If you have a family member or friends who are a huge tattoo lover or that are tattooed then you know how fantastically unique their style can be. It an amazing thing, but sometimes it can make getting gifts a little daunting or tricky task. But fortunately, we cater to those who like to color outside the lines of this traditional society and we are happy to propound some gifts for tattoo artist for your inked lovelies!

Gifts For Tattoo Lovers

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Thinking about gifts for tattoo artist? Read on this guide and you will find some great ideas and tips here.   

Tips for selecting gifts for tattoo lovers

Nevertheless, the fact that many people think tattoo artists earn more money than they know, what to do with, simply that is not the case with most of them.  

A gift in the form of cash would be greatly appreciated by anyone. If you cannot spare the money, a heartfelt handwritten thank you note or a funny greeting card costs very less and can mean a lot.

Most of the tattoo artists have children that they are attempting to dote on for holidays. If you know that your artist has a child, you can even get something you better know they will like. This takes the pressure off the parent that is also appreciated.

Piercing and tattoo artist do not simply read tattoo magazines and listen to hardcore music. Most of them have a vast range of interests that tends to go along with being talented and creative. If you’re aware that they have a specific interest or hobby then you can always get something related to that interest.

Tattoo artist gift ideas

Want to give something more personal than cash but worth than a greeting card to your tattoo lover? But thinking of anything or concerned that gifts for tattoo artist will be out of your budget then don’t worry! Below are some common ideas of gifts that you can use to give and surprise them which is also in your budget too.  
  • Pair of movie tickets
  • Art supplies, like notepad and colored pencils
  • Box of premium brand tea
  • Bag of premium brand coffee
  • Homemade baked goods
  • High-quality chocolates
  • Large photo album (to display artwork)
  • Gas card
  • A gift certificate to a local coffee house

Gifts for a women tattoo lover

A tattoo is an artwork and like all great art, it is meant to be shared. That is why our suggestions focus on showing off art-in accessories that can showcase tattoo style as well as via stylish clothing that will be the best show off the beauty of their ink. Gifts for women tattoo lovers include:  

Tattoo tank top

Tattoo Tank Top

Tattoo tank tops as a gift are one of the best gifts for tattoo artist that shows ink on both arms and back and can also have tattoo positive slogans and tattoo influenced prints. You can also use it as a gift for men tattoo lover because it is common for both men and women and is mostly liked by both of them.

Tattoo necklace

Tattoo Necklace

Gifting the tattoo inspired necklace to your tattoo lover women can be a nice idea. As most women love the piece of jewelry and the stud jewelry is in trend. The skull jewelry is also famous nowadays like, skull rings, skull bracelets, and skull pendants. Designs inspired by the style of ink like pinup, nautical, or flower tattoos.   

Tattoo purses and handbags

Tattoo Handbag

The tattoo purses and handbags styles with ink-influenced images and designs. So, now is the time to show your love to tattoo lover by using stylistic and unique purses and handbags.

Gifts for a men tattoo lover

Guys with a tattoo, as a whole, tend to be easier to buy for them. Usually, some men are pretty reserved for their look and appearance and do not tend to wear much jewelry. Inked boys are totally opposite and love to stand out. So, below are some of the ideas of gifts for tattooed guys:

Tattoo print t-shirts

Tattoo Print T-shirts

Printed t-shirts are mostly liked by the guys because there is no sense to hide the great artwork on the skin with a boring shirt!   

Leather bracelets

Leather Bracelet

These are bold statement pieces especially oriental and skull theme bracelets. This gives a stylish and chic look, mostly tattoo lovers.

Tattoo flash books

If you want to surprise your tattoo lover then try some new techniques and styles by getting them a tattoo flash book. It is common for both men and women as they get inspired and even show to potential customers. There are various types of flash books available in the market and these are the great ways for tattoo artists to get comfortable with new styles. Some of these types are Chinese art flash books, vintage flash books, and even tribal design flash books. For getting ideas on which flash book to purchase, you can also talk to your tattoo artist about styles that he or she looking to learn more about.  

No matter what you to get for your tattoo artist family member or friend, keep in mind it is the thought that counts! Most tattoo artist like to work every day as they get to do what they love most in the world, display and create amazing and beautiful art on the coolest canvases. Show your appreciation for their passion by gifts for tattoo artist based on tattoo theme, it is one of the perfect ways to show your care towards them, no matter what gift you end up giving!