formal event or in full period Victorian costume. The red colored hat is one of the best steampunk accessories for men.  

Steampunk pirate eyepatch

Steampunk Pirate Eyepatch is made up of 100% premium leather. To give a nice shine the leather is dyed, tooled and give a nice shine. You can give a perfect cyber industrial touch with this steampunk pirate eyepatch to your steampunk cosplay.

Steampunk leather gas mask

Perhaps this is one of the most dramatic costume pieces in our list. This bold item is perfect for wearing out for an event or club. It can be a great choice for your Burning man Halloween Party or just in a job. The steampunk leather gas mask has a real respirator with dual RC201 filter.

Brown leather knee-high boots

These leather boots are strong and sturdy. The boots feature heavy brown leather and metal buckles and it is perfect for those who love to walk to the longer distances. You can accessorize yourself with your motorcycle jackets and the brown leather knee-high boots.

Men’s steampunk pocket watch

steampunk pocket watch

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Never be late to an important date ever again - the watch will help you stay punctual for a

lifetime. The antique pocket watch keeps proper time and The Victorian-style Men’s steampunk pocket watch is perfect for you if you want to stand out among friends. Elegant and classy, this steampunk pocket watch is made up of bronze instead of gold. It can be a perfect gift for your love on his birthday or valentine's day.

Steampunk leather gloves

Steampunk Leather Gloves can be the perfect wardrobe item for those who are brave. It is a great piece for cosplay or any other similar event. They complement with goggles and the leather boots perfectly. Gloves have a skillful design art from high-quality material - a great accessory for your French Cuff shirt.

Steampunk clockwork cufflinks

Steampunk clockwork cufflinks

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Steampunk Clockwork Cufflinks are versatile accessories, which you can wear on your wedding day as well as to the office. They are great for those who want to add a snazzy suit jacket.

All the accessories are unique, skillfully made and artistically designed; they can go perfect with your Gothic clothing and accessories. Better yet you will stand out if you have a genuine love for the Gothic fashion. So which steampunk accessories for men do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

So are you ready to get your new steampunk accessory today?