Are you a big fan of Steampunk? If you’re then you will definitely interested to know that you can make your own Steampunk crafts without a huge amount of hassle.

For these projects, everyday items such as metal components, pieces of leather, electrical pieces can be combined to make various types of clothing, accessories, electronics, vehicles, and lots of many other things. Throw in metallic paint and you will be amazed at what you can create. Gather all these things before the DIY Steampunk project.

Steampunk Crafts

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For the people who enjoy crafts Steampunk is a dream come true. Unlike a lot of other fashion styles, Steampunk costume ideas, or hobbies, the creative bounds Steampunk are limitless. The people who don’t want to go so far as metal etching or soldering, these DIY Steampunk projects for beginners below are cool and accessible way into the building and crafting life of a hardcore Steampunk fan.   

DIY Steampunk Projects For Beginners

Time Distorting device

Steampunk Time Distorting device

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Time travel is a fantastic concept for any Steampunk fanatic. So instead for creating a time machine, why not create a handheld, simple time travel device? It is the mobile phone of time traveling technology! Let’s take a look at how can we create it.
  • This mechanism is, in fact, one of the simple art DIY Steampunk projects for beginners which involve pieces of leather and wood.
  • Attach the circular layers together with the help of glue and mount upon cardboard, card, and metal odds and ends.
  • Try to get special metal spray paint like car spray paint. It can do the job! With paint and creativity, it convincingly comes together.
  • Once done, get a wooden box to keep it safe from inside. Decorate it according to your wish.

Now, enjoy your time distorting device and do not go killing your ancestors!

Custom Candleholder

Steampunk Custom Candleholder

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With the less mechanistically inclined, the custom candle holders are easy to create and can also lend that throwback golden glow to your home with this one of the wonderful Steampunk projects for beginners.

  • Arrange or take some decorative sheets and keys of retro tissue paper. Use the best adhesive glue to apply the sheets to votive glasses.
  • Use the tissue paper to make its surface strong.
  • Apply the key to each glass with the help of a black paper cord. Then apply a dab of hot glue to the back of each key to make it stick strongly.

Retro Headphones

Steampunk Retro Headphones

For Steampunk music lovers, these headphones are one of the best pleasures to create and use. What looks like an authentic pair of vintage headphones is the nice combination of the style elements of old headphones with the speakers of a new set.  

  • Visit antique or thrift shops to track down a pair of old earphones with a nice look. Newcomb, Western electric, and Crosley are some brands that you can go for.
  • Take a pair of cheap new earphones.
  • Break out a tool kit to disassemble the vintage pair of ear cords, then remove the wires and speakers from the modern set.
  • Transplant the modern set into the vintage earphones with the use of modern pair foam cups to cushion the inside of the old pair of ear cups.

Ruffle Cuffs

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These cuffs are similar to the catnip for Goth and Steampunk girls, and with better reason: they add flare and flair to any clothing. Create these easy to make cuffs with the help of ruffled fabric strips of two various sizes either by collecting the fabrics by hand or by using a ruffler foot with a sewing machine.

Steampunk airship goggles

Steampunk Airship Goggles

The iconic Steampunk goggles are easy Steampunk accessory to craft. Metal rings, Leather, plastic sheeting, a plumber coupler, and a couple other ends and odds are all you need.

  • Cut the threads of a cheap plumbing coupler from a house supply store become the lens holders, the actual lenses are cut to size rings of plastic sheets.
  • Use of leather with some creativity adds dimension to the lens holder and creates the headband
  • The headband is finished with a simple buckle in back and metal rings.
  • Now, after following this process, you will get a new pair of fantastic Steampunk goggles.

Steampunk gaming controllers

Steampunk Gaming Controller

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Gaming controllers have long been varied for ages. One of the best modes is to provide it an authentic Steampunk look. Fairly, this is simple DIY Steampunk projects for beginners but it can be as complicated and intense as you want it to be. To start, apply a copper or brass paint in a super easy way to apply the awesome style. But, if you want it more complicated then feel free to apply some cogs or gears to really bring the look together. Guaranteed to provide a fantastic Steampunk vibe to any controller.  

Steampunk Binoculars

Staempunk Binoculars

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Steampunk Binocular is another cool project that can be done fairly easily. You can easily take a standard pair of black binoculars and provide it a unique style i.e. Steampunk style. Adding some copper or brass paint across the pair or just in places for a more subtle look is one of the great ways to start. You can build on this look further by applying glue on leather straps and Steampunk gears. Follow the instinct and decorate it according to your creativity. Once done, you will be able to explore and survey new places in style. This is simple and easy to follow and you will have enough options to use your creativity to get a proper design.     

These are some amazing DIY Steampunk projects for beginners as well as intermediate Steampunk crafting enthusiasts. Now we want to know from you. Have you taken any DIY project? How did it come out? Let us know in the comment section below!